Friday, May 14, 2021

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  • Mark,
    People request what they do because what they know about mental health is learned from drug commercials on TV, and the popular culture that has grown up around the incredibly effective marketing and PR campaign done by Big Pharma (you can hear this in any office: “Oooops, what are you DOING? Forgot to take your meds today? Hahahaha!”). If I learn that modern medical science has discovered that I have a broken brain and that a pill will fix it, by god, I am going to ask my doctor if it is right for me. I find that an incredible amount of what people are learning comes from advertisers (including political advertisers) and it’s all for the exact same ultimate aim: concentration of wealth. This is achieved to the detriment of all life on Earth. It is amazing and horrifying to me that this trend, this tendency, is so difficult to overstate.

  • I wonder if it is possible to have a conversation about the actual post and leave these sideline religious diatribes (yawn) and personal back-and-forths (yawn) to some other forum? Totally inappropriate and uninteresting and I have to scroll though miles of long-winded crapola to get to the responses that are relevant to the actual post. Can we let go of the urgency of blurting out every thought we have? I’m not saying that I am not interested in these particular individuals’ comments when they are on-topic – they usually have lots of substantive comments I find valuable. I’m also not saying they are not important discussions to have, but might I suggest that this is not the place? Sorry for the bad language, but this gets frustrating.

  • Jim,
    You actually should not have to pay it … alone, anyway. You are not doing this for your personal benefit – you are doing a service to all, and many of us would like to support you and the work.

    I have a question: how does the corporate structure itself protect individual executives from being prosecuted? What things do they have to have done to be sued as (human) persons separate from the corporate personhood? It seems like the corporate structure is like a curtain that hides many misdeeds and almost encourages immoral actions by the unscrupulous because there is limited liability?

    Thanks for your work,