Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Comments by AC COLORADO

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  • I get this guy is reformed from where he was in the past, and that he’s trying to promote some reforms. I value that but I still see a problem.

    Part of the problem (with allowing people to write *so* anonymously) is survivors of torture will wonder “is this the person who tortured me?”

    I don’t see why this guy is allowed to be *this* anonymous, couldn’t he at least mention what state he’s in? Apparently (on MIA) someone could call themselves “S Smith” and have a photo *without any face details* and they’ll let that slide.

  • There’s an error, in this mostly great article:

    > the researchers suggest that their finding implies a common genetic cause behind depression, schizophrenia, [etc] This is big news! If true, it validates the biomedical view of mental “illness”

    This is incorrect- almost every behavior/feeling can be linked to genes, eg political beliefs, musical tastes, & so on. Wealth and poverty and almost everything else can be linked to genes.

    Having common genes can not be assumed to be the cause of the disliked behavior, it’s often genes that have nothing to do with the cultural/genetic links between genes and behavior.

    We are arguing against eugenics- these people want to target random people based on random genes & start “curing”/eliminating them. So we must take a strong & absolute stance against this. eg it’s generally a good argument to say “even if all that was true, about similar genes, that’s not a disease & your opinions are still pseudo science.”