Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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  • My 38-year career in Acute Care, Hospital-based Psychiatry as and a Full-Time Registered Nurse here in a large city in Canada can be summarized as “ Nearly every client I worked faced relentless institutional pathologizing with false labels denying their basic fundamental human rights, their childhood abuse, and other forms of trauma, blaming instead the clients/victims themselves.
    I worked alongside of for the most of those 38 years, overtly Abusive professionals, particularly the Psychiatrists compounding a pre-existing sense of hopelessness and despair of those we were supposed to care for all the while feeding Big Parma’s parasitic grip on these victims of the sick, abusive, dysfunctional system that was created by these same individuals. It is all about Power and Control. To drug and have omnipotent control over a helpless person with impunity is addictive and intoxicating to so many of these Psychiatrists. Good Work!!!!!!!!!!