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  • Mental health = Ku klux klan.
    Our nature is primarily pathological.Ilnesses or health belongs to medical empiricism. Without the idea of pathology (psyche) medical empiricism is only a form of material psychopathy with claims to medicine. Monism should reflect on the idea of the psyche. If not – health becomes one true god. And this is a cruel god without soul. Jesus, useless scientism can’t even tell what psyche is. And they are using medical empiricism. According to what? If they do not know nothing about the nature of the psyche. They are f. insane. This is not even a medicine field. This is the religion of scientism, a sect. A brainless Golem.
    James Hillman “Re-visioning psychlogy”

  • Psyche is not clinical in the first place. Monism without psychological roots is marxism in glorious disguise. Can’t see James Hillmans rhetorics, on this site. So how can anyone here, defend psyche. You are using monistics ideologies talking about the psyche, it is useless. Clinical language based on theological rhetorics is a form of totalitarian defense of materialism. It is worse than pure satanism – to use god in defence of materialism. Monotheistics materialism is not even a christianity. It is ideology based on theology of materialism, without psyche, without god. Psyche treated as a form of science, without the idea of the psyche – this is pure psychopathy. Mental helath is a form of psychopathy. God is not clinical or medical, either psyche is. Materialism depend on psychological roots and spiritual infuences. Without non material influences – this is materialism. Marxism. We can’t say we defend psyche and at the same time still use hostile ideologies to fight with the psyche. You are using medical language talking about the psyche, it is post enlightenment insanity. Diagnosis without the idea of the psyche, is a condemnation and curse in medical disguise. This is the ego cult without psychological influences. God is real, psyche is real – the language of zombies is dead. “! You think you’re safe and alive? You’re already dead! Everybody! Him, you, you’re dead already! This whole place! Everything you see is gone! ‘ Sarah Connor, “Terminator2”.

  • ” we don’t contend that Catherine’s doctors were evil people who intended to harm her. ”
    Yes they were evil, still are. Pure evil and MARXISTIC satanists in medical disguise. To protect mental health is to protect materialism and persecute for psychological impacts on material world. This is marxism. Medical health without pathological/psychological necessities impact on “wellbeing utopia” is marxism.

    They killed her. Ego and materialism in medical disgusie, killed her. She was tortured before death, like many others. Marxism in medical disguise killed her. Those people have no voice, no rights. Monism/marxism stolen the right to psychological impact on empty material world of mentally health psychopats. Psychiatry is not medicine. It is not about psyche anymore, what do people want more? Technocracy will come and they will kill everyone with their vacciness, drugs. They are doing this now.They killed her. They will kill almost everyone to 2035.

  • The division between mental health and mental illness is based on “Ten stages of genocide” by Gregory Stanton. It is based on false empiricism with pretensions to medicine. It is useless model made by barbarians. Monotheistic materialism is not faith, it has also nothing in common with psyche. It is satanism (materialism) which hates God and psyche. Marxism is when your psyche is a worthless fault of the brain and when God is dead. Human = meat. This is wulgar materialism without psychological and spiritual meaning, this is marxism. This is death. This is the end. Medical empiricism works beyond the idea of the psyche since The Enlightenment Era. This is hidden totalitarism, because no one knows about it. Egoic materialistic people are thoughtless biological machines, the property of elite. No one knows that our life is based on pathology not on medical helath. And pathology is not something evil or bad, because psyche is not theology. Medical empiricism or theological condemnation is easier than seeing the image of the psyche. Medical empiricism is convenient, still there’s no truth in this lame kind of thinking. Without the image of the psyche, there is image of the beast instead. And this is the fault of monism. They served the beast. And the beast is empty brutal materialism without overriding importance of the psyche and the spirit. This is when human becomes useless meat (technocracy) for the use of (medical, scientific) satanism.

  • Psychiatry is based od monotheistic thought, not on politheistic nature of imagination. So psyche is a fault and the mental health is a form of holliness.The inntelectualls and their scientific “theology” is the problem, not the pathologic nature of the psyche. They are ideological liars. Psyche is not monotheistic, psyche is not a spirit. Monism knows nothing about the psyche.

  • The problem is not with depression, death or whatever which is seen as non convenient. The problem are the convenient people who wants to get rid of psychological basis by using false medical empiricism, materialism in medical disguise to build CAPITALISM or whatever ego system without the proper attitude toward psychological reality. This is cult of cynical materialism, ego heroism, in which, psychological people are persecuted for the truth they bring to empty materialistic barbarians. And mental health of the physical people without character is the problem. Psyche is not physicality, it rules the physics. Medical empiricism is a road to nowhere. It is a business. Mental health is the problem, this is cult of empty consumerism and materialism without the psychological basis. Mental health is not sth good and pathology is not sth bad, in the first place. Thi sis not theology. And when someone use theolgical basis of monotheism to create a conevnient materialism without politheistic imagination, he is using God for satanic works. Even if it is beyond the monotheistic reality of being. It is a sin againts the psyche. Do not use monotheistic god to ban the psyche for building a capitalism/socialism or whatever cult of ego.

  • “acute and severe”. Identity can’t be acute. Acute is monistic hatred to psyche. Hatred in medical disguise is an abuse. Mentally health people are imbeciles on rhetorics level. Stupidity and arrogance won’t look good just because of pseudo scientific disguise. Psychological man is pychological man, it is not frill or “something wrong withe the head”, normal people with scientific thinking about imagination emotions, are third grade imbeciles without soul. They put personal blame on sth which is beyond ego will – this is disaster. Your happiness is not yours, his politheistic nature of psyche is not his. Dummy people want to look serious. Silly ego cult with the nature of the worst sect ever. Psychiatry should take their satanic jargon and go back to hell. Grow up to sth more than power over people, paid by papers without worth.Unfair judgment – is all they have.

    The problem with psychiatry which care about materialism, not the psyche, is that they should take care of the psychological man ang give back his stolen identity. In many cases – this people work is psychological work. Psychological work is not material one. Autistics and schizophrenics won’t be your slaves, because their roots are not marxistic. Cheap labor is the identity of normal poeple without the right to psychological, the real one. They agree with this, they also agree with destruction of psychological man. So psychological man must die, because the real identity was stolen. Normal people just don’t have identity, they have work and material function. So everyone who means more than monistics cheap “ora et labora” must be destroyed. Church main blame is a collaboration with materialism’psychiatry without the psyche. Spiritual and materialism is monism without psyche, without the right to live for people with more complex and overriding identity stolen by monism. Church also lies about the situation of psychological man, they see them as a cheap labor. Or on theological level- lazy people or poor stupid lambs. Laziness is the catchword of psychiatry too. And that psychiatry is based not on the psyche real nature, but on monotheistic materialism. THEY ARE LYING. Spirituals and materialists are lying and using the psyche/psychological man for their own purpose. Spirituals and materialists agreed to destroy psychological definition of life. To destroy psychological man in places of destruction. They call it “mental health care”. So they didn’ have to care about the fact that they are the killers. Psychiatry is ego cult without the psyche.

  • “My chemicals are imbalanced. They are MY chemical imbalances so I can say what I believe of them. I am the doctor of ME.”

    Psyche is not personal. “I” is a fixation of Western cultre in which people do not have soul. Psyche is not personal, our ego do not have control over psyche. In our culture when sb says that he do not have control, he is called insane. Ego do not have control and never will have it. Monotheistic materialism is something to small for proper attitude to politheistic imagination in which ego reside. Our “I” dependend on forces beyond control. Our culture is a manic fallacy. Our culture is an evil cult of satanic materialism. Balanced chemistry = health, imbalanced chemistry = illness, this is fallacy. Chemicals in brain only shows a particular state of the psyche. Psyche from the definition is not sth which makes us feel good. “Feel good” is a fixation of empty consumers and a marxistic mandated law. This is fallacy in medical disguise. We do not control our ego, because we do not have that power, psychiatry also can’t. They pretend, because they are arrogant barbarians. Psychological people are indigenous people destroyed by Anglo – Saxon law of barbaric materialism.

  • Psyche is not empirical problem to solve, depression, psychosis, death are the essence and the main mystery of psychological life, not problem to solve by wulgar materialism in medical disguise. First you must know, as a monist trapped in monistic ideologies, what psyche is. Psyche is not the problem to solve.The ignorance of monism, is. The low rhetorics is. Barbarians are the problem. Not psychosis, depression or death. Cowards are the problem. And the worst pathology is – the souless mental health and norms, and unification. Norms only shows you the meaning of main pathology. We should stop solving sth which means more than small arrogant ego of religion of scientism.

    Stop solving the mysteries fo psyche or gods will kill you. Scientism will die, it is a long road to real world. The naivety of monism is unbearable. Arrogance of scientism is the main sign of stupidity. Death, psychosis, depression are not a frills, and not the illnesses inside the brain. Brain only shows you the complex nature of the psyche. Pathology is the base of psychological life – but not in monistic utopia of ego cult (materialism) without the main role of the psyche.The society of small ego creatures should grow up.

    Psyche won’t be as small as the small monistic man and his small zombie thinking.

    James Hillman “Re-visioning psychology”

  • “I can really see you are suffering, May-May.” She do not even know what psyche is, she was almost human by mistake. I never wanted to be helped, I always wanted to be understood. Monists in apollonian mode of psyche are the greatest enemies of the psyche, they do not even know what depression is. Monists do not even know what psyche is, in the first place. It is a mystery of stupidity, how they are able to help. Medical model of thinking about the psyche excludes psyche, excludes love for the psyche. And spiritual monotheistic mind do not care about the psychological necessities. “Look, those two are not the killers” – it is not enough to defend world of psychological man. Psychiatry is a false empiricism based on medical usurpation. Psychological identity – pathology is not a branch of medicine, it is an identity. To see psyche you must build an image of the psyche, and this is not a label. Medical jargon without the idea of the psyche is also a psychopathy, it is a very negative form of souless judgement . And idea of the psyche was banned by monism. So how monists can help? They do not want to help, that is why we have psychiatry. The want to use sb’s identity beyond the idea of the psyche, mental health and norms are convenient escapes from the base of psyche’s essence – pathology is the essence, not norms. This leads to tragedy. Psyche is – depression, psychosis, death, and those are not medical property. Those are necessities of the psyche, monists do not care about it, because all they need is well being, ceonvenience and naivety. That is why there is mental health care, not the care about the psyche. This is satanic fallacy of materialism/marxism. Depression, psychosis and death are not the frills of lazy people and those are not also a brain illnesses. Can you imagine, what they – marxists- have done? can you imagine what they have done? I can.

  • Psychiatry is a conservation of satanic materialism. And medical empiricism, in the place of the psychological image – is the antichrist. Image of the beast is materialism, empty ego, without psychological identity and spirit. Medical empiricism without the idea of the psyche – this is a system of the beast.

  • Psychiatric categorization is a theological condemnation itself. Diagnosis is a monistic weapon against the psyche since the era of enlightenment. Monism is a world without the psyche. The cult of ego without the “container”, which is the psyche. We think that ego controls the psyche. And since this is not true, everyone are punished for the truth. And the truth is pathology in world of theological materialism. World of barbarians.

  • “The ten stages of genocide”. The real role of psychiatric industry.

    Classification – The differences between people are not respected. There’s a division of ‘us’ and ‘them’ which can be carried out using stereotypes, or excluding people who are perceived to be different.

    Symbolisation – This is a visual manifestation of hatred. Jews in Nazi Europe were forced to wear yellow stars to show that they were ‘different’.

    Discrimination – The dominant group denies civil rights or even citizenship to identified groups. The 1935 Nuremberg Laws stripped Jews of their German citizenship, made it illegal for them to do many jobs or to marry German non-Jews.

    Dehumanisation – Those perceived as ‘different’ are treated with no form of human rights or personal dignity. During the Genocide in Rwanda, Tutsis were referred to as ‘cockroaches’; the Nazis referred to Jews as ‘vermin’.

    Organisation – Genocides are always planned. Regimes of hatred often train those who go on to carry out the destruction of a people.

    Polarisation – Propaganda begins to be spread by hate groups. The Nazis used the newspaper Der Stürmer to spread and incite messages of hate about Jewish people.

    Preparation – Perpetrators plan the genocide. They often use euphemisms such as the Nazis’ phrase ‘The Final Solution’ to cloak their intentions. They create fear of the victim group, building up armies and weapons.

    Persecution – Victims are identified because of their ethnicity or religion and death lists are drawn up. People are sometimes segregated into ghettos, deported or starved and property is often expropriated. Genocidal massacres begin.

    Extermination – The hate group murders their identified victims in a deliberate and systematic campaign of violence. Millions of lives have been destroyed or changed beyond recognition through genocide.

    Denial – The perpetrators or later generations deny the existence of any crime.

  • Chemical imbalance belongs to medical empiricism. In psychological perspective we do not use medical jargon. Medical empiricism wihout the idea of the psyche is useless form of sadistic control by privileged ego police – by people who thinks that their psyche is somethong good and yours is bad – this is also useless thelogical rhetorics functioning beyond the idea of the psyche. Without the proper attitude to psyche – pathology, medical jargon means nothing. Chemical imbalance is seen as bad and ill. And allegedly proper biological balance is seen as good and healthy. Materialists/marxists made it up mixing materialistic wellness with theological corectness. This kind of thinking is fallacy, this kind of thinking is a monistic weapon against the psyche, pathology. Monism, the Enlightenment era ruled out the overriding role of the psyche and changed it into well being and material status. Now, in the world of empty materialism, the psyche perspective does not exists. People have numbers, labels without meaning – this is antichrist, because empty soules materialism is satanism. It is not medicine it is satanic weapon of materialism. Cult of ego – mental health is a
    satanic convenience of materialistic zombies – “The ten stages of genocide”.

  • How materailists killed psychological necessities? By changing names. Sufferring become clinical depression etc. Things we feel are no longer psychological, because empiricism and aristotelian school of cold thinking, stolen its ideas and worth. Hope is the mother of the stupid. Brave do not need hope. People want simple convenient life in apollonian sun, they do not need psychological complexity – so monists use clinical antichrist on the psyche. They call it – help. Of course it helps, to preserve cult of materialism and love for the convenience. Mental health helps to preserve psychopathy.

  • Mental health is the problem, not the psyche. Monism – empty materialism and spiritual naivety are the problems. Not suffering, not psychosis and death – those are the base of psychological identity, not a problem to solve by empiricism. Normal and their lack of wisdom and extremely low rhetorics, is the real problem. Monists who are using psychological identity of others as an empirical problems to solve are psychopatic traitors and a secret weapon against psyche. They are using people without rights, which were stolen by psychiatry, for their own survival – like parasites. And every symptom of the psyche is a danger for their own ego fundamentalism. Monists are disaster, not psyche. Hebrew culture of monotheistic man, destroyed Hellenic one. That is why we have degradation and labels, not the rights to pathology, which is not something evil. Monists and their sick materialism is evil, not pathology. Monists do not have a definiotion of the psyche, they have material status and well being, which is degradation for psychological man. Definition of the psyche and pathological worth gives you a right to be, material status gives nothing for psychological man. For autistics and schizophrenics to live among empty materialistic barbarians, it is a death sentence. This is deliberate action of marxism. Rats are rats. Psychological man is a psychological man. They are slaves, we are real humans. Psychological man is real, monistic man is a pathological liar.

  • The Poor are their income. “especially given that the majority of psychologists are distanced from issues of socioeconomic status and do not come from low-income backgrounds” – funny metaphor for legal slavery. Sometimes I think that articles on this site are some kind of satire – “Don’t look up” – you will find the truth that psychiatry is a branch of capitalism which specialize in killing the truth about psyche in the world of the beast of materialism and consumption, and that mentally health are insane. Psychiatry is like Meryl Streep – The president of ego.
    “Hey Miss – you are killing people. They are so grateful, och thank you.” I know it is hard to believe, but psychiatry is a form of ego cult – they see psyche as a constant danger for their fixation on materialism” That is why there is mental health care, not psyche care. That’ s mean that when you are inside the mental health facility – they will kill you or at least will try to destroy you – because you are their ideological enemy. There is a mental health care. They care about mental health fixation, not about psyche. Psyche – depression, psychosis, death – are their enemies. They don’t care about the psyche essence, they want empty materialism and you as a psychological man – you are their enemy, the enemy of the monism ideologies. And they will torture you till you die. It is so hard to understand that this is an Orwell institution and that mental health is opium for masses. Mentally health people are the beast.

  • There ‘s no alternative to biomedical model of psyche, because psyche is not medical empiricism, to begin with. Jesus was Jesus, not a schizophrenic. Medical empiricism without the idea of the psyche is pure psychopathy. “We are empty materialists without soul – you are different than we are, we do not want to understand you and give a worth (marxism, capitalism psychopathy and so on) so we will “cure you”. There was a movie about it. “Invasion” with Nicole Kidman. Monists are antipsychological psychopats. People lost the idea of the psyche in The Enlightement era. It would be better for people to die out, than sell the soul to medical empiricism. It is a disaster. Psychiatry is a trash bin for greatness of rejected imagination. Barbarians are the rulers – they think they are smarter than mother – psyche. Ego won’t be smarter than psyche, just because it function well in empty materialism. Or maybe because of well functioning in the wrold of psychopathy.
    “26 What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?” Civilization and ego cult without soul is pointless. Clinical (cynical) empiricism is the history of death of our imagination and the scientific preludium to prolonged and propably also spectacular death of our stubborn species.
    Psychosis depression and so on are not problems to solve, these are necessities. The way of seeing. Do not try to slove this – you will lose both soul and the science. You will lose your heart and become a biological machine. And then the digital one.

  • I am not intrested what false medical empiricsm or whatever medical empiricism has to say about psyche. This is evil uzurpation of identity. Everyone who write articles about drugs vs psyche are potential legal murderers. Why this site write about drugs all the time? Because people are paid to do so, because there is a pyramid of corruption, and we are on the bottom. And victims of psychiatry are useless eaters, or always were, to empire of ego cult. To Klaus Schwab – everyone are useless eaters. You, who write about drugs, to people who were almost killed by this poison, you are insane and you should remember about what Schwab promised. I know that this site is some kind of a tube for secret services, not listening to people, at all. Something like – “Och look, we didn’t kill them yet. Let’s find some better drugs”. People are not stupid, you know.

  • Mental illnesss is when mental things are own by ideology without the main role of pathology. It is antypsychological purism of monotheistic man. Psyche is not important to monotheism of materialists, to fixation that ego controls everything inside the psyche reality – no ego do not have that power. So we do not have the real reality of the psyche (mythical politheism), we have mental illness. Because in the eyes of monotheistic man psyche is a danger to their small limited fundamnetalistic thinking. Mental illness is a danger to a fundamentalism of apollonic identity. Mental illness is excluded psyche without proper psychological meaning. So we have only labels – a constant danger to our small ego fixation. Not much, but still is a buisness for those mental health evil corporation. Mental health industry is a “resident evil” . This is evil manipulation.
    Ego cannot control the psyche, it is exactly the opposite. Monotheistic man is weak and likes to blame you for not personal things. For this he need medical disguise – to sound serious. They sound funny. Ego is a funny kind of nazi – “mummy mummy, please do not destroy my small control room! I am a nazi here!. – Oh, Grow up, you teddy. You are a polar bear! – No, I am ostrich. Still, I am a hero! Do not talk to me, you do not exists! I am the one here! I control everything! EVERYTHING!”

  • People have right to psychological identity. Identity is not medical empiricism. Medical empiricism of today is based on marxists hatered of the truth. Medical empiricism must correspond to the overarching idea of ​​the psyche in order to be able to communicate something meaningful about identity at all. Psychiatry have nothing to say about psyche. Nada.

  • Psyche is not humanism. Mental health is not care for the psyche. Mental health care is care for empty materialism without psyche.(monism) Care for the psyche is to see the essence and basic psychological/mythical worth of the depression, psychosis, death. Those are the the psychological necessities. Mental health is a naive whim of dumb marxists/wulgar materialists. Mental health care is worthless and cancels out the importance of the psyche. The basis of psychological life is death, not wealth, well’being or spiritual naivety. People should grow up from being a compliance “goyim”, and become a psychological man. You do not need science to understand psyche, just imagination and courage. Monistic society including psychiatry and people with mental health diagnosis are extremely naive. They are handicapped. This is a deliberate handicap for the benefactors of Marxism. Sheep – farm -electric shock.

  • Jung was naive. Only James Hillman remember about the roots of the psyche, and he remind us about who really care about the psyche. Since The Enlightement psyche as perspective does not exists. Monistic theores – spirit or materialism, they are disaster..You cant build the real image of what psyche is when you using wrong mind, wrong laguages and wrong perspective. Monotheistic materialism is the only religion people have. Psyche, as idea, belongs to politheistic imagination, it is somethin else than ideologies of monotheistic man fixation on mind and reason. Psyche is not Aristotelianism or scientism. It is not a religion – it is perspective of seeing things. Jesus Christ, this is disaster…How stupid are people who are using monistic ideologies to condemn psyche. Condemnation is not an image of sth. Intelectualists thinks they are wise, they aren’t…. Hillman was, Greeks were. Psychiatry is not, medical empiricism is not. Religion of scietism should be banned forever, and people who writes articles about drugs to shut down the language of the psyche – should be punished for treachery of human kind and for intentional genocide. Psychiatry of barbarians based on false empiricism is an intentional genocide.

  • This kind of thinking is highly theological. Spiritual. And people must remember that monism or monotheistic materialism is against mythical reality – for e.g. dreams. Atheitsts also use theology to condemn psyche – politheistic nature of mythical imagination. Psychiatrists supossed to defend psyche. They are against, because they represent monotheoistic thinking about politehistic imagination – which is nonsense. The literalism of philosophy is a death sentence fot the psyche perspective. Words lost their meanings, so they are people who lost their meaning. And so they have pseudo medical prisons of condemnation. Psychological people are persecuted heathens by persecutors with medical pretensions. Psychiatrists are atheistic persecutors who are using monotheistic thinking to condemn the excluded nature of the polytheistic imagination. Rockefellers medicine messengers. Pseudo medical evil from hell. Literalism of clinical jargon is vulgar and thinking is barbaric.

    Psychiatrists (psyche) supossed to defend the PSYCHOLOGICAL worth and the need of psychosis, depression and death. Becauste those are the essence and the real language of the psyche. They are spiritual and materialistic persecutors of those. Psychiatry is not medicine, it is an ideology that excludes the psyche from the world of infantile monism.

  • Yes. We do not know the cause of depression, psychosis and death. Because it is not our obligation “to know”, our psyche and our identity is not a branch of medical empiricism. We are dependent on that what greeks called gods. We can not control it, psychiatry either. So we must have some respect and humility…( yeah, psychiatry has respect for psyche). And gods are what they are. Why there is depression, psychosis and death – because gods means more than stupidity nad happiness of empty materialism. Apollonian ego cannot cope with truth – they want utopia of comfort without death. They want happiness, comfort and vacation. Mental health is an equivalent of antipsychological blindness. If you are in mental health state, it just mean that you are stupid enough to survive in materialism – it is not good enough for gods, for psyche. It is not enough for soul. It is enough for capitalism/communism and so on. For soul to survive means also – to die. In psychiatric jargon, there is not even a hint of wisdom and love for the psyche, for the soul. This is the basis. We need courageous people, not specialists. In empty materialism, like communism and capitalism people are more and less privileged. Materialists decided to punish psychological man for soul and glorify empty ego for power and money – in Russia or China, especially. Those who mean more – commit suicide. Those who died in despair are now in power in the souls of those alive. BEWARE.

  • ‘Happiness is a personal responsibility. Happiness is not something you can expect to get from others. Everybody has the key to their own happiness. And hence also the responsibility to put the key in the right lock. Happiness is created from the inside, it is not other people’s responsibility to make us happy, it is our own responsibility. Just as we cannot change other people, only ourselves.’ Psyche is not personal, never was. Ego cannot cope with death sadness and psychosis, because ego cannot control psyche – ego depend on psyche. Happy people are lame. People with depression are real. Empty psychological materialists are not real. That is why they are good enough for marxism/capitalism/communism. They are good enough for system which need only not complaining beasts of burden. The rest is and will be in psychiatric trash bin. Because cult of ego is cult of empty happy people. Mental health is a cult of empty materialism without psychological complexity. Psychiatry and mental health is like dumb and dumber.

  • Marxism and capitalism are generally – materialism, without the spirit and psyche. Without spiritual and psychological influence on materialism.When materialism is only a materialism, it is low culture of barbarians. Marxists hate religion. Monism hate psyche. Since the enlightement era, people don’t know what is psyche. And what is the nature of the psyche. They think that spirit is psyche, they confuse spirit with the psyche. This is robbery. Psychological man is a hostage to both monism and Marxism. Death depression psychosis are the essence of the psyche. Form naive spirituality and barbaric materialism, these core traits of the psyche are the intruders in utopian reality they create. And this mistake and usurpation is getting worse.

  • There are people for whom false medical empiricism based on assumption “build back better” or on “growth”, is a death sentence. Psyche is not a broken leg, it’s identity with certain traits. Unchanging or changeable. We call it character. And you cannot extract the identity from the psychological context and pretend that it is a medical issue. This is fallacy and claim which should not take place. Character is a character, not a property of medical empiricism of psychopats. To think that we can change people using medicine is also naive and immature – vulgar materialism of Marxists in medical disguise. Psychiatry is cut off from nature of the psyche – and who will help you if they ignore sth inside you and beyond your small ego, which is immposible to change? Who will help you, if they know better ? Their arrogance is killing people for what they are, because they have wrong assumption on the psyche, based on biological growth. Psyche is not biology – psyche runs biology. Psyche is the captain here, not psychiatry.

  • Yes. Mental health = biological health is fallacy. Our cells are not the posessions of marxism or monism or wellbeing. Our brain belongs to psychological reality, to psyche (politheistic imagination – in not religious way). To sadness, death, psychosis, happiness. It is something we can not control using medical empiricism. Our ego is to small to control death psychosis, happiness – but the materialists on the top of the power are also the least psychological and the most psychopatic – and they have a power to control slaves, using DSM. Mental health means that people are on the easiest psychological route. You can say also that they are psychologically dumb or blind – and capitalism need their arrogance and stupidity whoch comes from empty ego cult. Material status or wellbeing are not the definitions of the psychological image. Psychological image is something beyond material status and nation. And is was stolen by marxixsts psychiatry – by materialism (The Fabian Society, Otto Kade – Leipzig School”. and so on). Psychological man is a scapegoat for marxists psychopats. Mentally health people are wrong and on rhetoric level they are also completely damaged. We should pray for them. Psychosis is sth far more complex than normal awarneess. So empty materialists decided to ged rid of someone who meands more than their arrogance, materialism and stupidity. So they pay for rockefellers medicine, for good life os pcyhiatrists. And psychological people must die near the dumpsters with the dmaged brain, akathisia like girl in the “Dear Luise” book. Hey wait – this is help. Never forgive, never forget. God will forgive you – normal idiots. I WON’T FORGIVE. WE WON’T FORGIVE YOU. Ku klux klan, NAZI = normal people without psychological awarness driven by DSM. “DEAR LUISE” – WE WON’T FORGET, WE WON’T FORGIVE. And stop propagate kiling people by using false medical empircism based on DSM.

  • Psychiatrization is psychiatrization. Corrupt people use the materialistic gap of separation between people without rights to psychological identity. Psychiatry and its labes are in the place of that stolen identity. Pychiatry uses the psychological unwittingness of today’s masses who are lost in consumerism like crazy ships on the quagmire. We are not humans anymore. Since the Enlightenment era people are only beasts of burden belonging to the needs of The riches. Rockefellers medicine needs your illness, psychiatry needs to destroy your real ID ( Rotschilds etc). We are here to meet the needs of the worst group of unimaginal bastards on the top (Committee of 300). This is slavery and state is an terroristic organization. (Das Ende des Papiergeld-Zeitalters: Ein Brevier der Freiheit, Roland Baader)
    This is slavery and psychiatry foreshadows the future totalitarism. If you promote psychiatry it means – you want to be destroyed.

  • Psychiatry is not medicine. It is political uzurpation of the psyche (mythical imagination) by stupid intelectualists with pretensions to medicine. Psyche and psychological identity never was a branch of medicine, till the industrial era of psychopats. The fault is one – normal obedient people. Normal human being is only enough to be a capitalist worker. Psyche is somethong too sophisticated for normal empty materialists with marxists roots. And so they built a trap for the psyche, using the wrong language inside a wrong ideologies. Still, they think that they know psyche.Marxists medicine know nothing about the psyche. Wrong laguage, wrong ideology. Wrong mind.

  • Because people are not allowed to feel sth different than happiness in the cult of materialistic psychopathy. Mental health is a fixation, normal people are statistics. And marxistic psychiatry is blocking the correct attitude to pathology. Psychiatry is a system of labeling, while people need identity and right to feel things that are not normal. Because psychological world is not normalcy or statistics. And normal people are not only stupid, they are victims of the religion of the scientism. Normal people also are victims of lack of imagination of the state. Cult of ego is not psychology. Like I said. Give them label number, toxic drugs and constant supervision and they will tell you it is antichrist. No – this is “help” – you invented it, you propagate it, you will become the victims – sooner ar later. Normal people and psychiatry (pseudo medical uzurpation) they are the right hand of the beast. Always were. Materialism, judgement, empty language without meaning. The cult of ego. Money, Moloch. There’s no love for the psyche and you won’y buy it.

  • This is when you neglect the individual in favor of the collective. Pure materialism. We are not a posessors of the psyche, our small ego depends on sth which is beyond control of ego. Scientism needs facts so it is using the brain theory to destroy mythical imagination. Medicine is a form of greedy materialism, and marxism reversed the meaning of the psyche. The problem is not the pathology but the psychopathy of mental health, the psychopathy of psychiatry. To help psyche, means -to give back stolen meaning. Psychiatry based on DSM, gives you a label. Label it is not a definition of identity. Label is rather a definition of psychiatry.

  • “First option is the well-known biological theory of mental disorder, which goes back several hundred years in the form of “mental disease is brain disease.” This is uzurpation in which biology of the psyche ought to be ideological obedient to the narrow ideologies of monism ( spirit, materialism). This is fallacy and false narrative. Theological judgement/condemnation in the mouth of the empty atheistic followers of materialism – definition of psychiatry. Psychiatry is a devil himself, and medical uzurpation is a harbinger of antichrist of technocracy. This is not even a medicine, this is ego cult of power and consumerism, in which the real aristocracy (psychological man) is seen as dirty and unwanted. Because normal people are completely empty on psychological level and they do not even know that monism is an extreme antipsychological fundamentalism manifested as religion of scientism. Science can not function beyond the real image of the psyche, because it will become the image of the beast. Extreme materialism, that what psychiatry is. And psyche is not materialism or medical empiricism. It is forgotten perspective of seeing. Psychiatry is a definition of normalcy and its narrow mind, not the psyche. Removing value of the psyche and glorification of the useless normalcy or statistics – this is not help. This is communism.

  • You should rather write about James Hillman high rhetoric. Kraepelin, for example, was a barbarian, all Germans was. Medical jargon is not a psychologial language, rather it is a weapon of the wulgar materialists. Psychiatry, as a clinical uzurpation is only a weapon against psyche. It has nothing to do with psychological perspecive – identity. It is only a barbaric kind of uzurpation. All monistics ideologies are a weapon against psyche. Against mythical imagination. Clinical language is not a psychological language, it is a religion of scientism. Psychiatry is a marxistic weapon for , not something which loves human psyche. Marxists are handicapped, not psychological people. Psychiatry is weapon of the handicapped. Psychological people, on the psychological level, are much higher than marxism or vulgar materialists, are.