Monday, September 20, 2021

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  • Ms Johnstone,
    Your assistance in further helping the public is urgently requested. Bringing to light the fact that DSM processes have wrought havoc upon the public is but one step. Other steps need to be taken, such as helping voices of those outside the APA/DSM system be heard, and fixing some of the endemic problems created by it.
    Some colleagues and I have been waging a public information campaign since early 2012 to let those affected by the false epidemic of Bipolar (coutesy DSM 4) know about it — and to know about safer alternatives.
    Unsurprisingly since our approach requires no psych drugs, we have no sponsors, and since our approach has no clinical study trial study yet, most of the medical community [are trained to] reject it despite patient families and physicians testifying to the benefits they have experienced.

    We would welcome your call to report about this.

    Ralph Ankenman, M.D.
    Author, book and website: “Hope For The Violently Aggressive Child”