Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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  • Good Morning Moni,
    I live in Greece where unfortunately the crisis is driving everybody a bit more mad than they would be in a usual state.
    I just realised that my partner is having a bipolar disorder, and thankfully his analyst, who is also a psychiatrist, recently put him into meds after seing that he enters into a mania phase.
    I happen to be a yoga therapist and a yoga healer, and I heal a lot of people, included my self, through the intense practice of yoga, with a special care on breath work and relaxation. I came into your article here by researching on the alternative cures of the disorder, that I believe are the deeper ones. I am very interested in the breath work, as I use myself every day for myself and my yoga students a lot of breath and can see the deep healing effects of breath.In yoga, we do not believe in “labels”, but we think that all imbalance can be somehow minimised by the regular rhythmic and deep practice.
    Unfortunately my partner is not practicing yoga with me, and has hardly time for it (being a liberal profession in Greece with the high taxes makes everything much harder) but I believe I could convince him to start a practice with me. I am very worried and also very keen to help and I feel i can help him, and also, as you surely know, the loved ones are the first ones to suffer from this condition.
    I must say I went to the site of the person who healed you, and the prices are, for us who live under the heavy crisis, way to much for us (I imagine that if a one hour of a skype session is 100 euros, the real cure would mean spending 1000s of euros which we can’t afford as we are already at the very hedge of things financially). I was wondering if I can get some tips, though, as I am already a practitioner, in order to help the person I love, and who deserves better than the actual misery we live with.
    (Have you heard of Kapalabhati breath ? It sounds like the breathing exercise you did is very similar to this breath we use in yoga. )
    My deep Regards, and my admiration for all the way you’ve walked till now.