Friday, June 18, 2021

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  • A Timimi presentation.

    It has to be one of the worst presentations I have ever seen. What an exercise in misinformation and personal opinion wrapped up as supposed science. Full of errors too. How does he explain sensory processing difficulties in autism! How does he explain low-functioning/severe autism? How does he explain low danger awareness? Difficulty understanding humour and sarcasm? Problems with executive dysfunction? Difficulties with self-care? Tell him to look up Frank Duffy’s brain scan evidence. Tell him to look at different qEEGs in autism. He thinks the genetic evidence is flawed (nobody is saying it’s genetic, but it is epigenetic in people who are genetically particularly susceptible to environmental triggering but also there is syndromic – genetic – autism). Let’s see him explain multiplex families. He says “autism does not equate to anything found in the natural world” (he’s wrong there too

    He claimed professionals don’t need to understand autism to help an autistic with anxiety. Professionals DO need understanding of autism to work with the anxiety. For instance, CBT has to be adjusted for autistics (see below). Plenty of evidence out there about that. If someone doesn’t understand the underlying condition they cannot effectively treat the person’s anxiety because they are not getting the nature of the obsessional mind and the predisposition to anxiety or why it is triggered. Autistics are different to neurotypicals! CBT has to be adjusted for autistics or be at best ineffective and at worst, potentially harmful: Prof Tony Attwood – & The National Autistic Society & & NHS NICE Guidance see 7.6.1 – & Network Autism – &

  • “as I understand it, autism is not associated with reliable, specific, and large-enough-to-be-meaningful brain/genetic differences, as recently described by Sami Timimi.”

    Timimi is very absolutely wrong and his public comments are highly damaging. He is saying that ADHD doesn’t exist either. Just for starters, some ASD brain differences:

    dilated Virchow-Robin spaces, white matter signal abnormalities, plaque-like areas on the posterior horns of lateral ventricles, temporal pole abnormalities, reduced volume in anterior, middle & posterior callosal sub-regions, small than average size of body and posterior sub-regions of corpus callosum, increased amygdala volumes (in children), increased grey matter density, increased GM volume in frontal, temporal and parietal lobes and limbic system, increased cortical thickness in parietal lobes, abnormalities in the corpus callosum, pre-frontal white matter cingulate gyrus and internal capsule, to name some.

    Sami Timini is a psychiatrist, he should stick to his own field of work and stop posting untruths across the internet and giving talks on his mistaken beliefs.

    There is a movement among the authorities, (which may even have triggered the neurodiversity movement and using it to their own ends) to have ASD labelled as just a difference, as they are concerned with the epidemic of diagnoses and the demands on services that they don’t want to fund.

    Stop trusting someone simply because they have a qualification. There are important findings on ADHD which I could also list, which proves wrong his assertion that ADHD is not a real condition.

  • Agree with almost everything you have said. I have posted similar thoughts myself before on my blog:

    “The “It’s Just a Difference” Delusion”

    One thing I do disagree with though is that Asperger’s and autism are not related conditions. I understand they are not exactly the same, but they are slightly different manifestations of the same condition. It would be like saying skin cancer and throat cancer are not the same, they are different manifestations of cancer, different types etc.

    There are many parents with Asperger’s who have children with autism. It has been a discussion I’ve had with others, where we note that parents with Asperger’s will often have children more severely autistic than they are, with co-morbid mental health that the parent doesn’t have. I believe that as generations are exposed more and more to environmental toxins, especially vaccines, it makes the condition more severe. That would account for the physiological brain differences too. Everyone has a unique physiology and how they react to environmental toxins. Different genes can be expressed in immediate family members and scientists speak of the extreme heterogeneity of ASD and how there can be more than one epigenetic route (e.g. via different genes) to the same condition. I have Asperger’s and my children are autistic, one has classic autism (albeit so-called “high functioning”) and their difficulties are significantly worse than mine.

    The amount of autistics I have upset by publicising research showing vaccines can cause autism, the ridiculous response is “well that’s vaccine damage and not autism”. I have to break it to them that as ASD is clinically diagnosed as a syndrome of behaviours, anything that meets the diagnostic criteria is ASD however it was caused.

    They then start attacking me that I am “ableist” and all sorts of other ridiculous labels. Bit difficult to be ableist when I am autistic myself. There are the camp that are so angry that anyone could consider ASD a disability and furious that some parents are seeking remedies to help their autistic children, that they outright lie and cause a lot of trouble for these families, by infiltrating their support groups and reporting them to the authorities accusing them of child abuse. It’s disgusting.

    It’s well established that ASD is epigenetic, I don’t know why they keep insisting it’s genetic, as highly heritable is not the same as saying it’s a genetic condition.