Thursday, July 9, 2020

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  • I found this article fascinating… as always, this was a day I was to learn more by connecting with a human story… and thank Eric Oates for sharing your story¬†

    In this article, Eric discusses (from his perspective) a universal truth… people only connect with our ‘public’ expression of our internal world… they only see what is expressed or displayed… and often don’t seek to see any more… especially if they find this challenging for whatever reason… maybe it doesn’t suit their purposes, or it challenges their own worldview…

    Eric describes a rich internal world that is who he is… but with which no-one else connects with or understands… they only judge him on his external or public expression of his ‘self’…

    He describes having life-enhancing inner experiences and insights… of knowing he is nourished, challenged and stretched by these experiences… he knows he is lucky to have such experiences… however, people don’t see how much growth and wisdom he develops because of these experiences… they don’t see *him*… only the (perhaps less frequent, less intense) public expressions of his inner world.. of himself…

    Another aspect of this public/private world disconnect that I often notice is how people struggle by comparing their (untidy) inner world with other people’s (shiny & polished) public selves (our ‘backstage’ with others’ ‘front-of-house’)… social media can intensify this…¬†

    Eric laments people not seeing more of his internal world… the strengths and wisdom that feeds him… but has also found an admirable self-assured acceptance of himself… again, thank you for sharing

    Where are the curious, accepting spaces where we can meet one another… truly meet one another? Do we need more accessible philosophers, and less psychiatrists?