Monday, December 5, 2022

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  • Thank you for your text, Yulia. Raising awareness about the psychiatric abuse may put us in a very delicate situation, since most people still believe on psychiatric bias and discussions about the matter may bring gaslighting and difficult emotions to the surface.

  • So instead of just ‘schizophrenia’, they will diagnosis people with ‘mild’, ‘moderate’ and ‘severe’ ‘schizophrenia’?

    So now I can talk to people and say “oh, I don’t have unsolved childhood traumas that caused me a lot of suffering in my adulthood and I’m not willing to face. What I have is moderate schizophrenia, guys. Look at how poor I am!”

  • Oh, yeah! Jordan Peterson is very articulated and he can even enlighten people about the dangers of psychiatric drugs. He used to defend antidepressants, so I hope he comes with a different perspective after this event.

    But, anyway, there’s always the possibility that he just says: “oh, it was just a bad reaction I had. We can’t blame big pharma, drugs and psychiatry for that.”

    I still love his lectures though.

  • I thought psychiatry and screwed up mental health had nothing to do with politics.

    Here in Brazil, liberals may be even worse than conservatives when it comes to defend the psychiatric system. By the way, everyone in my family is leftist and they all try to push the psychiatric agenda on me (even because it was them who put me in a psychiatric hospital 5 years ago). And when it comes to politics, they all love Lula, PT, Che Guevara, feminism, LGBT, environmental issues, anti-racism programs, political correctedness and all those post-modernist movements, but when it comes to psychiatry, they’re like “oh, you really have to obbey to your psychiatrist. He knows everything about you. Just take the pills as prescribed. We love you!”

    But the same thing is true for conservatives. Many people who voted on Bolsonaro love psychiatry. That’s what I observed from people I met on internet who came talk to me about my videos on YouTube. Many of them are conservatives who screw up their “schizophrenic” sons or daughters by being overly authoritative.

    I don’t think tyrany is a matter of just politics. Not seeing the other side of things is never good.

  • Thank for sharing your story, Kerstin!

    I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and, lastly, with schizoaffective disorder. I’m taking a low dose of antipsychotic but I fear a lot having psychosis again. I feel I have many emotional stuff (childhood traumas) to work on as you did. I don’t know any healer that may help me here in Brazil (maybe I need to do some research).