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  • Hey, Thanks for the reply. Dr. Hoffer did give Niacin to people on antipsychotics as well. Infact, he very slowly keeps reducing the dose of antispychotics to keep them to a minimum or completely take them off it. He postulated that Schizophrenics are “Niacin Dependent” – meaning they will need Niacin intake for life just like anticpsychotics, but Niacin wont produce such drastic and negative side effects that Antipsychotics has..
    Hoffer noticed that people who started Niacin treatment within one year of their Schizphrenia Onset were most like to recover (90%).
    That number keeps coming down as time passes by and depends on the intake of antipsychotics as well.

    If you dont mind me asking, How old is your son ? When was he diagnosed and when did he start taking the medicines ? Which meds and what dosages is he on right now ?

    Hoffer noticed that it may sometimes take 5-10 years for patients to ‘recover’ on Niacin….

  • Thank you so much for your kind words phoenix. It means a lot knowing that there are people who understand and support me. Yes, it is like an anchor. This is that i am doing all day. I am reading articles, watching youtube videos, trying to find as much as i possibly can to ‘cure’ or heal her. I get excited when i find something and i don’t even want to sleep nowadays as there is so much information out there and i want to keep reading , watching, etc ! Thanks for your good wishes. God bless you and your family too !

  • JanCarol – You have immense knowledge in this field. I cannot thank you enough for all the information that you are giving to me via your comments. Thank you so much !

    I will get the Vitamin Tests done soon. Will also try to get a genes test done if possible. I have contacted a few Naturo-therapists near me who have managed schizophrenia cases before.

    ” Can you encourage her to write, paint, sing about what she’s being told? ” I will try that. Right now I just ask her what she’s hearing in her head. And she tells me that her main problem is people on the streets when she goes outside. She tells me that random strangers walking by “connect” themselves (to her brain) and ask her for millions in money or otherwise they will harm her family (which they don’t in real life ofcourse). For example, a cleaner on the street, or even my friend that she met. She cries and fights when this happens. I told her not to worry about it and just let me know when they ask for money.

    I asked her wouldn’t it be great if she would stop hearing the voices and become thin again ? She said yes but she also said that she would like the good voices (her good family members) to stay just to chat with them.

    I also asked her does she really hear different kinds (sounds) of voices from different people or is it her own voice in her head that represents different people. She said something like – Its her voice in her head but she knows its other people coz they come into her head and say that ‘ I am _______(name of the person) ‘ and then the conversation continues in her head.

    I have been recording voice notes and writing down in a journal what she hears by asking her. She told me that the voices are there 24×7 except for a few minutes at some places (mostly outside our home) where she finds peace (like doing yoga or meditation or with a nice person who she is comfortable with).

    She doesn’t have any friend and all her brothers/sisters are in a different country. Her daily routine includes a lil bit of cooking, a lil bit of laundry and sleep for the rest of the day. I have been trying to change it recently by taking her outside for yoga, meditation and trying to get her a new friend by introducing my friend’s mother to her. I have to be careful on choosing friends for her coz i only need positive people around her who understands what schizophrenia / mom’s condition is (there are not many people like that) because she gets affected by what other people say.

    I didnt know that about wheat….. The Naturotherapist should also advice on the diet regime that we should follow for her. DIET and nutrition is very important now. Need to fix this asap.

    You are absolutely right about the “CHANGE OF ENVIRONMENT” that is needed for her. It is really tough for us to get a change of environment for her coz if she goes somewhere without us, she wont (might forget) to take her medicines and her diet will change again and her condition might worsen. That is why i try to get her out of the house and also get her a positive friend.

    She is very alert and aware of things going on in the house as well. She is becoming more aware since i have started giving Niacin and vitamin C (This might just be in my head coz its just been 3 days) .

    I will read everything that you have mentioned. Its my mom’s life. i will do everything that i can to bring her back to a ‘normal’ life.

    I wish you hadn’t lost 30 years to drugs…. thats alot… BUT you are so strong and so aware and have so much knowledge of this now. I hope you keep getting better and lead a happy life. You are just 55. i don’t consider that as old and neither should you. Plz stay strong and keep recovering. God bless you for helping me so much with so many useful articles and information.

  • Hey JanCarol – First of all i would like to thank you immensely for giving me such a detailed and honest reply. I have never shared my mom’s condition with anyone and this is my first time so i am really overwhelmed by knowing that there is someone out there to help and guide me.

    My dad, according to me, isn’t an ideal husband. Since my early childhood days(i am 24 now), he was very strict with my mom and used to hit her sometimes as well. He used to swear at her constantly and my mom had no support system whatsoever as we live in a different country than her immediate family. I am sure she might have felt lonely. My mom used to doubt that my father cheated on her and she also thought there might be a sexual relationship between my sister and dad (which wasn’t the case) because of which she hit my sister as well. She used to think that a holy man (sage) would solve all her problems and she has secretly given away alot of money and her gold jewelry to different people hoping that they solve her issues. My sister says that my mom had also stripped naked infront of a saint to show him some marks on her body (which didnt exist) and asked that saint to do something about it. This is why my dad stopped giving her money as well. My dad’s side of the story is that he trusted her before but she was mad and then he stopped trying. He says that my mom had mental issue from before the marriage and that her family hid this from him as it was an arranged marriage. I was too young to understand all of this before and i also stayed out of my house and country alot because of which i didnt notice that my mom and my family wasn’t normal. My dad isnt a very bad man. But the circumstances in my house are not very normal. He started drinking alcohol over the years to cope with all this and recently had liver cirrhosis and just survived a critical situation.

    I am the only one in my whole family who understands what schizophrenia is and what it does to a person.
    My dad and sister dont understand this and shout at my mom when she cries (after hearing alot of voices in her head). I try to educate them but they dont seem to completely understand this.

    Wow…. now that i have typed all this, it seems like she had developed schizophrenia before…It’s just that in 2010, everything multiplied and she was screaming and shouting and hitting me and went through multiple psychotic episodes that we took her to see a psychologist and then she got diagnosed. So she must have had it from before….

    The pacitane (parkinsons pill) is to counteract the antipsycotic. She is not on statins or blood pressure drugs. I m pretty sure she wasnt and still doesnt get enough Magnesium, Omega-3…
    What should i giver her instead of wheat ? Rice has carbs and i thought carbs isnt good.
    My mom was very beautiful and a fair skinned lady. Very thin as well. She has become so fat after being on psychotics that i cry while typing this.. She was very intelligent and was a very popular teacher who used to help her students achieve very high grades.

    I will try to get the labs done. May i ask the reason behind getting labs done for those vitamins ?
    I have given 5 dosages (spread out over the days) of 1g Niacin to my mother and she doesnt seem to flush.

    ‘This drug regime will ensure that she goes to her grave early’ ……… I want to reduce her medicines and take her off them as soon as possible but i dont know how long will that take…. I want to save her and make her normal again… She was such a fine lady.. She still is… She’s very cute and gentle but the voices in her head and these drugs make her so miserable like a zombie…. My dad has given up on my moms condition … I m trying hard to make her get back to a good normal life…

    She has got very close to me and i keep asking her about the voices. She hears her mom dad brothers and sister and some random people as well. Some people’s voices trouble her in her head by constantly asking her for money. She met my friend after 5 years recently and from the next day she started hearing his voices in her head as well. She takes most of the daily decisions by listening to her mother’s voice in her head. (Her mother passed away 11 years ago)

    She has never tried to suicide or self harm. She has auditory hallucinations, she keeps playing with her fingers by counting random numbers and playing with her fingers when she isnt doing anything and she has negative symptoms where she doesnt care alot for her looks (doesnt shower or brush regularly).

    An important Issue is that SHE DOESNT KNOW SHE HAS SCHIZOPHRENIA. She believes that the voices in her head is real when i asked her. She thinks that the medicines she takes is to make her feel energetic because shes laying on bed all day. I m reading alot online and trying to find different ways to save her.. I want my mom to be happy and live a long life… She is just 52… She’s an amazing woman.

  • I have started my mom on the Niacin Doses (SOLGAR 500 mg Niacin Vitamin B3) and asked her what she felt.

    1) 29/04/2018 , Night 11 pm , Dose = 500mg (1 tablet) , No Flush, No itching, No warmth, No redness (NO EFFECT AT ALL)
    2) 30/04/2018 , Morning 10:00 am, Dose = 1g (2 tablets) , Light Flushing, Itching on face-neck-waist and finally legs , Felt warmth, Face became a lil red, Started feeling Cold after flushing was over
    3) 30/04/2018 , Evening 4:30 pm , Dose = 1g (2 tablets) , V Light effect, Light itching on face only, No warmth, no redness. She said effect was lesser than morning.
    4) 30/04/2018, Night 11:45 pm , Dose = 1g (2 tablets) , (NO EFFECT AT ALL)

    So this is what has happened till now. I am thinking of increasing her dosage to 1.5g tomrw as she didnt react to 1g at night and the effect kept decreasing from morning to night. i have also given her 1g vitamin C along with Niacin every time.

    She takes 1 Pacitane pill (Trihexyphenidyl HCL 2mg, used to relax muscles and treat parkinsons disease) in the morning and 3 Risdone-Plus pills (Mixture of Risperidone 3mg /Trihexyphenidyl HCL 2mg) at night.
    Is it ok if i give her Niacin, Vitamin C and the antipsychotic Risdone Plus all together?

    Please Pray for her recovery everyone. Thank you all (Y)

  • Hello friends. I need some advice. My mom (age 52 now) was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2010. I actually dont remember if she had schizophrenia before that as well but my earliest experience with her psychotic episodes started in 2010. She has been taking Risperdal since then. She also took zyprexa and abilify in between but Risperdal suits her better. She takes 9mg Risperdone daily. She still hears voices (auditory hallucinations) 24×7 and sleeps all day and is not at all motivated to do any basic activities like brushing, bathing, etc. In her auditory hallucinations, she hears her sisters and brothers and many other family members. She laughs and cries sometimes while talking to herself. I asked her if she believes that those voices are actually true and she said “Yes those voices are real”. Everytime she thinks, it’s like she is having a conversation with someone. I asked her whether she calls the voices in her head or they come on their own and she replied that they just come on their own. She says that someone she hasn’t met for 30 years in real physical life asks her for money in her mind and troubles her alot. She used to believe that someone enters our house at night when we are sleeping and steals our stuff. She believes in all of this even when on medicines.

    She has gained alot of weight since starting the antipsychotic medicines and also takes Thyroxine medicine in the mornings for her thyroid. She also had a tumor in her uterus bcoz of which she had her uterus + ovaries removed around 2010 itself (she was 44-45 that time). The removal of ovaries also may cause Depression and anxiety. Since I was a child, My mom used to doubt, suspect and mistrust alot before her psychotic episodes started as well. But she was very beautiful & intelligent and was a friendly teacher who the students and their parents loved a lot. I have provided as much history as possible….

    The bottomline is that she has schizophrenia now and is overweight and 9mg risperdone per day isn’t helping alot… I have found out from google and youtube videos about Niacin and i think i will definitely try them out. Does anyone have any advices for me on how to start her dosage of Niacin? I hope Niacin is the way to her recovery. And if it makes her better, i think I might try to reduce the dosage of risperdone and bring it to complete stop. Any advices will be very appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.