Sunday, November 28, 2021

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  • Actually the central point I was making was more about the fact that language is changing, as a direct result of the consumer movements activity. What the ideals of a consumer-chosen language be was a side point to the positive idea that things are changing. Ground is being conceded, and the movement is changing things. We should be proud of that.

  • Hello Lucy,

    I admire you for taking a strong political stance on this subject matter, its much needed. I do have two points to make.

    Im interested to know how you substantiate your position on the shift from schizophrenia to psychosis? You write

    “Even biologically-minded psychiatrists are increasingly substituting the term ‘psychosis’ for ‘schizophrenia’ – although a moment’s thought shows that this vague and woolly concept is even less reliable than the one it replaces. In Britain we call this ‘shifting the goalposts’ – defending your position by changing the terms of the debate.”

    It dont believe its a case of ‘shifting the goalposts’, rather I think its more a case of psychiatry conceding ground to the wins of the consumer movement. Most mental health professionals i’ve seen who perfer the term psychosis to schizophrenia do so because psychosis is about a transitory experience that one can have, and that can pass, rather than a label about a person. You can not say a person is psychosis. It does not make sense.

    My second point is simply: What do we replace it with?! This is a question that puzzel’s me. I dont agree with diagnosis, but what is a alternative?