Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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  • To Jim Gottstein and Robert Whitaker:
    All you say is true and I’m speaking from experience. Going through a divorse as a battered wife and suffering from loss of several close family members and friends deaths,with symptoms similar to ptss and depression but totally understandable considering the circumstances. I was misdiagnosed and placed on drugs which put me in a city/state program system for those unable to care for themselves they said? It was hard to get out of. I was alone in this state with 2 minor children and most others I knew I was isolated from, by my abusive controlling husband. Thank God my primary Doctor who kept asking the conservators “if it was even legal what they were doing to me” and they kept dismissing his protests which lead him to send me to a Attorney he knew. And Thank God the attorney sent me to his girlfriends father, who was a retired Dr. with several degrees and appauled by what was happening. Since they made themselves concervatives of all the money I had coming in from my business(which is also conflict of interest) and denied me money to attain my own attorney or Dr. evaluation. The Dr. and lawyer represented me without money to seek justice. For fear of liability and being sued they fought hard to not admit wrong doing. I was blessed that I escaped but many are not so lucky. If I had not gotten off the drugs and out of that program, I would never have been able to represent myself to competantly escape the financial and personal abuse and violation of all my rights. I had many symptoms you spoke of from the drugs and saw first hand how many were illegaly in that system violated and medical lies by many who were perticipants in the abuse. The Dr. retired who is also writing a book wanted me to read your book and write my own, as I had a unique situation. To see it first hand not being mentally ill myself but put in a situation to experience it, by temporarily being put in a system many are put in and experiencing all the symptoms of the meds is proof of all you know and have written. Proof is also how quickly I recovered after only months of getting off drugs and naturally healing from emotions of past abuse and deaths with a support team not drugs.I had never been on drugs for 55 yrs of life, never hospitalized for mental illness and was holistic in nature. To force me to take drugs was a clear violation of my rights. When they had no idea I wasn’t taking the drugs for( 1 and half yrs) they testified how great, I was doing, now that I had been taking the drugs regularly and feared for my recovery, if I went off them. They not only proved the opposite but convicted themselves of the lies they were pushing on me and many. The only way I escaped this program of medication management (forced medication) was to outsmart them at their own game legally with the support of caring individuals. I feel led to do it further legally and publically to help others. They made another mistake by not knowing that in my past, I worked as a program therapist for mentally disabled and retarded individuals and was a guardian on a committee for their rights with a panel of parents with children disabled.
    I was well aware of all the rights violations they were committing but legaly they were illegally preventing me from exercing my rights by appointing me a attorney, who was their attorney( being paid from my personal funds) who dismissed anything, i said to him.Refusing to give me my own money to hire anyone. Talk about conflict of interest. Please contact me by email if interested in my testimony.