Sunday, November 27, 2022

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  • And yet, I suffered from Depression long before I was on any drugs whatsoever.

    (This is not meant as a defense of psychiatric drugs. Nor is it meant to imply any specific belief as to the “causes” of any “mental illness.”)

  • “Health” (and especially “mental health”) is the newest religion, and “healers” are its priests. They are authorized to decree what constitutes “health,” who is entitled to be deemed “well,” who gets to have “treatment,” and upon whom the rituals of self-abasement followed by absolution are forced.

    There are no longer good habits or bad habits; rather they are “healthy” or “unhealthy,” with the judgement of virtue (or lack thereof) no longer openly acknowledged, yet more intense than ever. You may no longer be seen as suffering due to abuse, toxic environments, injustice, social ostracism, inadequate resources, lack of access to crucial goods and services, or the constant judgement of strangers, or even if loved ones. . No, now you have simply not made adequately “healthy choices.” The assumption underlying this is one that serves the system of social, political & financial power for the few very well—that each person is an island, entire of itself, in full control of what happens to it. Is someone impoverished? They should have made “better choices.” Depressed or ill? Didn’t make “healthy choices.” Physically or emotionally Different? Need to modify themselves with “healthy” coping skills or “healthy” food or “healthy” attitudes. Living in a sick, broken society? It’s not “healthy” to feel anger or despair at that; rather, one must set that aside and change oneself to better fit in to that brokenness. The role of the priests is to make the definitions and sustain the power structure that relies upon those definitions.

    I don’t trust anyone who calls himself a “healer.” It’s way too much like the people on social media who call themselves “empaths.” Nobody “heals” someone else. At best, they might be able to help support life while healing takes place, or help remove certain obstacles to healing. But any healing that occurs takes place in the damaged individual, to whatever extent may be possible in the desperately broken world, in which they have very little control.