Monday, May 10, 2021

Comments by Henry Smith

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  • Looks like I’m a bit late to the party. I wish I’d seen this article sooner. I’ve spent nearly my entire professional life working with “difficult” genius children as well as their families. I chose this career primarily because of my own experiences while growing up as a high IQ child with average IQ parents. Though thankfully, this was in the days before “mental illness” had been invented and introduced to the mainstream of society and medical practise. God knows what I would have become had I been born 2-3 decades later.

    Laura, you are very brave to have come forward with your story. It is a story I have heard far too many times from kids all over the nation who were labeled with one (or two or three or ten!) of these so-called “mental illnesses” and then suffocated, dehumanized and often ultimately destroyed by the system supposedly designed to “help” them. The world desperately needs more people like you to share their stories publicly and help to expose our mental “health” system for what it truly is.

    Marian Goldstein makes a great point regarding Liza Long and parents like her. Very often, these parents are incredibly insecure about themselves as a result of their child’s superior intellectual capabilities (in Liza Long’s case, we don’t need to look any further than her screen name to see her insecurity and “veiled” narcissistic nature). These parents become obsessed with building up their own reputation so much that it essentially becomes a pathology. A true pathology. These parents will go to any lengths necessary to have those in their social circle (and sometimes the whole world) believe that they are the world’s greatest parents, even if this means sacrificing the actual well being of their child.

    Yes, single divorced mother’s have a tough life. This does not give them the right nor an excuse to exploit their children and use them as mere tools to garner sympathy for themselves and their own personal shortcomings. The people who hail Liza Long as “brave” or a “hero” make me sick. The brave ones and heroes are the VICTIMS of parents like her and our corrupt, dysfunctional mental “health” system who have decided to come forward, share their stories and demand that the REAL problems be dealt with.

    In the case of people like Ivana Fulli – it is only natural for these “experts” to respond with attitudes of hostility and defensiveness toward people who bring forward the true facts about our mental “health” system, as these “professionals” will be out of work once these so-called “illnesses” and “treatment” systems as well as the individuals behind them are exposed to the world for what they truly are.

    Most “professionals” will always defend the parents in cases like Liza Long’s, because it is these parents’ blind faith in the “wisdom” of psychiatry that allow the psychiatrists to continue running their evil practise. Likewise, it is the “expert’s” defense of these parents which allows the parents to continue self-soothing in their fantasy world where they are victims and their child is simply a “bad egg”, preventing them from even considering trying to understand the true issues behind their child’s “problems” (which is very often the parent themselves).

    Asperger’s syndrome, as is the case with all other so-called “mental illnesses” that children like Liza Long’s son are so often “diagnosed” with – has a diagnostic criteria based upon nothing more than the psychiatrist’s personal opinion. There is no science behind it whatsoever. It is “diagnosed” using a checklist of “symptoms” whereby if a child meets enough of them, he/she can then be labeled an “Aspie”. It’s really that simple. Furthermore, this checklist continues to have new “symptoms” added year after year, making it so that today, even the slightest childhood “quirks” which these children may possess (very often a result in some way or another of their superior intelligence) can now be considered “symptoms”.

    Yes, people and especially highly intelligent children can be socially awkward at times. Yes, people can sometimes have anxiety issues as well. People can also have personality traits which differ from society’s accepted definition of “normalcy”. Each of these “issues” can stem from a variety of different factors. It does not mean that people who exhibit any of these characteristics are “afflicted” with “Asperger’s Syndrome” or any other type of “mental illness”.

    I have met with over 100 children diagnosed with this “Asperger’s Syndrome” throughout the course of my career. Whenever I met one who was “proud to be born autistic”, I would then ask them a series of questions in order to determine what caused them to feel this way. Among questions I normally asked were: at what age were they diagnosed, how long after the diagnosis did they decide to “accept” or be “proud” of it, if they had ever been bullied in school, and how their parents treated them at home.

    Although their answers varied in specifics, the children would always describe some form of treatment which in fact would lead to them simply being brainwashed. Nearly all of them had been bullied in school, some so severely that they had come to believe it was their own fault – that they had to have done something wrong which lead to them to be treated this way, and were willing to accept any explanation by the time they first heard the word “Asperger’s”.

    ALL of these children had also been abused by their parents, constantly telling them that they were “mentally ill”, “disabled”, “not like the rest of us”, etc, while masking this abuse with remarks such as “we love you”, “we only want what’s best for you”, etc. Also telling the children stories of Albert Einstein, Glenn Gould, Abraham Lincoln, Elvis, Bill Gates and others who were “believed” to have had the same “illness” as a way to manipulate them into believing that this “disability” was some sort of “gift”.

    It’s also interesting to note how nearly all of the highly successful individuals used by promoters “experts” on this “illness” as propaganda “examples of famous Aspies” had in fact lived or at least grown up before the actual diagnosis existed – therefore could only be “believed” or “suspected” to have suffered from the “illness” since they were never “officially diagnosed”. Had the diagnosis existed in their times, there is a good chance that each of these amazing individuals would have been subjected to the very same treatment as the “difficult” genius children of today and ended up simply fading into oblivion after a lifetime of ridicule, druggings and institutionalizations, rather than becoming the iconic, legendary figures we know them as today.

    In short, no child is “proud to be born autistic”. They are proud to have explanations for their differences and difficulties. It’s time we started giving them and the rest of society the correct answers and explanations about “mental illness”. The children labeled as “mentally ill” are the victims. Their parents and the mental “health” system are the one’s that need fixing. Period. No ifs ands or buts. End of discussion.

    By the way I have written a blog of my own as well about the truth behind “mental illness” and the true cause of “illnesses” in highly intelligent children. Please give it a read and share it with others if you can. Blogs like this one and mine are the ones that need to be seen by the world. We can effectively silence people like Liza Long and her followers by continuing to raise awareness of the truth.

    Best regards,