Monday, August 8, 2022

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  • “Thomas Szasz’s essay misses several key points about the undoubted changes that psychiatry has undergone since he wrote his original screed against the discipline in 1961. Szasz fails to recognise that the discipline today acknowledges a neurological basis for much psychiatric illness. Thus, his fulminations against psychiatry for treating ‘mental illness’ is off-base. Szasz’s original diatribe was heavily against psychoanalysis. Yet today Freud’s doctrines can scarcely be said to play even a marginal role in psychiatry, and it is absurd to keep levelling the same old charges of 50 years ago. One has the feeling of looking at one of the last veterans of the Esperanto movement in confronting Szasz: lunacy at the time, bizarrely outdated today.”
    –Edward Shorter in 2011, he is a professor at U of Toronto, respected historian of medicine and author of a number of books.

  • Sorry if that’s true for you, Rachel777, but it’s not true for me. After my first breakdown cost me my job, home and friends, good psychiatric care put me back to work in a job equal to the one I had lost, and I returned to being a happy and self supporting person. (I was NOT on longterm psych meds or in therapy once I got better.) The second breakdown I also returned to full functionality (off meds and out of therapy.) I have written a novel and traveled to NZ and Australia and am quite productive and happy. I will agree not to deny YOUR experience if you agree not to deny mine. I had good doctors, good therapist and proper use of meds. THAT SAID I have also had terrible charlatan doctors who put me on the wrong meds and had horrible hellish side effects. But I got away from those docs and found good ones I am not a helpless victim of ‘psychiatry.’ I also had cancer, defied the docs and did macrobiotics instead of chemo and radiation and instead of dying in 6 months as they predicted I’m still alive and healthy 25 years later. But I have friends who did chemo and radiation and are also alive and healthy years later. There is not one right way to do ANYTHING. If you’re not an idiot, if you’re getting bad care you get away from it, you don’t just settle in as seems to be the millenial style deciding you’re a victim and whinge your way through your screwed up live. That’s unutterably sad. After multiple bouts of depression, cancer and 8 years of CFIDS, I am no one’s victim. I am responsible for my own physical and mental health. I am a free agent. I am also relatively poor so it’s not like I ever had platinum health care either. Some of the best care I got at free clinics and some of the worst at top med centers. I’m not a victim of my financial/social class either. In short, I am not a victim. And as you can probably tell by now my tolerance for people exhibiting that mentality is really, seriously low.

  • Registeredforthissite (brilliant SN BTW), I never denied that psychiatry is a horrible mess. But again–denying that there are people who are mentally disturbed is quite frankly ridiculous. I would love it if this site had profiles so we could see which pontificators have actually been in the mental health system and exactly what their experiences were. I was in a writing class once full of dolts making inane criticisms. I didn’t decide writing classes are all bad and that no one should be allowed to criticize anyone else’s work ever. When you get way out ahead of your evidence you risk looking like you can’t reason.

  • I will not disagree, Steve, that the profession of psychiatry is corrupt, that the drug industry is corrupt, that “Social Services” are chockablock with people who are narcissistic jerks who get off on feeling superior to and controlling their ‘clients.’ I have had some truly hellacious shrinks, psychologists, social workers….but what I find intellectually jejune is absolutism. ALL of anything isn’t bad (except the Devil!) and ALL of anything isn’t good (except God.) Claiming there is no such thing as mental illness is the province of poseurs. Trust me, I’ve seen my share in my 66 years. There are also people who are seriously disturbed (and disturbing) but deny it–everyone else is crazy/wrong not them. Of course they see fairies doing the hula on their stove, but if you don’t see it it’s you who’s screwy :D. I’ve spent a LOT of time with people who are, shall we say, only occasionally visitors to consensual reality and some who never even drop by. They are not happy campers. They do not need some intellectual telling them mean old society is to blame for not accommodating their delusions. There have been insane people and a concept of ‘madness’ as long as there have been people and if ‘postmodernist theorists’ weren’t so damn ignorant of history and context they’d know that. But again, poseurs.
    Yes, the whole thing needs to be rethought from the ground up, but denying mental illness exists may seem tres avant to a millenial who doesn’t know WTF happened before they started to shave, but it’s old shite, as I said, debunked nicely 40 years ago. Not the place to start to help people who need helping and eliminate the bastards who profit fro their suffering.