Saturday, November 26, 2022

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  • Thank you for writing this essay. I felt alone feeling that I am not able to be a therapist. I graduated with my masters in mental health counseling about two years ago and finally got a job as an outpatient therapist at an agency about five months ago. I was working as a group rehab counselor before. However, I’ve been feeling like this is not my calling. I have been experiencing burn out already and I just don’t see myself doing this all of my life. I like helping people I just know I won’t be happy in the long run if I stick to doing therapy. I love working with kids though. I want to have some sort of a Christian ministry for children. I’ve considered about getting a teaching agree or some sort. I know that I need to be involved more in the church. I have bills to pay and it’s not easy just to quit my job right now. I was wondering the same what kind of jobs or career choice I should be in to have a steady income for right now. I don’t really have much other experience other than tutoring children and volunteering at church. I wished I had known that I shouldn’t have chosen to pursue in the mental health field way back in college. Anyways I was wondering if you can email me any advice or suggestions? my email is [email protected]