Saturday, May 25, 2019

Comments by JAB

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  • I was completely unsurprised when I found out my psychiatrist was receiving a stipend from the very drugs he prescribed me.

    When I went into full bedridden withdrawal with the worst unimaginable symptoms, he refused to answer my calls and had his secretary tell me to take a Benedryl.

    When I was anxious, he spoke to me for about 15 minutes before eagerly picking up his pen. It was simple and no reason why I shouldn’t be on antidepressants. Then when I really needed his support, he completely disappeared and refused to acknowledge my situation.

    How do we get psychiatrists to acknowledge the risks and to not bury their heads in the sand when their patients show signs of severe adverse effects!?

    Every other doctor I saw said my withdrawal was a clear sign I needed to be medicated. They made me feel insane! I am 4 years drug free and I’m finally reaching the tail end of my withdrawal. I’m so glad I’ve held out and am now proving them all wrong.