Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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  • Hello Ryan. So I see you say you are having some difficulty with your taper. I will tell you what I am doing, as the information might be helpful to you. Basically what I learned is that you have to taper more slowly at lower dosages, especially when you are on the last drug. In the first several months, I slowly stopped taking the antidepressant. Then in the next year, I reduced my dosage of aripiprazole to about 3.3mg per day, from the original 15mg. At that point, I found I had to taper much more slowly to avoid the withdrawal symptoms. I reduced the speed of tapering so that I would reduce the daily dosage by 0.1mg, every two to four months. But I also learned that the taper must be extremely precise! So I developed a method, where by I crushed the pills and ground them up with a mortar and pestle. Then using a milligram scale and making sure my calculations were accurate, I mixed in an appropriate amount of powdered sugar, to dilute the active drug by 50 or 100 times. Then, I have to painstakingly weigh the powder into empty gelatin capsules. One time, I forgot to take one of my 2.4mg capsules. The next day, I got electric buzzing throughout my whole body. Fortunately it went away when I took an extra capsule to make up for the one I had forgotten. Thank you for your inspiring story, and I hope this info helps.

  • Back when I was in grade school, I developed a minor nervous tick disorder. Because of that, I was taken to a neurologist. The neurologist declared that I must have Tourette’s syndrome, and in his warped reasoning, he said, “if you have Tourette’s syndrome, then you also have ADHD and need to take medicine.” But instead of putting me on the usual stimulants, he put me on an antidepressant, because he said that all the drugs basically do the same things. Well, he got that part sort of right, because its true that all the drugs do the same thing, a big nothing helpful! And as I learned from experience many years later, the drugs actually cause severe mental illness. The antidepressant made me socially withdrawn, and turned me into a basket case! It was only after they put me on antipsychotics that I then began to hear voices. Well now, I am almost 42, and my life has been thoroughly ruined by the professionals! On the bright side, I am also in the final stretch of tapering the last psychiatric drug, and I am doing better than ever before. I find your story inspiring and I realized I haven’t been exercising enough, so I have now begun to walk two hours every other day.

  • Don’t be scared. Fear is pointless. You are an individual. As an individual, you know what you have to do and say in order to survive. They cannot read your mind. Doctors have a tendency to misunderstand what you are saying and over-medicate. Always say no, or yes. If you don’t answer, they will assume the worst and medicate you even if you don’t need it. Recently, I went for an eye exam to get glasses. The doctor misunderstood me and gave me a prescription for prism glasses. So all I did is I went online, and ordered glasses myself, without the prism part that I don’t need! Psychiatry is much worse, since they legally pressure you to take the drugs. Nothing you can do about that, except lie to them!

  • What is the purpose of “digital pills”? Simple: They don’t want anyone to try to stop taking their medicine because then society might discover the truth, that the medicine is just a highly addictive neurotoxin that treats nothing! Over the past 18 years, I tried to stop the medicine multiple times and failed. Then, a few years ago, I started doing an ultra-slow taper. So far, I am doing very well. My psychiatrist even says that I am in complete remission, but she doesn’t know I am done with the antidepressant and I am down to 14% dosage of the aripiprazole! I have found alternative ways of dealing with any symptoms such as listening to music. Furthermore, I have found that certain kitchen spices seem to help, which is strange because most people think they are just for flavoring. I am expecting it will take another 7 years of this slow tapering before I am done with meds completely.

    I also wanted to say, that as a patient, having your meds tracked is the last thing you would want, unless you want to become a drooling zombie with no hope of recovery. They will probably only try to track your meds, if you admit that you refuse to take them. This society lies about many things, but they also force some of us to lie, in order to survive.

    I am not sure how the digital pills work, but assuming they function using a temperature sensor, you could easily defeat them with a small electronically controlled heating chamber.