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  • Disgusting. I am now right smack in the middle of this my health my daughters health I’ve been questioning Dr practices but ultimately relying on them to know best and do no harm but no I’ve been harmed now weaning off klonopin after 20 plus years on it telling psychiatrist it’s not working for years while she goes up n up n ads more meds affecting my whole family now my 13 year old (took rediculous amount of time to find her help at all and inpatient emergency stay finally got her in because they prescribed med there and I knew they had to see her outpatient because of that they tried to send us off n out to mhmr where we r now because “the best child adolescent pshychiatrists” sucked and her Dr here at mhmr is a joke 5 minute Tele visit not even really there on a screen and prescribing doses of serious psych meds I’m weaning her too btw. She doesn’t have bipolar or add she’s suffering from trauma she saw me abused by her dad we left but not in time plus I was abused borderline personality disorder not treated with drugs only therapy can help us long term and good therapists r rare too. I’ve been on stimulants for most of my life I’m 45 now still on them so wean off those is next so crazy. It’s all money ALL OF IT WE R SACRIFICING OUR CHILDREN OURSELVES FOR MONEY even the criminal justice system is all about money we have become a sick disgusting society for the most part. I wish I could leave the us honestly. Living in poverty house unsafe in the richest country in world I work night and day and can’t get us out wages don’t match cost of living. Whole system is messed up it’s scary and sad. Do no harm isent that motto of Drs? They’ve failed miserably become money hungry drug pushers drug company salesmen all they are I’ve seen one in my lifetime that was decent ONE in 45 years?