Monday, July 4, 2022

Comments by Ariana Moxie

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  • Thank you for sharing what you experienced and for working to get the training to help expose the hideous abuses that occur within the U.S. mental health system and the toxicity and lack of efficacy of psychiatric medications, Kelli! I began making suicide attempts after my doctor prescribed a benzodiazepine, anti-depressant and sleeping pills for what she termed a nervous breakdown over a situational depression in my early thirties and ended up in a coma after one and permanently disabled. People need to know the downside of getting involved with psychiatric drugs so they can make informed choices for themselves and their children. I’m sorry you suffered so much abuse. And I’m grateful you’re working toward changing this deadly paradigm. has info about an all-natural product EMPoweplus that I’ve found more helpful than any of the psych drugs doctors prescribed that only lead to disability and nearly to death and it works to improve all psychiatric conditions. Because, as you sadly learned the hard way something that nutritionists know but M.D.s who study little nutrition don’t, our gut is where 90% if mood-affecting hormones like serotonin are made, Not in the brain, which medical science has been targeting with harmful psych drugs!

  • Markps2, Kitty Dukakis also drank rubbing alcohol during her husband’s bid for president. Not exactly a role model … Actor/writer Carrie Fischer was candid about her last-resort use of ECT to break out of her suicidal depressions in her hilarious and sad memoir, Wishful Drinking. Each ECT treatment series permanantly destroys many months of the client’s memories. Sorry you went through this horrific experience Eric, thank you for sharing it to help people. My brain functionality has been ruined to the point of disability by effects of SSRIs and other psych drugs deluded psychiatrists prescribed. I’m feeling best I have in decades from taking an all-natural Canadian brain/mood support supplement called EMPowerplus Advanced which was formulated by the True Hope company in response to suicide of the founders wife andmental illnesses of his children. His children both healed and I wish the same for me, for you, and all who’ve been harmed by the current psychiatric death industry.