Wednesday, October 20, 2021

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  • Hi Eric, without witnessing what the doctor was doing I can’t say for sure which type of NF you had but were you asked to do anything during the session like try to relax, or visualise or breathe deeper? Were you asked to try and make the image on the screen change or was the image changing randomly?
    With active neurofeedback the practitioner will give you a goal for the visual on the screen like “Try and make and circle bigger” or “The video will play when you’re in the right frequencies and stop when you’re not. Try to keep the video playing.” If the doctor did not give you any instructions or goals like this and all you did was sit back and do nothing then more likely than not that you were doing passive neurofeedback.

  • Hi Eric,

    It sounds like you had passive neurofeedback as opposed to active neurofeedback. I have heard more adverse effects being reported with passive neurofeedback in which you don’t need to do anything and the machine stimulates your brain in a way the technician sees fit.
    With active neurofeedback I’m not sure how it’s possible to have such adverse affects because in active neurofeedback the screen only displays your own brainwaves to you, it doesn’t actually stimulate your brain in any way. You try to change your brainwaves by relaxed breathing or expanding awareness for example and see the results on the screen.
    I personally would never do passive neurofeedback because of fear of adverse effects but active neurofeedback could be promising.

    Take care