Friday, February 26, 2021

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  • William A. Sutherland, I feel for you. In 1987, after 4 months of voluntary incarceration in a Chicago psych “hospital”, I was threatened with an involuntary hearing if I proceeded with my desire to sign out AMA. I made the unfortunate calculation that it would be better if I remained a “voluntary” inmate rather than have an involuntary record. The four months turned into six years of back to back incarceration at three different institutions. I kept flunking out of psych “hospitals” by attempting suicide and each one sloughed me off onto the next one. The “diagnosis” that followed me for six years was a misdiagnosis of chronic major depression. Pre-menstrual dysphoria wasn’t in the DSM III and so couldn’t be coded for reimbursement. Even if it had existed, the “treatment” would have been the same ineffective drugs I received for the depression diagnosis. EMDR has helped with the iatrogenic trauma.