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  • Painting was once a way of selling secrets, it would seem. Now, it is well known that art historians have devices to see under the layers of paint. And what were the secrets to be sold? Whatever they were, they were secrets worth enough, to some companies, to develop devices to see under layers of paint. Surely the devices were not developed for the sake of art history.

  • I’m pursuing the reasons a bit further, in order to stop the violations of people that the psy target forcibly for human research and attempt to play the old eugenics rhetoric of ‘diseased gene’ theory. It is outrageous that the psy want to forcibly use genetic testing on people whom the psy forcibly inject with drugs that mess with adenosine levels – to find out what happens when they do that.

    Enough. Stop forcibly experimenting with people.

    The psy and their colleagues need to be researched more, in order to point out their crimes within a network of medico researchers profiting from this. Is there a way of finding out if the psy have been illegally testing DNA for experiments already on the people they ‘s’ label for the cruellest most intrusive forced experiments? Is there a way of finding out if people with the psy ‘s’ label have their DNA ‘anonymously’ being sent to cloud data labs where tests go a bit further on the ‘anonymous subject matter’ via electromagnetic interference? Perhaps a track and trace, or induction-wire based experiments on the chemicals injected in via satellite? Perhaps a track and trace on their DNA sequence? Lemming-like experiments to see how far people injected with certain drugs can be controlled in their daily life and monitored? Can they be induced to do certain activities? Can they be induced to buy certain products? Simple things that are lucrative for people that buy into the EMI for marketing.

    The research that isn’t the psy cover-up paper full of psychobabble to condemn the victim of the forced human experimentation – which one do you think this gene sequencing points to? With the neuroleptics it’s other papers on process of glycolysis and adenosine the biological ‘energy currency’, the evaluation of structure-activity relationships such as metabolic trapping (mostly), then there’s the secondary research to do with damage to organs and treatments for that. And there’s – what of injectable polymer hydrogels, bio tissue synthesis for IoT sensors? Relapse of aligners and its prevention – satellite track and tracing objects as small as 30 cm?

    All the wonderous ways people can be violently exploited for invasive cruel research and told if they attempt to speak out against it, that they’re dis… subjected matter for a forced psy order.

    Focus then – Legally and politically what is the best way forward to stop these horrible experiments on people? There is no excuse for forced human experimentation of this vile cruel nature. No excuse for this outrageous interference on human lives.

  • Reading the Mental Health Act, with a group of other people who were like-minded, was eventually the only way I could read it. As for reading my file, I found it really difficult until I shared some of it with people who work towards absolute prohibition of forced treatment and commitment. It’s now not an issue, for me, it’s still hate-speech, but I call it out for what it is. It took over 7 years, after I’d got free from forced psychiatry, to sit down, read it all, and recognise it for what it was – people who have been trained to verbally berate the person they’re exploiting, when they write them up. Everything the victim of psychiatrists does is wrong, until they’re obedient to what the psychiatrists dictate.

    I want for people to be supported to get through that aspect of the torture quicker.

    That part of the torture, the condemning of a person’s defence against those violating them, shuts people down, and sometimes means those who have been violated by psy, choose to shut-down other people who have been likewise violated by psy but want to continue to speak the truth of the violations. I don’t want that to perpetuated, so victims are taking the part of psy, in order to not feel the fear of the past torture they experienced.

  • Replying to the query of our use of the term Victims of Psychiatrists:
    victims of psychiatrists (VOP) is a generic term, and I chose to focus on it, over victims of psychiatry , because I did not want the medicalisation of the term ‘psychiatry’ and I wanted ICC action on the psychiatrists that inflict vile, cruel, lucrative forced human experimentation on a mass scale, then traffic that data extracted, through torture and extortion, all over the globe. I have often shortened the term to victims of psy and used the symbol, as psychiatrists write this shorthand for themselves. I want the psychiatrists, as people, to be targeted for reparations, not just the organisations and government legislating for the psy, but naturally they have to be held responsible for their part in the atrocities too.

    I want psychiatrists to start feeling fear. I want to say: only psy deserve to be subjected to ECT, to neuroleptic…

    We are people, victims are people, so are psychiatrists. Victims of Psychiatry is too nebulous for my purposes, too distancing. I want to be in their face, make it personal for each and every one of those psy that back the scam of the mental health system.

    Psychwatch is more focussed on psychiatrists who can be immediately law-suited, and it is usually on the basis of some kind of lewd assault, or financial fraud, they’re not VOP though.

    VOP are people who have experience forced/ coerced psy first hand, and really know the most, but are being silenced. As a collective in Australia, VOP organises rallies regularly in for the #right2refuse psychiatrists’ products, procedures, programs and their beds. Victims of Psychiatrists will organise a rally at Canberra parliament, on 26th June, in support of Victims of Torture (Tina has a blog on this). And we’ll also have another rally, in Canberra, on Oct 10th, for VOP day. Our symbol is rosemary, as it is good for getting rid of ‘parapsytrists’. We reclaim this day Oct 10th, from oppressors, to mourn those who have been killed by psy, and those who cannot be with us because they are currently being torture by psy and interned. We make wreaths and lay them on the lawns of parliament. There are also monthly rallies organised at Victoria’s Parliament Steps.

    I also link with a newly formed political party – Abolish Psychiatry. When that appears on the ballot paper in 2022 election, Australians will have no doubt what Abolish Psychiatry intends to do. The party is also needed for people in Australia for who are being persecuted in psy write-ups as ‘antipsychiatry’ as if being ‘antipsychiatry’ is something that is allowed to be medicalised. It is not. Psy are ignoring their own State/ Territory Mental Health Acts, and Royal Commissions that are supposed to investigate the mental health system, are corrupted by the appointment of psy as officials, particularly psy that are known for vile, cruel experiments, and have not had any kind of interrogation at the Royal Commissions on this, despite VOP submissions to these sessions. Instead more propaganda and victim-blaming is rolled out and the violations are then to expand with more funding instead of being curtailed.

    When a person is persecuted by psy for their protest against psy, we also link with Mindfreedom, that has a long established idea of a Shield. Validation for VOP is very necessary, and getting out beyond the virtual into the public, for the VOP who are not given platforms to lecture/ speak/ communicate, whose demands for human rights while being tortured behind closed doors is written up as symptoms, as well as any kind of attempt to communicate the obvious laws and ethics being violated. I’m particularly thinking of those VOP who are being asked to play-the-game, and having their health and vitality destroyed by intrusive maltreatments, as well as that ask that they kiss the boot of the psy and comply with the psy’s ownership of their soul, and they don’t want to, they don’t want to be crushed, they want to survive, not be a grovel to the violent psy dictators.

    We cannot have that, in a societies, particularly when they claim to be democratic – that torturing and erasing of a person. Bring on the rallies that get bigger and louder, while keeping everything legal, so to have the support of parliament security etc, as people that don’t ever get out of hand, that read the rule book, and fully comprehend it.

    Thank you for mentioning VOP Tina, and I appreciate the discussion from everyone here.

    VOP want forced mental health maltreatment to be considered in the same way as forced organ harvesting – disgusting, diabolical and must be stopped. Yes, there’s the individual advocacy too, . No, our government will not be funding VOP collective any time soon. We’re just going out on a limb at the moment without funding, and we will not be corrupted, because all VOP are vulnerable to being got again, if VOP ever back down, water-down their demands for the vile cruel torturous persecuting psy to stop, and for our government to stop legislating the cruelty, and criminalise forced/ coerced psy, and start to regulate the toxins of the medical industry better…

    re: Tobacco.
    I don’t see any correlation between ‘smoking’ and the persecution and torture of VOP. I am highly sensitive to propylene glycol that is in hospital air-conditioning, Personal Products… and tobacco, and those vape things, as well as psychdrugs. The sensitivity was cause by years of forced psy. If people want to understand why tobacco is mixed with propylene glycol, then they’re talking, because they’re looking at the Hygiene Industry, which of course is Mental Hygiene, and personal products being part of the mental hygiene industry, and tobacco was pushed by this same industry at the point where it was coopted and the plant, tobacco, once a good mosquito repellant, turned into 30% petroleum to ‘keep-it-fresh’ put it in your pipe and smoke it, market the even more toxic metho cigs to the Black Americans… all sorts of nasty chemical cuss. Who is allowed to smoke tobacco without that PG in it? No one. Well, maybe some grower of it.

    re: people who get psychdrugs from GPs & trust GPs who are Confidence Tricksters.
    For people who oops take the wrong drug prescribed by a GP. I’m going to say this, with psychdrugs there is a threat that if you don’t, you will be forced; with other kinds of medical experiments, there isn’t that. So, legislation is the main issue, that’s why VOP need politicians to do something, that’s why Abolish Psychiatry was formed. Politicians were doing nothing, even though asked and asked and asked.

  • Shooting pains right up the leg nerves after being injected by psy staff. People with lumps as big as golf-balls from reactions to the injections – and that’s the least of it. Neuroleptics just are so horribly painful, and so obviously disfiguring. There’s people who feel sleepy while sitting, then when they go to lie down, their blood goes out of whack and they cannot sleep. All the time like this. And still the forced injections continue. We’ve got to stop governments from attempting to call torture care, it cannot ever be said to be that.