Monday, December 5, 2022

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  • This story has hit me because my fiance was basically kidnapped from our home, lied to, and made to feel like he had no choice, it is almost a year ago now that we endured the worse 10 days I could have ever imagined. He was sick, and I knew depressed, he needed a dr, but was scared to go, Im not.his momma, couldn’t Force him to go, but would go with him for moral support when he was ready, well his sister saw him when I had to call 911 and rush to local ER, made the mistake of calling his dad for respect, he sent her..she was sweet as sugar, offered us a ride home, we accepted had no car. We had no idea when we let her see our home, how we would regret it…she showed up and made me flip out and I couldn’t stop her…