Sunday, November 27, 2022

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  • Thanks Ellen,

    I should have said it’s something as a collective we are struggling with and trying to tread a path as yet untrodden. We are trying to organise ourselves and be professional about it, without being too professional, with an ever weather eye on co-option. But even here as an individual you feel you are forced to “pick your battles”. My experience, thus far, has been that many of the harms inflicted by services are systemic rather than deliberately Machiavellian.
    Medication is always a big one, some people want to hear how bad it is and get some reassurance about reducing/tapering while others take it to be their lifeline. It’s always nuanced to the perspective of the person you are with.

  • Over 5 years now as a peer support worker. Some takeaways are now about, reluctantly, becoming pragmatic. I’ve been lucky enough to be working with some people for over four years. We try not to put a time scale on support and the person has been “in services” for decades with all that implies.
    Do I continue on supporting this person?
    Pragmatically, is this the best use of my time?
    Are there others who may benefit from the support but can’t avail of it because I am now busy supporting people who are in the same situation and can’t support anyone new?

    There have been other relationships with people I support that have naturally come to a close, they have reduced meds, secured work or just not needed the support anymore. Then there is a cohort who may need ongoing longer term support. Where do you stop peer support when the person receiving doesn’t want it to stop, but you feel it’s gone as far as it can?
    Rightly or wrongly, as a peer, I’d hope to meet someone at the entrance to services or before and attempt to “steer” them away. Literally before the services (of which I am now a part of) get their claws into them. Would peer support be better in primary care or preventative?
    Plenty to research on peer support.

    Lots of love to all.