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  • Without Hillman’s phenomenology, Szaszz critique means nothing. Szasz did not write about the nature of psyche. Szasz was a nihilist and Laing was a transcendentalist. Hillman created the proper image of the psychological reality and he is the only one who did it.

  • Madness, mental health, mental illness, genius, talent. Those words are weapons in the mouth of apollonian idiot for whom ego in apollonian archetype and theology of the brain is in the center of the psychological world. They are using empty words without proper meaning in completely false context.

    How can it be that someone like Plath was tortured by someone like psychiatrist?
    Very high language was always attacked by psychiatric jargon and poets were attacked by apollonian fundamnetalists.

    Psychiatric jargon is a cancer of the real human language. And only Hillman knew it.

    Why psychiatry is attacking poets? Because psychiatry means apollonian ego fundamnetalism, and poets represent psyche, psychopathology. That is why.
    If you represent real human psyche in society of naive spiritual fundamentalists they will kill you in the name of health (theological naivety).

    To recover means to resurrect. And resurrection is a spiritual claim.

    And only James Hillman noticed it.
    Poets and their high language represent psyche, death, and psychiatric jargon represent impaired reality of apollonian fundamentalists, for whom death and psyche does not exists.
    You must have extremely strong balls to lose with the state like victims of the psychiatry. Because there are no winners anyway, there are only obedient slaves who thinks they win.

  • “In the history of the treatment of depression, there was the dunking stool, purging of the bowels of black bile, hoses, attempts to shock the patient. All of these represent hatred or aggression towards what depression represents in the patient.”
    James Hillman

    I’m in favor of destruction, aggression, hating things. Not bearing things anymore. We think the breakdown comes because our life is in bad shape. But maybe the ideas cause the disorder. Something tries to break through and causes the disorder.”
    James Hillman

    Read more at:

  • “Do you see the complete harmony between central dictatorship, fascism, political callousness, and the self-centeredness of the spiritual point of view?”

    “The word “normal” comes from the Greek norma, which was a carpenter’s square, that right-angled tool for establishing straightness.”

    “Psychoanalysis has to get out of the consulting room and analyze all kinds of things. You have to see that the buildings are anorexic, you have to see that the language is schizogenic, that “normalcy” is manic, and medicine and business are paranoid.”

    “My practice tells me I can no longer distinguish clearly between neurosis of self and neurosis of world, psychopathology of self and psychopathology of world. Moreover, it tells me that to place neurosis and psychopathology solely in personal reality is a delusional repression of what is actually, realistically, being experienced.”

    James Hillman

  • What strikes me, is that he was so famous, and no one even have noticed that he was almost destroyed by psychiatry. Hemingway Plath and many others were also tortured by psychiatry. But for people who do not give shit about that fact, they were just poor bad luck people who apparently deserved it. Because of their “mental illness”.

    I can’t stand the things that pro psychiatric people are thinking about human psyche. They are like psychopaths. And people who are aware of how dangerous psychiatry is, are so alone.
    So brave and so alone. Because the truth does not have many friends.

  • The main goal of psychiatry was to build the proper image of the psyche, not to get rid of the psyche. Drugs were to help in dealing with psychosis, not to destroy the essence of psychosis.

    Psychiatry is the biggest enemy of the psyche. They hate everything that is not material and does not involve making money. Because it is a calculating soulless child of lies and mammon. Psychiatry have destroyed the essence of the psyche.

    They are not intrested in the reality of the psyche, they can’t see the need or psychological value of psychosis or depression. For them psyche is just pure evil. They just want to destroy it in the name of theological or materialistic negation.Sometimes when I think about differences between psyche and the coarse reality of apollonic/spiritual negation I wonder when this all will collapse. Because they have gone too far with destroying the proper image of psychological reality.

    Why, you, authoritarians,hate psyche so much? Because of fear? Or because non material reality is still satan for you?

  • Thank You for this important article. Hemingway, Plath, especially poets, were terrorized by psychiatric monotheism. Because monotheistic anti human scientism have killed metaphor first. Nazis party and their anti human utopian ideology is the source of the greatest evil today.

    The roots of psychiatric slavery = psychological monotheism. Monotheism is a form of a very destructive and limited thinking.

    “This idealized unity requires for its earthly realization, an ideal man, the Hero, who can receive the (divine) commands and overcome in his own person and at large, the obstacles that stand in the way. These obstacles must also have a mythic dimension. Whether the story is retold in an Islamic, Christian, Jewish or Hindu setting, some dragon of dangerous strength must have its head chopped off, traitors everywhere must be sought out and eliminated since, ‘you are either with us, or against us’. The Marxists, therefore, require(d) the Capitalists, the Western Powers their Communist threat and more recently, Muslims, who in turn, require the Great Satan and their own heretics. In sum, the heroic requires problems and, by implication, Final Solutions.

    Similarly, psychological monotheism tends to regard difference and diversity as irreconcilable opposites and reduces all psychological life to moral issues. Particularly in the light of the impossible-to-resolve ‘Problem of Evil’ in Christianism, this kind of moral reductionism and its fusion with the heroic archetype, provides the justification for all types of action and violence against whatever seems ‘outside,’ a prescribed idea of ‘unity’. Thus, Jung’s view of the West’s ‘monotheism of consciousness’ is directly related to the internalizing of a particular type of Christianity. As both he and Hillman reiterate, it does not matter if one is a Christian or not, ‘believer’ or atheist. Rather, it is a particularly narrow psychological attitude towards self, others, religion, knowledge, in short, life itself.

    James Hillman “Re -Visioning psychology”
    Thomas Szasz – “Manufacture of madness”

    Everything should be clear after reading these books.
    Psychopathology is a metaphor, the form of the highest psychological art. And authoritarians and their small brains are destroying people in the name of their lame materialistic and convenient fantasy about mental health – apollonian – hegemony.

    The problem is the limited monotheistic psychology, not the human psyche.

  • Human Psyche should have authority, but psyche is illegal. Because we have illusions of spirituality in the place of psychology. That is why we should all read James Hillman. Because he have noticed it.
    Without psychopathology life would be an illusion. Without illnesses, our health means nothing.

  • Yes, but authoritarian mind, apollonian mind is too stupid to use empathy or phenomenology, they want to use scientific BS for money and for expand apollonian ego over the rest of the psyche. Psychology never was, and never will be a science. And scientific approach to psyche is like scientific attitude to love. It is useless, it is non human. Biology depend on individual psyche, on the level. And we could see what is happening when ego lose contact with apollonian, rational easy level – for example Anneliese Michel. For psychiatry satan is real, but human psyche means nothing. And that are inquisitional roots.

    And when we are using drugs or whatever to help ourselves, we must stay true to psychological truths behind our medication. We are using drugs, because depression is a real psychological hardship, not because we think it is a medical illness, or, because we want to condemn depression, because of theological negation and so on.

    Psychiatry do not want to stay true to psyche, to depression or to suferring. The want to eradicate these states, because of theological spiritual illusions. Psychiatry is to undermine credibility of the human psyche, because of monotheistic claims.


    The language is the key. Psychiatric jargon is a dead language. Hillman’s language is alive.

  • “The insistence on psychological singularity is a kind of implicit ideology, supplying images and appropriate feelings about them, creating a fantasy of what it means to be ‘a people’. And this major archetype, of an essentially one dimensional ‘god’ brings with it its compatible and fellow archetypes. For instance, One Lord is accompanied by One faith (orthodoxy/modernism), One Law (shariah/WTO), One State (dar-ul-Islam/globalization), served by One body of the faithful (ummah/consumers). A beautiful evocation of the ideal totalitarian (and paranoid) society.”

    “This idealized unity requires for its earthly realization, an ideal man, the Hero, who can receive the (divine) commands and overcome in his own person and at large, the obstacles that stand in the way. These obstacles must also have a mythic dimension. Whether the story is retold in an Islamic, Christian, Jewish or Hindu setting, some dragon of dangerous strength must have its head chopped off, traitors everywhere must be sought out and eliminated since, ‘you are either with us, or against us’. ”

  • Anti psychological monotheism.

    “I equate Christianism with moralistic fundamentalism … you have to face this level of Christianism because that is where its world conquering force lies. It’s not Christian love that’s conquered the world … not its sophisticated interpretations and theology. It’s successful because it mobilizes the will, and the will needs fundamentalism or it does not know what to do …[it is] utterly monotheistic … there is only one meaning, one reading of the text, for instance, the one meaning of Christ’s suffering.[2]”

    James Hillman

    “Similarly, psychological monotheism tends to regard difference and diversity as irreconcilable opposites and reduces all psychological life to moral issues. Particularly in the light of the impossible-to-resolve ‘Problem of Evil’ in Christianism, this kind of moral reductionism and its fusion with the heroic archetype, provides the justification for all types of action and violence against whatever seems ‘outside,’ a prescribed idea of ‘unity’. Thus, Jung’s view of the West’s ‘monotheism of consciousness’ is directly related to the internalizing of a particular type of Christianity. As both he and Hillman reiterate, it does not matter if one is a Christian or not, ‘believer’ or atheist. Rather, it is a particularly narrow psychological attitude towards self, others, religion, knowledge, in short, life itself.”
    “In contrast to the reality of a ‘polytheistic’ psyche, psychological monotheism refers to a literal attitude towards psychological, that is, symbolic events, in which, through a self-reflexive moral reductionism, one vision overwhelms all others, swallowing them in an attempt to extend itself and create ‘unity’. The tendency towards literalization and moral reductionism is peculiar to Christianism…”

  • The lens of the psyche.
    The lens of the polytheistic imagination.
    Psyche is too complex, this is not spirit religion or Jungian theological fantasy about union. Psyche was destroyed by religion and materialism, by ideology of monotheism. Psychiatry uses pseudo science against psyche, to prove theological beliefs in medical disguise. We don’t have human psychology, we have religion and spirituality or economy and politics in the place of real psychology. Psyche needs Copernicus not medicine.

    James Hillman. “Re – Visioning psychology”.

  • No one represent psyche, only those called insane and this is sad. One of the greatest defender of psyche was James Hillman, and he also was rejected like those called mentally ill. He was one of them. We are rejected by stupid people, we should be proud.

    Thank you for your wisdom, Mr. Hickey. You are a great thinker too, but they will reject you. They will reject you the same way, Tesla or Hillman were rejected by money makers.

    Anti psychiatry is for wise people, not for convenient common minds.

  • Psychological polytheism is not a religion. It is a metaphorical description of our psychological reality.
    Monotheism is religion and fixation also. Psychiatry is a form of monotheistic fundamentalism with pretensions to science, however roots of psychiatry are strictly theological. Psychiatry is a weapon of god against human psyche, which was confused with hell or satan and evil. Which is disaster for psychological man.

  • Yes it is. Schizophrenia is a right for those who are privileged enough to destroy you. Schizophrenia should be a neutral description of the condition. Only a place on a psychological map. The problem is that language and the real image of the psychological reality does not exists. It was destroyed by spiritualists and materialists. The confuse religion or brain theories with psychological reality.

    When ego is on apollonian shallow level of the psyche you are mentally health. You are convinced that control over psyche belongs to you, this is only illusion,… very practical illusion, indeed. When ego goes deeper into strict psychological reality, psyche takes over the control over ego, and then they will blame your brain for that, because it is seen as illegal… There supposed to be Hades, there. But, like I said, that reality does not exists, because Jesus “saves us from it” and christians have called it hell, and then people confused psyche with evil..

    Thanks to Jesus and his spiritual utopia, schizophrenics now are living in closed illegal and sealed coffin.
    Religion banned psychological polytheism and so on. Psyche and gods has nothing to do with religion or prayers, they were only symbols of non material reality. Hades/Zeus is the father of the psyche. But now we have apollonian hegemony of rationalism or rather rationazism, fixation of control, scientific BS, brain theories of mental illness.

    The ship with apollo in control will sink, it is only question of time. Psychological forces are supplanted and stuffed in a small, tight prison box. They will explode and probably California will sink. Europe will sink in the ocean or something. Because of APA, because of apollonian ego fundamentalism.

  • I am pro panthers of any kind. Great site. Normal people should learn to think, because psychiatry is an evidence that normal people left thinking to those called mentally ill. Apollonian ego curse. James Hillman was a great thinker, he was trying to teach people how to think, not what to think about depression and so on.

    We should focus on phenomenology of things rather than searching for fake solutions, because of false empiricism.We need truth and courage not cowardice or childish theological demonization of death, suicide, suffering. We need bravery and maturity not fake solutions from cowards.

  • Yes I am ironic. Wisdom means nothing today. Mental health is not equall to wisdom, psychiatry has nothing in common with wisdom. Because people are not interested in wisdom. They want power and money. That is why empaths or psychological men are losing with them. They are losing because they means more than matter. Generally speaking, this is main reason why psychological man is terrorized. He means more than people who believe in easy things. Because when you are easy or simple it means also you can survive, because you are enough blind to do it. Survival is so plain that only simple people can do it. Psychological man can’t. because he collides with the reality of death. And then he realizes that apollonians and normal are antipsychological idiots and they want to lock you up, because you are destroying their utopia.

  • “The end of clinical treatment is cure. The process comes to a fruit and all medical measures are stages towards this fulfillment. Consciousness, however, as far as we can read the evidence, comes to no definite goal, no final fruition, but is is a continuous in-going process.
    An analysts who has a notion of cure as a goal of his work is thinking medically. He has not grasped the nature of the complex, the basis of analythical process. There are no antidotes for complexes. The cannot be cured away because complexes are not causes, though they be the determinants of psychic life. A medical model tends to conceive them like a wounds or traumata. or as malignants growths and foreign bodies to be removed in the medical manner.
    But if complexes are energetic centers, the cannot be “cured” without damaging the vitality of the patient.

    Health requires death.

    If lay means unprofessional, then lay means open.



  • Death is equal to the truth, so psychological man is someone who is the most real kind of man.

    And apollonians and spiritualists are the most fake ones. Their imagination is a form of an opium, thanks that opium they are blind to psychological reality, so they can be as easy as biological machines they create on their own image.

    Titans means more than any kind of religion or materialism. They are the anchors of the human psyche, and psychiatry is a open -air museum for the super blind. Psychological function is psychological function, not material or spiritual one.

  • For psychological reality spiritual growth is only an infantile illusion. For spiritualists psychological reality is equal to theological hell, that is why they can’t see the real meaning of the psyche. And that is why psychology does not exists. Because the real psychology is psychology of the death or phenomenology of the death. And this kind of psychology does not exists, because christianity, religion, spiritualism conquered death/psychological reality. And that is why mental illness is not a part of life, because psyche is not part of life anymore. We have only infantile spiritual assumptions which are equal to theology, and psychiatry is their child.

    So, when one is telling you that you are pathological and mentally ill, that’s mean that he himself is in theological/legal archetype and that he is privileged and you are not.
    Our psyche is something which was destroyed by religion and materialism (apollonian ego). Spiritualists and apollonians are beyond psychological reality.

    We need psychological titans. Because thanks them spiritualists and materialists can exists in their incredibly shallow archetypes. They need roots, and psychological man, like autistics or schizophrenics represents their roots. This is phenomenology and it was destroyed by authoritarianism/materialism religion and so on.

    Psychology, the real psychology, has nothing to do with nowadays humanistic psychology, nowadays psychiatry or spiritualism.

    Schizophrenics, autistics are destroyed by the state for reasons of ideological negation. Mainly because psychiatry is using theological not psychological assumptions.
    Psychological men should be the most privileged people in the state. But the state of materialists is for biological machines ruled by medicine and rich people not for psychological man.
    Schizophrenia, depression, autism are the main functions of the psyche. But psychiatry is using theology which means they have send human psyche to hell. And now those states are equal to secular condemnation. And mental health is secular state of grace.

    James Hillman Re – Visioning psychology.

  • Depression is the problem, because depression is not a part of life anymore. It is because we have theological psychology. Long time ago christianity conquered psyche and religion destroyed its proper image. Spiritualists have their churches, egoical people have their believe in science and psychological man have shit. Because psyche is connected with death and polytheism, and death was condemned by monotheistic god.
    The problem is that death is in the center of psyche. In the center of polytheism.

    Our complex polytheistic psychological life was conquered by monotheistic infantile religion/theology.

    Without theological/religious claims toward psyche in the past, we would not have mental illness today. We would have human psyche.
    The problem is not that depression exists or that people commit suicide. The problem is that religion/theology condemned death and human psyche.
    And psychiatry is the child of theological negation, with scientific pretensions.

  • “sent”, sorry.Psychiatry is theology in medical disguise. Normal people belongs psychologically to the assumptions of monotheism. And they represent nothing more than monotheism. Religious monotheism is a small cage imposed on the polytheistic nature of human psyche.

    Psychological reality do not belong to the limited and strict materialistic third dimension. Psychological men represent something more than normalcy, so they are rejected. Religion and normalcy are something less than psyche (psychopathology) but still they want to control something which means more then they themselves.

    We must learn to read the life of people like Anneliese Michel in psychological way. Because psychiatry is sabotaged by theology and therefore remains blind on human psyche. We must see the psychological meaning.
    We must give back the psychological meaning to people who were betrayed or killed by pseudo science ruled by theology.

    Because they were deprived of the human identity.
    The sick relationship between psychiatry and theology is a betrayal of the psyche.

    James Hillman, Re – Visioning psychology.

  • The truth is the proper answer to false empiricism.

    James Hillman (“Re- Visioning psychology””Suicide and the soul”), Szasz (Manufacture of madness), Breggin, Whitaker. We already have answers, but no one want to know the truth. Society do not want to know the truth about psyche, they prefer convenient lies.Like theology or spiritualism in the place of psychological reality.

    We do not want to know the psyche, we want psychiatry. Because psyche is everything that is beyond the interests of spiritualists or materialists.

    Psychiatry has more than 10.000.000 victims (more than Holocaust) but we still want to “cure” people rather to accept the psychological reality. Grow up, please. Grow up and try to face the truth about psychological reality. This is not religion, this is not materialism.

    We must rebuild the proper image of the psyche, because it was destroyed by materialists and their convenient believes. Theology is not psychology and psychiatry still is a theology in medical disguise or materialistic believe that apollonic perception is in the center of the psyche. In the center of psychopathology are autistics and schizophrenics, not normal people, not apollonians. The rest, including depressed people, belongs to apollonic perception. Which is highly antipsychological, because those people are beyond psychological reality and they do not believe in other perception than their own. They are EGOists.

  • If anyone here wants to know anything about human psyche. …
    I am not able to say everything in just one post, I can only leave the correct address. Wisdom is everything, and psychiatry is just a nowadays form of inquisition.
    Do not forget that psychiatry has no connections with wisdom and the original nature of the psyche. Death has,human psyche has, but authoritarians are far away from it. I have in my ass everything which they have to say about psyche. They are using the wrong language. Well, psyche odes not exists for them. Corrupt murderers traitors and liars. Crazy apollonians.

    “Re- Visioning psychology”. James Hillman

    I have also a song for psychiatrists RESISTANT to wisdom.

    Heil Psyche. By bye psychiatry.

    You are using the wrong language, and false empiricism for describing psychological reality. And you have no idea what psyche is.

  • Naturally privileged people demand impossible, inaccessible things from discriminated minorities. They themselves have never been in their situation. They rob other people of the right to identity, because it is easy for them to live.This sad fact, this lack of empathy gives them power.

    This is the natural thinness that does not require torturing with diets. This is mental health (apollonian ego archetype), which costs nothing.

    James Hillman, “Re- Visioning psychology.”

  • Obese people are perceived in a wrong way, knowledge about fitness is also full of BS. Psychiatry is full of lies too.

    They will tell you that 10 minutes of exercises, like crunches, for example, will make your Abs visible. They won’t tell you that your muscles will push out the fat tissue and you will look fatter than before.Usually woman have 30-32 % of fat tissue, which is normal. For Abs to be visible, you need to have only 19% fat tissue, including having less than the correct weight. And this is just an example.

    There are people who will tell you the truth, about weight or psychiatry. No one likes them, because no one likes the truth.
    So no one likes Szasz, Breggin, Hillman , or this article —

    Victims of lies usually know the truth, so they become enemies.

  • People with diagnosis are terrorized by orthorexics fanatics. Yes, go and exercise for three hours because you have “schizophrenia”.

    Like I said, mentally health means privileged in empty material reality of apollonic destruction. For progress of psyche their shallow attitude toward reality means nothing.

    Apollonians are psychologically blind and they want to drive your car.

  • “Everything you know about obesity is wrong”. Great article.

    Szasz saw also connections between mental health and thinness. Those people are privileged. The are using their innate traits to have power over those who are beyond their theories about normalcy. They were never those beyond their own empty measurement.

    In my opinion, when you are beyond statistics you must be extremely strong.

    When you represent something which is more demanding than empty shallow apollonic nature — apollonians will detroy you in the name of “health” ( you must be happy and have convenient life —apollonic life, or you won’t have any kind of life)

    And that normal people, as those privileged, are the weakest, point compared to the polytheistic human nature. They are in easiest psychological archetype, so they are also the weakest.

    Titans do not have any privileges. The are being killed by brainless normalcy. Psychological titans represent changes, their pathology is progress.
    Life of normal people (apollonian) is only a searching for convenience and happiness. For humanity it means nothing.
    Good adjustment to material reality, wealth, means nothing FOR THE PROGRESS OF HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY.

    I despise psychological monotheism, I also despise physical monotheism. Because there is connections between individual psyche and attitude to food. The link between biology and psychopathology is inseparable.
    Obese people have right to their obesity.

    Everything you know about psyche is wrong.

    James Hillman “Re-Visioning psychology”

  • God is not a chaos. God is the anti psychological fundamentalist, he represent the spiritual fanatics. The confused psyche with spirit.
    Apollonian ego is also confused with Christian spirit.

    Apollonian ego fixation over controlling the rest of psychological reality is the main problem, not “mental illness”. Psyche is just a psyche, psychopathology is just somethong different than apollonian ego easy reality. Apollonians (normal) are the real crazy ones.

    Their sick attitude towards the things they cannot control is a lethal danger to the psyche. They are spiritual and egoic fanatics. Their problem is that their psychological life is too easy.And, easy, from psychological perspective, means also dumb, blind, convenient, shallow. Stupid. Normal people, spiritualists, are just too stupid to realize what psyche is.

    From psychological perspective, mental health (apollonian ego) is equal to some kind of mental weakness or stupidity. No matter how well mentally health are well adapted to material reality, psychological man means——- more than apollonians.

    Cosmos is something more than Earth, and Earth belongs to cosmos. Earth cannot exists without cosmic reality.
    Apollonian ego belongs to Hades (psychological reality) Hades is a matrix for apollonian ego.

    Apollonian ego (normalcy) does not exists without Hades reality (mentally ill). Because Hades reality is the main reality.
    Normalcy is a form of tragic deformation of psychological reality. Normal people are just more unreal than “mentally ill”, because they are far far away from strict psycholological reality. from death reality, and death is the truth. The are more unreal that they think. They reject death and suffering on psychological level, without their will, of course. Their archetype is extremely easy to endure. Normal people are extremely simple, compared to strict psychological reality.

    They will never agree with that fact. That they are more unreal than those called “mentally ill”, because of their tragic psychological blindness.

    Psychological reality means more than normalcy.
    There is a hierarchy in psychological reality. Materialists have forgotten about it.

    Hillman is the key to understanding the psyche.Because he is the only key.

  • Materialism = monotheism, science, religion, theology.

    For the materialists psyche is the brain or some kind of spiritual utopian non human reality.
    Polytheism describes real human reality. Polytheism is not a religion, it is a philosophy which supposed to created the foundations of nowadays psychological reality.

    Atheistic people, materialists are also the apostles of monotheistic reality.

  • Psychiatry is not a branch of medicine. It is monotheism in medical disguise. Psyche belongs to polytheistic reality. But theology/religion creates the foundations of philosophy behind the psychiatric dehumanization.
    We live in the world created by the words.
    Monotheism destroyed the wor(l)ds which described polyheistic reality. Our philosophy is also based on religious fundamentalism. The victims of psychiatry are victims of monotheism.

    Science is also a weapon of monotheism, because science defines the raison detr’e. And psyche is not scientfic thing — so it does not exists or is not REAL for materialists. Psyche belongs to reality BEYOND the wor(l)ds of materialistic primitives.Apollonian ego fundamentalism is based on theology, not on human (polytheistic) assumptions. Monotheism and science destroyed psychological reality.
    Psyche needs Copernicus not pseudo medical masqueraders.

    Autism and schizophrenia are the heart of psychological reality.

    Apollonian ego (normal people) are monotheistic enemies and the destroyers of psychological reality. Polytheistic reality.

    Apollonian ego, science, religion = materialism, monotheism

    Psyche (autism schizophrenia depression) = non materialism, psychological polytheism, but this is no metaphysics.

    Psyche is non theological and non material thing. So schizophrenics, autistics, depressed are not real human beings. They does not exist.

    Antichrist = Psyche (human psyche, not monotheism)

    James Hillman Re- Visioning psychology.

  • The problem is much deeper and far more serious. We have a theology in a psychological disguise. We do not even have a proper picture of what psychology is.

    “The difference between psychology and religion boils down to the same as between psychology and science: literalism. Theology takes Gods literally and we do not… In archetypal psychology Gods are imagined… They are formulated ambiguously, as metaphors for modes of experience and as numinous borderline persons. (RVP:169)”

    “The notion of human being as centred in the moral person of free will is also a mythical fantasy, an archetypal perspective given by a single Hero or a single God; our freedom to chose, our moral center and decisiveness, our free will… Here I am attempting to de-moralize the psyche from the moralistic fallacy which reads psychic events in terms of good and bad, right and wrong. (RVP:178)”

    James Hillman

  • “By seeing differently, we do differently.”
    James Hillman

    “My war – and I have yet to win a decisive battle – is with the modes of thought that and conditioned feelings that prevail in psychology and therefore also in the way we think and feel about our being. Of these conditions none are more tyrannical than the convictions that clamp the mind and heart into positivistic science (geneticism and computerism), economics (bottom-line capitalism), and single-minded faith (fundamentalism).”

    James Hillman

  • Suicide of people is the suicide of the system. Death has connections with true condition of humanity (collective psyche), but apollonian ego has got connections only with its own illusions. Apollonian ego, normalcy, is not deep enough to be a determinant of the psychological truth. Psychopathology, the symptoms, are determinants of real human condition.

    James Hillman , Re- Visioning psyche.

    We need wisdom, not apollonian ego hegemony. To kill psychiatry, is to kill apollonian ego hegemony. Monotheistic thinking is a dangerous weapon against complex psyche.

  • ‘Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.’ -Plato

    Szasz, Hillman were rejected, P.Getzsche was punished, P.Breggin is unknown in Europe, many people writing here, are not heard. Victims of psychiatry are deliberately unseen victims. Because apollonian ego is a blind giant in Plato’s cave. And we are those few, beyond.

    Be proud, whoever you are. Because we are those beyond the cave, and we know what’s going on.
    The rest is sleeping and happiness is their sleeping pill.

  • To search for genetic cause of depression is not science, it is psychopathy, or theology in medical disguise. Because we assume that happiness is obligatory and depression or psychosis is unnecessary.

    Psychopathology is either evil or sin. Depression, psychosis is neither evil nor sin, it is a necessity.
    Szasz and Hillman were heroes of freedom of thought, beyond Plato’s cave. And psychiatry is a blind giant in Plato’s cave.
    Victims of psychiatry are also those free, beyond the darkness.

    I am myself, that is not enough – Sylvia Plath.
    Psychiatry has got no connections with wisdom. Death has. Sylvia Plath has.
    I have respect for death, I have respect for suffering. But I have no respect for theology in medical disguise. Or people who think that religious dogmas, medicine or science, means more than human psyche, death and so on.This is arrogance of authoritarian mind.This is Apollonian hatred of psyche. This is spiritual negation of psyche. Fundamentalism of any kind is evil.

    And psyche is seen as a great evil in monotheistic world. Because psyche belongs to polytheistic reality. Apollonian ego is a monotheistic giant.

  • We don’t need psychotherapy or psychiatry. We need to disprove apollonian fundamentalism (apollonian ego in the center of the psyche). Psyche need phenomenology empathy and respect, not pity. And psyche does not exists for stupid apollonic perception. We will have a material culture without psyche, as long as apollonian ego will dictate the way we should perceive psyche.

    To understand what psyche is, we need to perceive it’s real image, first.

    “Re-Visioning psychology” James Hillman.

  • In my opinion, the diagnosis is the main reason for suicide. Psychiatry uses it to imitate treatment, which in fact leads to suicide. It is better to pretend that the psyche is a disease than to accept psychological truths and to accompany someone in his hardships. We want to overcome it and cure it. We do not want to accept depression or psychosis, we want to cure it ( to condemn it, reject it)

    The specialist tells someone that he is not good enough to be human – the real meaning of mental illness. Only those normal, consistent with theories and claims, are true people. The rest does not exists. (Antichrist does not exists, and psyche is antichrist for theology and church)

    The state of materialists imposes on people the responsibility for a part of the psyche that a person can not control. Psychiatry also can not, but pretends to be able to. We must learn to accept what the psyche is, not what it should be, according to utopians -theologians, spiritualists.

    James Hillman Re -Visioning of psychology, Suicide and the soul.

  • If people treat psyche as something human and real, loosing mental health in practice, would not be a synonym of being killed. In many ways, normal people know what they are doing with those with diagnosis. It is disgusting.
    If loosing mental health was a human thing, people would talk about it human way –

    –Och, You, know I am beyond mental health, I feel tired, you know, there are people that understand me, they are not judging me. I have a place to live, among people who, like me, are beyond mental health. I am not feeling well, but I have people who believe me…..”

    Authoritarians likes playing those kind of games. Och, och, we do care about mental health assumptions….And we will kill you if you represent mental illness which we hate.

    For psychiatrists “mental health” game is not something, in which, they could be killed. For them it is not a killing field, like for those on the other side of the desk. It is so easy to use psychiatric diagnosis against someone else who is defenseless…..

    People who represent mental health are not being killed by their own fakes theories. They are using their weapon on others, on those who are defenseless. Those who control are privileged and their clients are their property. Their clients paid them for being their property. James Hillman writes about it –

    “What a client?” by James Hillman
    (“We have hundred years of psychotherapy and the world’s getting worse”)

    “Still it strikes me as little odd that, in their search for another word, healers would beeline straight to the vocabulary of commerce. Looking up “client” in my Merriam -Webster, I think I found the key. The second definition reads:” a person who engages the professional services of another; also: patron, customer”. But dig the definition: “dependent”.

    Lurking in the word they’ve chosen is the dependency that corrupts both sides in the consulting room. Psychotherapy’ clients are customers who, instead of having the usual rights of customers (“the customers are always right”), are dependent on their therapists – therapists who in many cases even have the power to jail or hospitalize them- while the therapists, in turn, are emotionally and financially dependent on the clients who are also their patrons. The contradictory roles of relationship, combined with its legal rules, are byzantine.”

  • Yes. And who is listening to people with diagnosis, since they are perceived as persons without a real human identity? Who will listen? Victims of psychiatry want justice. But this world can not help them, because justice is connected with truth and wisdom. Normal people are not noble just because they do not have a diagnosis. People perceived as mentally ill are no more bad than they are. To be outstanding in this society, you need only fame and money.

    Wisdom is too much for this society, so we have religion and psychiatry.

    We have no wisdom, we have religion and psychiatry.

    People without wisdom think that Obama is an antichrist. Bahahaha. Mental health and normalcy is equal to lack of wisdom.Because people who knows who is antichrist are outcasts.
    You must be beyond this stupid mental health agenda to know who is antichrist. You must think more humanly than normal people…..

    Psyche is the antichrist, and Christians will have to revise their thinking about the human psyche if they want to remain human. Because spiritualism is not psychology, and overcoming death is rather childish activity. Death is psychological reality, and religion prohibited it, which means that god and religion are anti human. God and religion are more important than human psyche which is absurd. This is catastrophe!

  • It is all about the language. Psychiatric jargon versus Jungian vision or Hillman deep aesthetics.
    Scientism, “ordnung” is a god for authoritarians (apollonian ego). Human psyche is a kingdom of metaphors, poetry. It is obvious that psychiatry as a child of apollonian ego fundamentalism and theological/monotheistic hatred toward politheistic psyche, won’t defend psychological man.

    For people possessed by scientism, material world is an answer for everything. They don’t need humans, they want biological machines. Because they are biological machines themselves. So they don’t need psyche/ psychology beyond biological theories, because BIOLOGICAL THEORIES OF HUMAN BEHAVIOUR CREATES THE MYTH THEY BELIEVE IN . Thanks that myth they are important and human psyche means nothing.

  • We do not need psychiatry. We need people who will love psyche more than anything. We need psychological socialism. We need to abolish ego. We also need the children to read Hillman’s books in school.

    Because children should know that psychiatry is a false prophet and human psyche is real.

  • Autism and schizophrenia are like Jackson Pollock’s paintings.
    You cannot use it, you cannot cure it, just because you do not understand the vision. You can only admire the form of expression.
    The aesthetics is what we need. Autism and schizophrenia means more than apollonian ego simple material reality, so they are being destroyed by apollonians.

    Those who are being destroyed today, are gods of the tomorrow.

  • Rachel. Psychological man is not someone for sale. Those people are psychologically beyond material reality. They are supposed to not cope.

    The problem is that apollonian ego does not cope with that fact, that psychological man is not someone who is born to cope.

    They are representing psychological reality. Those kids are like gods. Utility is not their aim. We need to accept psychological hierarchy, autistics are on the highest position. But apollonian ego/simple materialists cannot cope with the fact that our usefulness is something important only for MONEY REALITY, not for psychological reality. That is why we need psychological socialism. Psyche as a greatest value.

    Materialism, utility are the lowest form of psychological meaning.
    I know that one day they will see those kids as a form of secular gods.

    This is my agenda. Psychological titanism is also my invention.
    Titans. We should remember about that word, it describes psychological work of ego. Materialists are materialists, psychological man is psychological man, and he means more than material function.

    Materialism is not enough to build a human state, now we have a camp for biological machines. It is not enough for psyche, so I invented more than utility —–psychological aesthetics to which belongs schizophrenia and autism.

    Actually, James Hillman is the only one defender of psychological meaning.

  • Yes, Breggin is wise. I do not believe that psyche is something that can be improved. It’s a myth because people have decided that the psyche is something that needs to be improved to create a kind of control over those who are unlucky, because unhappiness is something that psyche needs, even though on rational level it is something wrong. Psyche creates pathology. That pathology is needed.

    Depression, psychosis is a psychological function. I do not care that theology reject unhapines or death. Psyche is more important than spiritual utopia. Because psyche is true, and spiritualism is a fiction, ego control is a myth of those who residue on that shallow empty level. All they want is to reject sufferring and punish death for what it is. This is highly theological attitude, non human attitude.
    To control psychological reality means to reject its true meaning.

  • Depression is not about the cure, not anymore. It is about facing death in reality of theological negation or apollonian blindness. Ok? And apollonians are people for whom death exists only in the grave, only in material meaning. They are beyond death in psychological meaning. So they do not give a s. about the fact that there are people who must or have enough of dealing with death in reality that does not even exists for their empty strongly apollonian (the least psychological)perception.

    We are talking about war between theological/material negation of death and the brutal realism of death in psychological reality. Because death is the essence of depression. And psychiatry is using theology.


    Bahahaha. Yeah.

  • We need to cure psychiatry first. Like I have said before, psychiatry is a form of imaginal sickness, and psychiatric jargon is a form of linguistics sickness. We need human/ pro psychological language that will describe psychological reality in human/PROPER way. We need that language to heal our perception of the psyche, because medical jargon is a psychopatic form of demonization of the psychological reality.

    We need to cure imagination and the language, first. Like Hillman did. Our imagination is full of psychiatric lies.

    We need to cure from PSYCHIATRY itself.

    Psyche does not need healing, it needs our courage to face death and suffering which are beyond medical control.

    We do not need healing, we need to learn to face the reality full of non theological suffering, kids. This is psychology not a theology, we cannot cure anything, psyche can do it itself. And psyche or depression is not our property.
    Yes, depression can kill you.
    GROW UP.

  • What is psychiatric language? What is psychiatry compared to psyche?
    It is fake scientism that destroyed poetry.

    Psyche do not need cure. We need to cure psychiatric jargon which is a form of linguistics sickness.

    Psychiatry is a form of imaginal sickness.

  • I have also language intelligence. I have also language awarness like James Hillman.

    Psychiatric language is not human. Diagnosis is only a mark on a psychological map, or it should be if we have human attitude toward psychological reality.But we have not, we have empty nominalism, false empiricism, empty judgements without roots. We talk about psyche as if she was deprived of beauty. Psychiatric language is a destroyer of the worlds.

    We should have a phenomenological attitude and then diagnosis would be only a human description of the psychological archetype/style of thinking. But now, we have some fake medical illnesses, demonization or theological negation, and we think that apollonian ego is in the center of the psyche. Psyche needs Copernicus and Luther King in one person. We need political defenders.

    I can only recommend James Hillman “Re – visioning psychology”, and his vision of psyche. This is my cure. This cure is a cure of the psychiatric language, because that language needs to be healed. Psyche is psyche, and apollonian ego wants to destroy psychological reality and create false biological model of psyche.

    Monoteism/purism/theology, medical language, or apollonian ego perspective, are not the proper ways to describe psyche.

    Thank you for an important article.

  • We need “real’ psyche. The problem with psychiatry is that they treat psychological reality as something fake or useless. It is all about language they should use to describe it….That language does not exists. Psyche does not exists, because of that sad fact. We need human language, not medical jargon to describe psychological reality.

    James Hillman created that language.Psychiatry created only false empiricism. We need human meaning of psyche, not pseudo medical (theological) condemnation.

    “Re -Visioning psychology” James Hillman. When we imagine, we create new reality. And now, we can only imagine that reality we need. Imagination, politeism is the key to know the psyche. Purism and monotheism is poison for psyche.

    Believe me or not, but, the first 60 pages of Re-Visioning psychology has completely changed my attitude toward human psychology. Hillman was an amazing thinker and also the one almost completely unknown.. That is why I want to share his amazing kind of thinking with others.
    That book is a treasure and a burden at the same time.
    Truth has its burden, especially in the world full of lies. Wisdom is all we have. So I sowing a small seed of the future, today.

    The great ideas is all we have.

  • “Depression is still the Great Enemy. More personal energy is expended in manic defenses against, diversions from, and denial of it than goes into any other supposed psychopathological threat to society.”

    “Yet through depression we enter depths and in depths find soul. Depression is essential to the tragic sense of life. It moistens the dry soul, and dries the wet. It brings refuge, limitation, focus, gravity, weight, and humble powerlessness. It reminds of death. The true revolution begins in the individual who can be true to his or her depression. Neither jerking oneself out of it, caught in cycles of hope and despair, nor suffering it through till it turns, nor theologizing it – but discovering the consciousness and depth it wants. So begins the revolution in behalf of soul.”

    James Hillman

    I can’ t see problem in state of the depression, but in people who are searching for a medical cure.
    To cure means to accept, to believe -TO BELIEVE IN PSYCHOLOGICAL SUFFERING. There is no cure if we show hate toward depression. And that hate is purely egoic or theological.
    Apollonians knows nothing about psyche, but still they want to make money on psychological man.

    To search for medical cure means that no one believe in the depression per se. This is unreal for happy people. They want to lock you up, because of their hatred and lack of time to be with someone beyond naive apollonnian archetype.
    Psyche is the truth, depression is the truth, and mental health is when your ego is too naive, and to far from psychological reality, and death. Mental health is psychological naivety. And depression and psychosis are psychological awareness.


    They want to cure someone form something which is not a medical issue. There is no virus of depression, to get rid of, so they will get rid of human being.

    For “biological” psychiatry, human being is a pathogen.
    We must remember that apollonic society (the ego in the center of the psychological reality) is not a psychological society, it is material and fake like plastic. Resurrection of the psyche is needed.

    James Hillman “Re – Visioning psychology”. .

  • ————————————————————————————————————–
    We need psychological Copernicus. Because apollonian ego is not in the center of the psyche, apollonian archetype (NORMALCY) is on the borders of psychological reality.
    And the center of the psyche has got nothing in common with normalcy.

    HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM HERE. Yes, we have. The problem is not the schizophrenia. The problem is with people who sold the soul to the butchers. Apollonians and their utopian fixations is the main problem of humanity. Apollonians wants to get rid of psychological man from authoritarian/egoic/material/empty/non human society of anti psychological biological machines.


    James Hillman “Re -Visioning psychology.”

  • And I just want to say that word GENIUS and TALENT in proper meaning, means something else..

    ““Genius” is a prostituted word by capitalism.”

    Apollonian ego has destroyed psychological reality, and that reality starts in the death/hades reality and ends on the apollonian shallow level. Spirituality is beyond apollonian ego level. Many people, many christians confuse apollonian ego with christian spirit. They also confuse psyche with spirit.

    I love Russian Orthodox church, because I am a great fan of their music. I listen to the –

    It is one of the greatest Choral Masterpieces.

  • Can somebody from church tell god to read” Re-visioning psychology”? It was written by James Hillman. It is about human psychology, not about spiritual escape from death/psyche reality.
    There are too many differences between spirituality and the psychological reality. We cannot talk about psychological reality while sitting on the cloud, far beyond the underworld, like spiritualists or apollonian people do. They are beyond reality they are talking about.

    Jesus rised from the death, ok? Only Jesus, no one else.

    Tell GOD that Sylvia Plath and many other’s can’t. And that Jesus story destroyed our psychological reality.

    God should know what theology has done with psychology.
    Spirituality is not psyche.

  • I have one bible. It is “Re -visioning psychology” written by James Hillman in 1970. It is about psychological reality, about the stolen wisdom. Spiritualism, religion, has got nothing in common with psychological reality. But psychological reality was replaced by theology and spiritual fundamentalism. This is tragedy. Tragedy for psychological man. And the problem is that we DO NOT KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS SHOCKING FACT. Hillman knew, because he was the greatest thinker ever.

  • So Anneliese Michel was killed by mother. She was an example of what psychological reality can do with our small ego if that ego is beyond material, apollonian illusion of control.

    The psychology says, that she was killed by orthodox family and evil mother. Psychiatry says that she was mentally ill or send her to devil advisers. The theologians says that she was possesed by the devil

    And antichrist = human, will say – No, stop. Psychological reality is a true reality, hades reality can do everything with your small ego. Small planet in space, this is our ego in psychological realms.

    Psychiatry will tell you, that only this planet is real, that this planet is mentally ok. And the rest does not exists, or it is a form of sickness. And theology will tell you, that when you are beyond this small planet you are in the devil area. That you are possessed.

    We need someone who sees that space beyond our small ego, who will tell everyone that psyche does exists. We need James Hillman, because his eye is a window for the blind.

    Or that girl (AND MANY OTHERS) died in vain.

  • 3.Transcendence.

    As third way to refuse psychopathology is to stand above it. This is transcendental denial. It comes in several varieties, one of which is humanistic psychology. In attempting to restore his dignity to man, this psychology idealizes him, sweeping away his pathologies under the carpet. By brushing pathologies aside or keeping them out of its sight, this kind of humanism promotes an ennobled one sideness, a sentimentalism which William James would have recognized as a tender -mindeness.

    It shows immediattely in the words favored by contemporary psychological humanism. Unlike the terms of professional psychopathology. these resonate with positive glow – health, hope, courage, love, maturity, warmth, wholeness, it speaks of the upward-growing forces of human nature which appear in tenderness and openness, and sharing and which yield creativity joy, meaningful relationships, play and peaks.

    Besides the fact that notion of growth is simplistic, of nature romantic, and love, innocent – for it presents growth without decay, nature without catastrophes or inert stupidity, and love without possession – besides all this, its idea of the psyche is naive if not delusional. For where is sin, and where are viciousness, failure, and the crippling vicissitudes that fate brings through pathologizing?


    Whereas tender minded humanism uses the baby and growing todler fir its
    developmental model of man, the tradition of depth psychology sees the same child with a more perverse, tough-minded eye. Depth psychology builds upon the darker perceotion if Freud and Jung, their well – tempered pessimism and eye for shadow. By insisting on the brighter side of human nature, where even death becomes “sweet”, humanistic psychology is shadowless, a psychology without depths, whose deep words remain shallow because transcendence is its aim. To transcend, it leaves the lower, baser, and darker behind as “regression – values”.

    Order can always encompass disorder…We can each move up and out of our pathological conditions.
    In actualizing and realizing higher needs, lover ones become integrated.

    Like “Peak experience” by Maslow. Oriental denial of psychology.

    By going upward towards spiritual betterment they leave its afflictions, giving them less validity and less reality than spiritual goals.


    James Hillman, Re -visioning psychology.

    Eventually the inventions of ever — new empty names leads to a second style of denial, anarchic nihilism. The anarchic denial goes like this –
    classifications are linguistics conventions deriving their authority wholly from a consensus of experts, from tradition and textbooks. These words become power words, political words, words of a psychiatric priesthood… They help the names and hurt the named….

    Karl Jaspers,Michael Foucault, Laing.

    But the psychopathology still remains. It is merely found a new false home. They regard the sickness as resulting from the system that deals with it. These critics all deny the pathologizing and would get rid of it by getting rid of psychopathology.

  • THREE STYLES OF DENIAL( of the psychological reality)


    The first of these we may call the nominalistic denial for its focus on the words, on the naming and classifying of psychic complaints.All through the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries it was high psychiatric vogue to isolate specific disorders by inventing new names. Almost all the words now so familiar were made up then- alcoholism, autism, schizophrenia, claustrophobia, exibitionism, homosexuality, masochism, schizophrenia, and also psychiatry…. It was a fond dream of the Enlightenment, as it is of the rational person in any period, to classify the world of the mind, like the word of plants and animals, into categories, with subclasses, genera and species. Soon disputes broke out between regional schools, as French, British, and German MEDICAL PSYCHOLOGY USED DIFFERENT TERMS. A typical and famous dispute lasting into Freud’s time was between the French and Germans in regard to hysteria, the Germans insisting that it could appear in women because the word hystera meant uterus and that if French psychiatry found hysteria also in men this told more about Frenchman than about hysteria.

    The classifying approach reached its monumental culmination, as did much else in the human effort to force rational control upon nature, at the time of First World War. Then Emil Kraepelin of Munich presented a new edition of his comprehensive four volume textbook of psychiatry in which the seams joining his observations wit his prejudices shows so little and held so tightly that his system of classifying every known form of psychopathology has permeated, if not dominated, psychiatric nomenclatures the world over into our own day.

    The main attack upon the nosology and taxonomy of psychic pathology has been directed at the relation between words used and the events they are supposed to signify. These words are empty nomina, they have no intrinsic connection with the conditions, or underlying reasons for them. which the labels so carefully describe.

    Whether cynical or not, this approach is the main attitude behind psychiatric nomenclatures. The technical terms – sketches of symptoms, their onset and course, and their statistically expected outcome. Nothing further about the nature of the person exibiting the syndrome or about the nature of the syndrome itself is necessary for applying one of these psychopathological labels.

    Schizophrenic behavior can be precisely described and attributed to a person independent of whatever might be its underlying reasons;;genetic, toxic, psychodynamic, biochemical, social, familial, semantic. The empirical nominalistic view calls for nothing more, nothing deeper than MASTERING A TECHNICAL VOCABULARY.


  • James Hillman, Re- Visioning psychology, Suicide and the soul. Manufacture of madness.

    I am not searching for non existent cure or hope. Because I am not interested in naive theologization of psychological reality. I am looking for the truth. Hope is not even a logic assumption. Hope is not an psychological term, it is theological naivety.

    Psychological truths are incurable. They can change or they can kill you.
    Apollonian ego never will admit that in psychological hierarchy they are those who are furthest away form the psychological truths.

    Thelogization of the psyche is sin against humanity.
    Apollonian hegemony over psyche is a sin against humanity.
    Theological,medical hegemony over psychological hades is the end of humanity.


  • Some quotes about how theology damaged psyche (psychological underworld) psychosis reality, schizophrenia reality:

    Let us compare: Dionysos and Orpheus went down to redeem close personal loves: Orpheus, Eurydice, Dionysos, his mother Semele. Hercules had tasks to fulfill. Aeneas and Ulysses made their descent to learn there they gained counsel from the “father” , Anchises and Teiresias. Dionysos in Aristophanes “Frogs”, went down another time in search of poetry to save the city. But Christ’s mission to the underworld was to annul it through his resurrected victory over death. Because of his mission all Christians were forever exempted from the descent. Lazarus becomes the paradigm for all humankind. We all shall rise” (James Hillman, Dream and the underworld)

    One effect of this battle with the underworld was the satanizing of Thanatos. The black figure with wings, indsictinct, and even at times gentle in pagan descriptions, became “the last enemy”. and the personification of principle of evil. The underworld became throughly moralized: death became equated with sin. As is so often the psychological rule, the sin that one commits is attributed to that which one commits it upon. Projection. The moral justification for destroying an enemy is that the enemy is destructive.

    The Christian image of hell was thus a projection of a hellish image in Christianism. It must have been in raging despair over the bad exchange it had made. It had lost soul, depth, underworld, and the personifications of the imagination in exchange for idealized spiritualizations in high heaven.

    Now the psychological realm is for psychiatry a devil’s realm. The fear the devil indicated his nearness which also indicated one was in danger of losing Christ. So the devil was established by the fear. The devil image still haunts in our fears of the unconscious and the latent psychosis that supposedly lurks there. and we still turn to methods of Christianism – moralizing, kind feelings, communal sharing, and childlike naivete – as propitiations against our fear, instead of the classical descent into it, the nekyia into imagination.

    Dreams that have their home in the underworld must, too become anti -Christian.
    (James Hillman, Dream and the underworld)
    The underworld means pure psychological reality. For example life and death of Annelise Michel. She was there, in strict psychological reality, which was stolen by theological hell.

    It is about rejected reality of death, the reality of schizophrenia, psychosis. It does not exists for theological psychiatry. But Anneliese Michel was real person, with real personality, with real ego in psychological Hades. She was there. And she was a hero of descent.
    Without books:
    Manufacture of madness, Re -visioning psychology, Suicide and the soul, or Dream and the underworld, no one will know anything about the psychological reality.

  • Some James Hillmans quotes –


    The end of clinical treatment is cure. The process comes to a fruit and all medical measures are stages towards this fulfillment. Consciousness, however, as far as we can read the evidence, comes to no definite goal, no final fruition, but is is a continuous in-going process.
    An analysts who has a notion of cure as a goal of his work is thinking medically. He has not grasped the nature of the complex, the basis of analythical process. There are no antidotes for complexes. The cannot be cured away because complexes are not causes, though they be the determinants of psychic life. A medical model tends to conceive them like a wounds or traumata. or as malignants growths and foreign bodies to be removed in the medical manner.
    But if complexes are energetic centers, the cannot be “cured” without damaging the vitality of the patient.

    Health requires death.

    If lay means unprofessional, then lay means open.


    The conflicts which arise in clinical teams between psychiatrist and social worker reflect this difference between knowledge and understanding.

    Getting better means getting stronger, health become equivalent to strength, strength to life. We are built up to break down and then be rebuilt as we were before, like a machine caught in an accelerated feedback.

    The physician has been trained in biology. His model of development comes from studies of evolution, mainly on sub human species;

    “……psychotherapy is deluded by the idea that everyone must be normal (cured) having children, and “doing things”. or be creative by writing or painting or making things.
    The root of physician is “bhu”, meaning to grow, “to produce”.

    This is biological model of growth, not psychology….

    James Hillman, Suicide and the soul.

    In my opinion pathological physical non productivity is the hardest work of all. The hardest.The rest is a joke. Physical work compared to psychological work is a joke.

    Without Hillman knowledge psyche will be destroyed.In my opinion autism, especially autism is a psychological answer to reality corrupted by egoic biological machines. Psyche need their psychological work, which is a work against materialism. Apollonians says no, like computers, because they are materialists, and the least psychological people.

    Well, psyche won’t listen to you, I can assure you, she won’t. This is corrupted antipsychological reality, and egoic people must pay. So pay the same price that psychological man has already paid.

    Herr God, Herr Lucifer

    Out of the ash
    I rise with my red hair
    And I eat men like air.

    Sylvia Plath.(psyche)

  • So what? He still belongs to the well paid system of dehumanization. Psyche does not exists for psychiatry. The have their fake theories, and they have build theological hegemony over human psyche, and now psyche is invisible and condemned. Healthy means good, and evil means ill.
    This is not psychology, this is theology.

    James Hillman Re -Visioning psychology.

  • There is a psychological need of depression and the need of the others states than normalcy. And psychiatry seems to negate all of the human psychopathology. All they want is normalcy, apollonian ego hegemony, the mental health utopia. This is childish destruction of the true image of the psyche. There is a need of psychopathology and that need is being destroyed by egoic people. By apollonians. They ridicule human psyche.

    We are talking about things that are beyond small will of the ego. We are talking about the rights of the psychological reality. We do not own that reality, medicine do not own and anti human theology cannot cope with it.

    James Hillman Re – Visioning psychology.

  • Psychiatry without psyche is a clock without time. We need Luther King who will demand bringing back the phenomenology of the psyche in place of false empiricism. Now, we have Apollo hegemony, which is so destructive, so empty. We need Zeus/Hades in the place of apollonian hegemony, because Apollo is too psychopatic. Without reading Hillman no one will understand this. Psychiatry is so toxic because for them only apollonian ego is a real part of psychological reality. The rest belongs to trash bin. This is ridiculous, and this is invisible regime. Psyche must regain its stolen image.
    James Hillman, Re -Visioning psychology.
    heil psyche

  • This is very sad, Rachel. Psychiatry turns poetic side of psyche into dust. We are living in strictly material reality in which there is no enough wisdom to respect soul. You have soul. But there are people who have got only brains. Beware of them.

  • Hi. I remember your article about the side effects….I was so shocked.
    You are a hero, Sandra. We should also remember that love is not a good reason to fight. Anger is, and anger is good. Thanks to anger we want to wake up. And what I have learned already is the fact that no one will love you for telling the truth. That is why victims of the psychiatric dehumanization are invisible. And if someone is broken by the system, he is probably the greatest hero.

  • Without love, we have nothing….This is saint Paul and this theology not psychology. Many people live beyond theological meaning of love BUT NOT beyond Eros.
    Many psychological archetypes are beyond typical Eros in “theological” meaning. Love belongs to mythical Eros and Eros has got many dimensions. Eros is not only material love (biblical love), it it far more complex than material love like marriage between man and woman. Eros was destroyed by theology and materialism, especially by theology. Imaginal love is also a love.

    ” All impossible love forces upon us a discipline of interiorizing. Anima becomes psyche as the image of the impossibly loved person who tends to represent the daimon that, by inhibiting compulsion, fosters new dimensions of psychic awarness.” James Hillman

    Eros is born of chaos. And Eros is connected with destruction…..You won’t hear that from saint Mark…YOU WILL HEAR ABOUT IT FROM SARAH KANE.

    For us Eros means theological love, material love. Love has got many dimensions, from strictly material to pure psychological. They say that psychological love is something unreal. Well I fell in love many times and it has nothing to do with material relationships or god.

    That is why they invented metal. ; )

    “Without love I would be nothing” . And now people without love in theological meaning, means nothing. Theology is not humane.

  • Who have given the power over psyche, to psychiatry? The power to eliminate suffering,the power to eliminate death? Who gives them the power to treat psychological man as a impaired human being?
    The answer is -theology, god. And economy of course.
    And spiritual god has got no human traits, he has got only claims to human nature, to human psyche. And now we are hideous creatures,empty creations of biological impulses. Without psychological image, human being is not even a human anymore.

    Mythical gods represents our psychological traits, not the god of spiritual negation. And psychiatry represent the spiritual negation, not psyche. And we have what we have. Contemporary inquisition, negation.
    Psychiatry does not represent human psyche.

    Psychiatry represents ego or god, not the psyche.

  • Once, there was one love expert. In Police Academy.
    There’s no spiritual experts or professionals, because spirit is not a science.
    And when they are, we have a similar situation as in the movie – The master.
    Spiritual professionals, psychological professionals === destroyers.

    So why we think that we can make a science from psychological reality? Authoritarian mind is the problem, and psychological man is even more human that mentally health people. Because mental health is a convenient illusion of apollonian ego, and we must remember that ego on apollonian level is separated from the death and psychological reality. So they do not feel connection with psyche, they feel better, more important, because they are materialists, and ego is their god. And when apollonian ego is the god, the psyche is the enemy, and psyche does not exists. And this is psychiatry – ego fundamentalism of psychologically blind people.

    They see a power in this separation, and they see weakness in depression, psychosis, in death. Theology sees death as weakness, this is not psychology, this is childish negation. There is no logic in seeing psyche as the weakness. This is ignorance and also arrogance.

    Apollonian ego is using theology, not psychology to stressed it’s own separation from death, from psychological reality.
    Apollonians are convinced that every contact with psyche is a biological illness. This is apollonian ego problem.

    Why we feel the way we feel? And what to do to feel better?
    Empiricism is the problem, psyche is not a science.

    And theological negation cannot be the answer, the spiritual fascism is also a negation of psychological reality.

    They are the problem – the empiricists. Go back to school, far away from psyche.

    James Hillman Re – Visioning psychology.