Friday, January 27, 2023

Comments by David

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  • I live in Mexico, I am 22 years old, male. Three weeks ago doctor offered me a free TMS session for depression, just to try it out, and I accepted. They placed me the device for 15-40min, in the right side of the brain. Since that TMS session Ive been severely depressed. Ive lost all interest in life. Im not even interested in women anymore. Ive been constantly thinking about killing myself. Before that TMS session, I didnt have suicidal thoughts, and at least I had few interests in life. I probably only had mild depression, and now I have severe depression.

    Doctor said its not possible that the TMS session did that to me. He said this type of therapy is very safe. He told me to start taking anxiety medication and to double the dosage of Escitalopram. I havent done it, I dont feel this is a solution.

    I dont know what to do. I am afraid of taking another TMS session, because It might make my situation worse.