Friday, December 9, 2022

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  • With 73% of adults opting for meds over CBT, it’s a discouraging stat that shows a pattern of dis-communication IMO. No one teaches the kids how to communicate when it counts (elementary school, middle school, etc). With many very young parents not knowing how to parent and opting out of church; that leaves the child to the mercy of the streets.
    Had to mention the church; even though I don’t believe in God. As a child I was sent to church every Sunday. It was in church that I learned manners and how to treat others.

  • I agree wholeheartedly. I have 2 boys (now adults). Both boys knew how to read and write before entering kindergarten. Both were accused of having ADHD. They were so smart and social it was not to be tolerated. With the first boy I told the school where to go and that was that. The second son 12 years later I wasn’t so lucky. I was forced by the school
    to take him to a psychiatrist who after 25 minutes of my son and I sitting in front of her not even flinching; wrote a prescription for Ritalin and we left. I gave my son a vitamin every morning so if the teacher asked he could say he took a pill. I wasn’t about to drug a healthy kid! Long story short, the grades improved along with the comments from the teacher about my son’s behavior on his report card. It was 6 months later I was on the school playground watching my son play during recess when his teacher came up and said “Isn’t it wonderful how the drugs have improved his behavior?” I turned to her and said “I never gave him the drugs; not once. You have been grading a drug free student…” The look on her face told me I shouldn’t have done that. After that his report card went back to he being about disruptive behavior and all the previous stuff she said. So sad how our teacher’s are indoctrinated to drug our kids and kill their creativity. He survived and is thriving. I don’t understand how this epidemic of diagnosing our kids came from. I know the schools get extra money but come on. Truly tragic…. What I really don’t understand is how can the parents go along with it! Thank you