Wednesday, August 21, 2019

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  • So much in this article i have often (almost daily) thought, but have not had the presence of mind to express as clearly as Megan Wildhood has. The fact is, we’re all only human. Society (other people, friends, family, some professionals, media) loves to label, diagnose, evaluate & criticize. What does this do for someone who is honest about their human frailty? Nothing helpful. When we come back to the idea we’re all only human, with needs for safe connections, without being labelled, shamed or further isolated for experiencing and expressing perfectly ordinary human needs, we’ll actually start to be helpful to people who dare to be honest enough not to hide behind the “i’m fine” false bravado, which helps no one. People are not crazy, no matter how extreme the thoughts, or behaviour. Everyone has their breaking point. What you see of someone on the outside, and what hell they go through behind closed doors, are often two very different things. The automatic reaction of naming, blaming, & shaming someone who dares to be real, has got to end. How to do ? What about instead of judging, evaluating, diagnosing, putting someone in a category…we try, oh, let’s say…just listening to their feelings. Without judgement, without advice. Without blame or criticism & condemnation. The only way i was able to recover my equilibrium & get through the days & nights, and many difficult moments, has been through the reading the work of Haim Ginott. “Between Parent and Child”, a most truthful, and helpful book i’ve possibly ever read. Wishing everyone who doesn’t have someone near & dear to them who just understands and doesn’t try to judge them – peace, strength, and self-understanding. This is the great gift i got from reading the book, and from watching the short tv interviews of Haim & Alice Ginott. Yes, it is hard to be a caring, thinking, feeling human being these days. May those who read this article & any written material by the Ginotts, gain the strength and understanding that we’re all just human, no one is ever “crazy”, “mental” or any other name, just because we’re having feelings and are brave enough to be honest about it !