Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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  • The system is so broken. I feel like I’m actually
    undercover sometimes. I’m afraid to say too much because my ideas are so out of the box. I actually feel like these so-called “mental illness” labels are the feeble attempts of an unevolved society to keep evolution contained. In other words, perfectly healthy responses to trauma in an unevolved, stuck, systemically unwell society. So-called “mental illness” is actually evolution of the human race.

  • Thank you so much for this important article. I too was tortured during
    supposed “psychiatric interventions” courtesy of our local police department. I offered no threat to anyone but I was not “blending in”. One “intervention” resulted in a dislocated clavicle, another caused a horrendous, nightmarish, long-lasting reaction to an extended release haldol shot. The hospitals were another nightmare. Thank you for this important work. As a former social worker I have seen this from “both sides”. I now work in direct care for a mental health agency. What I noticed is they really mean well but, unless you’ve been there you really have no clue what a nightmare this issue really is.