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  • shaun,

    You claimed to be the author of an article on Huffington Post,

    “And yes I’ve read the book. Did you see my post from the Huffington Post? I think it does a good job of summarizing my thoughts on the book.”

    You subsequently posted a link to an article which you claimed was your own article,

    Why are you now denying that you’re DJ Jaffe?

    EDIT: were you referring to commentary you made on the Huffington Post article, rather than being the author of it? That would make sense. I’m sure the community will appreciate the clarification.

    EDIT: I just visited the Huffington Post article. I don’t see a comments section there.

  • oldhead,

    Being that I’m in the low and lowest classes (low class socioeconomically and a member of the criminal class) I know what I’m talking about. It’s classism. And yes, it should sicken your belly.

    This ballad isn’t about skin color (it’s inconvenient he’s black)

    One day there will be nothing left to eat but the rich (what exactly do you think so many of these protests are about?)

    Classism. It’s a fact of life.

  • I, for one, find the moderation in this community to be oppressive, stifling, discriminatory, overly sensitive, conducive to too much of a “safe space” where reality is blotted out, too sterile…

    It’s a “mental health facility” when it used to be an awesome college university with bleachers and a library and a garden and extracurricular activities.

    I’ve just hung a couple of framed pictures on the wall! I’ve been to therapy (where my little inner artist was forced to exist and grow!).

    Mostly I’m a comedienne but perhaps my artist wig will have to suffice for this task.

    Anyway, y’all be civil now ye hear? Muchas gracias!

    ~ Alive In America

  • shaun,

    Once again, I am seeing from you a glorified, idyllic, problem-free wonderful picture in your first paragraph. The reality is quite different from what you profess.

    Case in point: ask Paula Caplan how filing complaints worked out for her.

    That’s just one of countless examples of how people do everything right and take all the required steps but their complaints go into the wasteland of ruins, one way or another.

  • shaun,

    I’m not sure why you failed to recognize and acknowledge the obvious: I’m talking about people of adversity (neglect, abuse, trauma, etc.) who are subsequently committed to diagnosis + treatment in the name of “help” when the “help” is not in the least addressing the practical matters in the fallout of life in adversity.

    Can you understand the difference?

    CBT & DBT were wholly and entirely irrelevant while going through such severe domestic violence that the threat of homicide hung in the air. That crucial time required a team of people paying attention to what was happening in the relationship, not wasting time handling a ball of playdough so I could later reflect upon what I felt while doing it (like as if I were incapable of feeling, and needed to learn how to feel).

    Do you understand the point I just made? Does anybody? If so, please chime in.

    No, I quite knew how to feel my feelings and articulate them; the problem was more practical and required a very different sort of “help”.

    I ended up turning to prayer. That prayer changed my life in so many ways that psychiatry and the mental industry could not survive my *gnosis* of who they are and what they do. Years of laboring have produced SOME fruits, here and there, but there is still a long way to go.

    You have a too idyllic image of psychiatry and the mental industry. It looks like devout worship. You’re glorifying, verily, while really not grasping what numerous people aim to teach you. But, as I said before, you are unable to identify with the monster. You probably very legitimately CANNOT see (blindedness).

    Please don’t feel attacked. I’m currently speaking from a very neutral emotional and energetic place. There’s no active energy, feeling or emotion… I’m resting in peace discussing the facts.

  • “EMDR, DBT, and CBT do not favor the bio-model.”

    I disagree. These are inextricably part of the diagnosis + treatment paradigm. Within those treatment frameworks is the belief that the patient (sometimes called a consumer or client) is injured and / or diseased in their brain (whether by genetic mutation or “environmental” cause).

    I remember vividly sitting in a hospital outpatient treatment program that facilitated CBT and DBT. My urgent and dire crisis issues were not being dealt with (in favor of this pathological, medicalized, extremely awakening false “help” I was being subjected to). I walked out and never went back.

    There is work to be done and until people recognize, understand and acknowledge the massive neglect that happens in the “help” industry it’s really just the blind leading the blind.

    I have a “help wanted” sign in my window but I’m unable to secure the funding I need to hire and employ people to work for me. I need collaborators while I labor the construction of my Temple (mind) and Soul (my life and destiny). CBT and DBT have no place and serve no purpose in the material and substance I process and produce. I would have loved to have a chief of staff, and staff, to support the massive size of me (hint: do shrinks seek to minimize people, and shrink them, for a reason?), just like Michelle Obama had. She explicitly stated that the reason for her success was directly attributable to the support she had (take note: non-pathological support which means the support she had was not because she was “ill” or “disabled”) and she recommended that all women deserved the level of support like she had.

    She could not function if she did not have all those extra arms and legs and hands and feet. If she had to do her work alone, she would break down and fall apart and struggle and suffer, and would lose herself, and would need “help”. if she’d be given help in the form of CBT and DBT she would probably lose her mind and go nuts at the massive distraction and derailment of those things, for knowing that what ailed her was mostly practical matters instead of disease.

    Well, it’s all such an overly complicated thing.

  • shaun,

    I have 28 years of experience with psychiatry and the mental industry. We’re looking at two contradictory products psychiatry and the mental industry produce; both are very real and true. Your angle on the matter is the reason why psychiatry and the mental industry continue to prevail.

    Your angle on the matter involves a perpetual inability of the industry to be accountable for the prolific – not outlier – scenario I presented. The inability comes from a foundation of legality and criminality; there are no established and applied laws to inform psychiatry and the mental industry on HOW to be accountable for the harm, damage and devastation caused.

    It’s the perpetual glorification of psychiatry and the mental industry that persist in effectively shunning, denying and preventing the truth from prevailing.

    Of the contradictory outcomes of psychiatry and the mental industry: one side does not negate the other. Tragically, the side that claims benefit continues to obstruct the side that cries foul.

  • To Frank and Steve,

    At 2 o’clock this morning, nearly 16 hours ago, I wrote in a community elsewhere about the community here at MIA. I am slightly stunned to read Frank’s comment! It’s as if he must surely be a member of the community where I spoke about MIA lol! Or, he and I both have made the same observations over the years.

    I did note that upon my recent rearrival to this community I have found that the moderation standard seems a bit more lax (although Frank HAS been moderated within this article). The moderation here had been so tight and stifling in the past that it’s no wonder this community stagnated!

    Lastly, I’ve been reading Rachel777’s commentary. She’s wonderful! What a gem. GOOD comments, Rachel777!

    Frank, consider yourself validated. I know precisely what you mean.

    Steve, as always you’re another true gem of the community. All of the Steves here are!

    Keep fighting the good fight, everyone!!

  • I’ve had a gang of serpents and demons perform psycho-something (not sure I’d call it psychotherapy) on me in the Temple. They did a bad job! I now have such great knowledge of evil that I have to wear sunglasses at night.

    The Lord saves! God told me (via scripture) that perfect Love can do away with knowledge. When I learned this truth a seed of Love was placed in my heart (the heart is the brain of the soul). How I long for my Temple (that’s the religious, biblical, holy word for mind) to be cleansed of perverse and scarred knowledge! How I long for the light of Love to fill me and do away with all this darkness!

    I need an exorcism. These demons are too much. I have just enough hope and faith that maybe some day I can be LOVED, liberated, delivered from evil, cleansed, saved, healed and restored.

    Psychiatry and the mental industry are the house of darkness. Jesus is the light of the world.

    Go to the light. Seek the light.

  • shaun,

    “I do not believe that “today’s “mental health system” was intentionally designed as a gigantic child abuse covering up system” as you say, but I agree that it needs seriously reformed. If we actually covered up abuse, we are liable to lose our licenses and face criminal charges.”

    The cover-up begins with the false, fabricated diagnostic labeling. Here is the way it works,

    1. Sexual abuse is disclosed or reported. The victim enters the system through referrals or by order of a court.

    2. Invasion begins. The victim is deceptively soothed and lulled into trusting, cooperating and opening up.

    3. The victim is stripped down, psychologically, given tests and examinations (likely to occur in a hospital setting but may also take place clinically).

    4. Formal diagnosis is made (this is a condemnation; it locks the victim into “the system”). Recommendations for “treatment” are made (and the “treatment” almost always includes a tranquilizer, aka “medication”).

    5. By now the victim’s stress level is probably so severe that if they haven’t been hospitalized yet they soon will be.

    6. Hospitalization process causes massive, irreparable damage. The BODY is stripped, one’s identity is stripped, one’s autonomy is stripped, one’s rights are stripped. It is at this time when the psychiatric head cage is permanently installed.

    7. One learns the ropes: you are NOT to talk about your experiences (especially those of sexual abuse). You are to learn your illness. You are to learn your diagnosis. You are to learn your medications. You are to learn the system, and the way it works. You are to learn your patient rights. You are to learn mental health. All of this is the process of indoctrination and brainwash.

    8. Upon discharge from brainwash school ( “hospital”) you waste away in outpatient counseling, therapy and group programs – all of which are the continuation and perpetuation of psychiatric concepts and diagnoses.

    9. Polypharmacy has taken the victims so far from the starting point that some may never recover who they were before entering the house of darkness, psychiatry and the abominable mental industry.

    shaun, do you recognize the cover-up that Someone Else labors ceaselessly to communicate to this massively huge (and deaf and blind) world?

  • “It seems many on this site are hostile to people in my position because they’ve had poor experiences in the MH system, but I’m not responsible for your trauma. I think it’s called projection.”

    I would not call it projection. They know who you are, what you believe, what you represent, and what you mean to them. You personally are not directly responsible for trauma you witness and interact with in this community. The trauma preexists you but you’re representing the source of harm. You’re not capable of identifying with the detriment of the industry you’re a willing member of. That’s the kernel; in order to bring an injurious industry to an end, victims of the industry hold the belief that people who work in the industry should acknowledge the harm and voluntarily stop participating. You’ll resist the call because you have favorable working experience. It’s that very limited utility of the industry that keeps it alive.