Wednesday, September 28, 2022

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  • Don’t we all just want to know that in the end everything will be okay? It will. Thank God! I swear to God much of the reason the system has treated us so poorly is sheer fear. I guess when gods actually walk among mortals, the mortals squeak and quake! These observations are not delusional or grandiose in my opinion; all we have to do is define our terms. If we’ve made it to another plane of consciousness, relative to the poor trapped lesser beings we really are gods. And they just can’t handle it! Mysterious.

  • Let’s cut the crap. None of us is bipolar. We can all count past two. Maybe psychiatrists and the like cannot, glutted as they are on their religion of scientism. They are on a lower plane of consciousness. I suppose we should have compassion on them. However, I think we should go ahead and label our experiences what they are: visionary states, shamanistic journeys, death-rebirth, self-sacrifice, psychic perception, intimations of eternity, blah blah blah. We’ve stolen fire from heaven; returned back to the Cave with the good news; and well, suffered as everybody must for this experience. I think we can go ahead and claim our wisdom. They owe us an apology.

  • Dr Brogan,
    your work is so important! thank you for giving we psychiatric/psychosis survivors a language of credible science to dispute with our psychiatrists in! I cant wait to bring your book to my Dr., Daniel Suzuki of Las Encinas Hospital in Pasadena (And San Marino Psychiatric Associates of South Pasadena). I hope now that I can explain to Dr. Suzuki in a biomedical, scientific language he can understand, we may perhaps be able to connect on a level where I can actually begin to express my so-called psychotic experiences, which no medical professional has every actually bothered to inquire of me about! Perhaps now my spiritual insights will not be misinterpreted by the people around me as grandiose bipolar mania, delusions, etc., and the empiricism of actually listening to a person’s experience, will prevail! Thank God for you Kelly Brogan! God bless!

  • I wouldn’t write it ALL off as new age hokum, rasselas.redux.
    Of course there are weird awful cases of abuses but there is definitely validity in making some connection between ‘psychosis’ and shamanism.

    Also i would look at Sean Blackwell’s videos on youtube if you have the time (bipolarorwakingup)

    My experiences of ‘psychosis’ (and I imagine there are MANY experiences of various kinds under that label) have definitely had lots of amazing spiritual elements, and I am not alone. Indeed one of the reasons I had to be wrestled to the ground by a bunch of cops prior to being taken to the hospital once was that I was in a completely otherwordly state and I felt I was fighting for my life (LONG story for details but that’s what I thought I was doing). I couldn’t see them and I don’t remember a lot of it (which is an extra degree of scary). I could hear them as well as other strange sounds, and I felt like a chain being twisted and turned violently and also like I was on fire. And when I say this I mean this is literally what it felt like. I never felt such pain. I was fighting with every fiber of my being and these poor people around me were probably really freaking out about my behavior. But for me, there was a special degree of trauma, especially not being able to explain it afterwards. But it was also a type of death and rebirth experience however hokey that sounds. I really did descend to the otherworld and come back.