Saturday, December 3, 2022

Comments by Zayne Raj

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  • I agree, Rebel. It is almost as if, as soon as a person admits, “I need help,” they are ushered into a paradigm of professionals who have the power to define what kind of help it is that the person needs, along with when, how, and if that help will be administered. The help as defined by professionals might bear little or no resemblance to the help the person was seeking, but this never gets addressed. If the person is so bold as to speak up and say, “this is not the kind of help that I was seeking” or “this help is hurting me”, that can lead to very negative consequences, like being told they are ungrateful for the help that they have received, or that they are not able to recognize that the help that is being provided exactly is the help that they need, or that they are beyond help.
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