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  • Grace, thank you so much for making your story public. I am very sorry that you, like many people, fell into the trap of psychiatry disguised as medicine.

    I want to tell you briefly about your symptoms. You are a smart lady and maybe some cognitive explanations can help you a little.

    All these pills are legal drugs and like illegal drugs they also lead into altered states of consciousness; a special kind of trances. That is why you are unmotivated, have blurred visions and problems with your ears. Trance is needed in meditation, when you sit still and guide yourself in calmness. In everyday life we do not need trances unless we use them specifically for creativity.
    And, in normal life we can switch between waking consciousness and trance. This ability seems to have been taken away from the brain by these drugs.

    I don`t know exactly what you mean with “eye floating”. I only know blurred vision, ringing in the ears, lack of drive, sometimes the widening of the body, which actually becomes wider especially in the chest region, are signs of trance states.
    Especially the symptoms in the eyes and in the ears are driven by the Vagus Nerv, with its function to calm us down.
    When I understood all these symptoms, I could better deal with them and reduce my anxiety.
    The trance state is expressed by the brain through our senses. Blurred vision, ringing in the ears, some people even smell odors that do not exist and are completely unknown to them.

    If I may make a guess, I would say the best help is exercise. Exercise grounds the nervous system. You have to try out what kind of sports you like. I don’t think it’s good to put too much stress on the body. The brain has stress enough with the trances. So we should help the body moving with moderate exercises. Walk a lot and be in nature a lot. Nature is the best doctor. See if moderate stretching is good for you.

    You can try breathing therapy, but make sure it’s a good therapist, maybe someone who also has trained as a singer. It is an attempt to rebalance the nervous system through breathing.

    Very important is to motivate yourself with positive thoughts. I have had the experience that the more depressed I thought, the deeper the trance became. It’s like you are keeping on giving the brain the drug food.
    Finally, a note. There are actually medical problems with the eyes. There can be “fogginess” in the back of the eyes. But this is normally the case in older people. To be on the safe side, you can still go to an eye doctor to have it examined and to see if it is something specifically physical.

    I wish you all the best. Stay strong and be sure that things will change. But I know it takes patience.

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  • During my chemotherapy 18 years ago, I suffered from akathasia. I could walk and lie down, but not sit. I thought this was normal during such a treatment. Years later, when I looked more closely at psychiatry and its drugs, I realized what had happened to me.

    So I think that akathisia is not only a consequence of psychotropic drugs, but also of other neurotoxins, which include the cytostatics. Perhaps cancer patients think exactly as I did that these are all “normal consequences” of the treatment. An oncologist told me at that time that cytostatics destroy hair cells and nerve cells and perhaps…..the cancer cells.

  • Many thanks for this great article, Sinead.

    I watched some videos of Sean Blackwell and I have to say he is on the right track. Not only concerning “Bipolar Disorder”, but it concerns all “Mental Illness”. It is so easy and difficult at the same time.

    The difficult thing is that unfortunately science cannot follow because it is simply not yet at the point of understanding. So it is a hard work to convey what actually happens in these lucrative and people controlling “mental illneses”. It is impossible for science to acknowledge that people have an energetic system and control themselves through feelings and thoughts and influence the nervous system with them.

    Very interesting was his video about Kundalini Energy. Yes, it is this energy that changes the nervous system. I would like to add that the function of this energy is to make the nervous system suggestible. This is the prerequisite to reach altered states of consciousness and to be able to reach them again and again. This is why a Kundalini release is so very exhausting and can lead to despair.

    At this point I would like to say that this energy is reality and its effects are manifold. But, as Blackwell also says, it is not measurable, not yet.

    My hypothesis is that the change of the nervous system towards suggestibility can take place in very different directions. Through a very spontaneous activity, through meditation, through Kundalini Yoga and through trauma. Western people are now reporting more and more about their Kundalini activity on the Internet. Almost in every case it is a difficult path over years. It is connected with an effort that one could not imagine before. It is not a work in the outside, where you set yourself a goal to achieve it. It is only work on the inner stage and often you think it starts all over again.The outside then changes by itself.
    I think that the direction becomes especially difficult when there is a trauma; not only a childhood trauma, but also in adult life. Kundalini works with the subconscious and at the same time opens the consciousness to higher frequency areas. If this is overshadowed by one or more traumas, it is naturally due to the quality of perception that this energy produces through the changed nervous system. As the ancients said: “You can meet the angels, but also the demons”. To understand this, not intellectually, but in a new consciousness that is much wider, because it has many more aspects, is the great work.

    You have dared to do this and you have set out on the path to a new consciousness. As a commentator writes here, you have gone the way of the hero and you are still going it. Congratulations

    If we would understand and acknowledge this energetic process in human beings, wie could accompany them in this process and needn´t Psychiatry anymore – a wonderful vision of this world.

  • Thank you, Ruth, for sharing your story.

    I think we need to learn a lot about altered states of consciousness and their symptoms. People who experience these altered states of consciousness must theoretically be enlightened. This takes away fear and explains why these medications are not useful, on the contrary, dangerous, because they force the brain into states that damage it.

    You write that your daughter has noticed smells. This is a typical sign of an altered state of consciousness. 16 years ago I had to undergo chemotherapy. I cannot use words to describe what I smelled. Nobody told me about these “side effects”. Only years later, when I had understood that chemotherapeutics are nerve poisons, I did understand what else was happening in this procedure. The same applies to psychotropic drugs of any kind.

    There are a lot of other signs of altered states of consciousness that are not pathological, but an ability of our brain. It is important to understand them as a warning signal and not as a side effect that has to be endured.

  • Thank you, Bruce, for this interview.
    I write from Germany and I am grateful for MIA and every word that clearly says where psychiatry stands and how they build their own incompetence and illusion of magnificence by lies.

    In Germany, psychiatry criticism is as good as dead, in a country that would have had to do everything possible to drive this “part of medicine” to hell after the First and Second World War.
    In these days the Federal Constitutional Court has decided that the fixation of people is permitted only with a judical decision. If the case occurs at night, approval must be obtained “as soon as possible”. The media spoke of traumatisation by this maltreatment, nobody asked for alternatives. The people are fed with “facts”, so they remain calm and do not ask questions.

    So this interview and other articles at MIA are great bright spots for me. I often notice a stone falling from my heart and I can say, exactly, that’s it.

  • Kerstin, thanks a lot for this intensive report with deep insights.

    In the East this process is called “Kundalini Rising”. Kundalini is an energy that becomes active in the body, often very suddenly. The Kundalini process is needed to reach the altered state of consciousness of enlightenment. Unfortunately it is still placed in a mystical/esoteric corner where it does not belong at all. It is time for the West to deal with this energy and use it as another model instead of the psychiatric one.

    It is said that this energy “sleeps” at the end of the spine. When it wakes up, it flows up the spine to the brain. In this way, it burns all the impurities that have accumulated in the human body and mind. Of course this is a picture, the same one as the snake in paradise. Both pictures say nothing else than development happens. A deep psychic development purifying/processing/recognizing/integrating the old terrible experiences and an actual physical development because the nervous system and the brain are actually changed.

    Kundalini is still considered a purely spiritual matter. It is often not said that not only the experienced trauma but a Kundalini rising itself is a traumatic process. It is common that a Kundalini process often runs in phases with different interruptions. It is very unknown that this process is difficult, exhausting, frightening and quite dangerous. What I have read in your report is, you always have developed a wonderful power to come back with your „feet on earth“. You could distinguish between your „psychotic“ phases and „real life“.

    At some point, as you also wrote, there is change, a deep change in the emotions, in the view of this world and in the abilities of the brain, after you were able to “see” the trauma. That is not the enlightenment we usually think about but it is also a kind of enlightenment, that is a better stress resilience and better work of our brain.

    We urgently need people like your supporters who are able to accompany “psychoses” or better said, these processes of tranformation.

    You have done a hard work, my respects.

    In my opinion, a “psychosis” is an extremely difficult Kundalini process. Today I think that the kind of this process has to do with the nature, the severity and the own ability of processing the traumas we are suffering from.

    By the way, already in the 80th Dr. Lee Sannella, asked in his book: „Kundalini, Psychosis or Transcendence“?
    Dr. Joe Dispenza seems to have a first scientific idea, what is happening in a human body, when this energy is working, „Becoming Supernatural“. The only problem we have to deal with, most of the people think, if you do meditation the „good“ Kundalini arises, if you are in „psychosis, you are metally ill. In my oppinion these are the two sides of the same coin.

  • Thank you very much for this article. This is the first time I have read scientifically about PGAD in connection with antidepressants and their side effects.

    For years I have been writing at the German ReGS (Restless genital syndrome = PGAD) forum and try to explain that this is a highly traumatized state of the nerve and endocrine system in humans in connection with altered states of consciousness.
    I estimate that 80% of the members on this forum suffer from depression and take antidepressants or have discontinued them. Some have suffered for years from this condition of PGAD to varying degrees. So now they get antiepileptics, antipsychotics or again antidepressants prescribed by their doctors.
    I experienced similar descriptions at the Dutch „PSAS forum“ and at the American “pudendalhope forum”.

    In Europe, Prof. Waldinger in The Hague is doing research on PGAD, but unfortunately he “believes” in Tarlov cysts, pudendal neuralgia, hormonal disorders and other completely absurd disorders in this context. I wrote him a detailed letter in 2016 hoping that he might change his meanings, but a discussion between a Professor and „simple“ people in Europe about medical questions seems to be impossible.
    So nothing in Europe is moving into a right direction and most of the doctors have no idea what PGAD is and what it means to live with such a condition.

    So I would like to lose some more lines about this for humans unbearable condition.
    All the scientific reports I have read, especially on the Dutch forum, which has listed some articles, deal with a condition and believe in a measurable physical cause. At the same time I assume that nobody can understand what it means to live with such a condition for years. After the depression, which should be “cured” follows a never-ending hyper traumatization. Any kind of sexuality aggravates the condition and drives on the autonomic nervous system. People no longer sleep because of the constant “fight or flight” condition. So they have to use drugs again to get a few hours of sleep, because at some point they can no longer bear the sleepless nights. They lose their work, their social contacts and sometimes also their partnerships. Life is destroyed!

    I have the hypothesis, and I know that it is correct that this type of “sexuality” is happening in an altered state of consciousness caused by trauma and antidepressants. This is also supported by the fact that mild trance states, such as driving a car, watching television, any kind of focusing, intensifies the symptoms. On the other hand, distraction and “forgetting” the feelings almost makes the symptoms disappear.

    I go one step further, it is an energetic problem reinforced by thoughts and the terrible feelings themselves.
    These feelings are not in the body, they are „phantome feelings“. The trauma researcher Robert Scare compares psychosmatic pain with phantome feelings when a limb is amputated. He says, phantome feelings are a prototype of psychosomatic disorders. PGAD produces phantome feelings. The patient with PGAD is feeling a „phantome sexuality“ and „phantome pain“. Trauma researchers also say that psychosomatic pain is more intensive than somatic pain.

    Dr. Joe Dispenza has just published his new book “Becoming Supernatural”. Of course, he’s in the esoteric corner of the bookstore. For me he provides a plausible model of the physiology of altered states of consciousness. It describes a certain way of meditation with a certain breathing. If this path is negatively influenced, such as by trauma and antidepressants, I think it is possible that this energetic physiology causes altered states of consciousness with terrible, negative feelings. Everything has a lot to do with breathing. We know that traumatized people breathe differently. Peter Levine says that trauma is stored in the diaphragm and I say also in the pelvic floor.

    These antidepressants are much more dangerous than visible to others from the outside. They destroy lives and that is not exaggerated because there is currently no possibility of help. Every psychiatrist has to know this clearly and if they screwed up the treatment, they have to tell the patient. Responsibility is the magic word. Anyone who works with mind-altering drugs must know that they can destroy lives. These doctors have to know that PGAD is not a „sexual dysfunction“, it is the destroying of human life from the radix of all life, from sexuality. I want to make a difference because it is not a disorder as usual, it is a daily trauma and torture.

    I am glad that the research continues.