Sunday, October 2, 2022

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  • I had a rather rude psychiatrist that I just left tell me that the media is lying when it says the brain is still a mystery. He said in their profession they have access to research that isn’t published on the internet and sometimes years before it goes public, and he said some is still not public because it was ‘too controversial’, though why he would think it was OK to spill the beans about it if he knew that is one thing that left me skeptical. He said the brain is already fully understood and they have disproved the soul and any other kind of non-reductionist explanations. When I asked him how he knew, he hesitated for a bit and told me he had never seen it done in action but just heard it from colleagues but that they were ‘reliable’. And he said they can change your beliefs (with brain technology) which means they could make you stop believing in God or whatever else. He often brought it up when I was questioning the profession and its truthfulness, since he was the more cold and disconnected kind of psych, laughing when you tried to describe your current feelings or just giving you an apathetic “yeah, OK”, telling me I probably had a low or average IQ during a casual conversation (then laughing about it), etc. which may have influenced his attitude. That, and he had a prejudice against our religious beliefs when he tried to deprogram me and my father, and said we should commit suicide if losing our beliefs caused us too much grief. He also said if we have to go back to destructive behaviors that our faith helped us recover from, then we will just have to go back to them or again, commit suicide. And he said he could proscribe medicines for it if we wanted, to encourage us to believe in the power of medication as the answer to suffering. He said there isn’t much you can do, that most therapies including mindfulness, behavioral therapy, and others do very little and your capacity is entirely determined by brain matter and genes, and that the only solution was to take drugs, and deal with it, or commit suicide. He was pretty blunt and very cold. Now tell me, is this another trick of psychiatrists to claim they have access to more information than they really do, or is there any truth to the idea of this kind of mind-blowing confidential stuff being known to psychs? I am skeptical of what he has said because it sounds like he was playing mind games.