Monday, August 8, 2022

Comments by Anne Antfield

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  • On the one hand on the first look, there is little bad to say about it. On the other hand, the points being made for change are so feeble that I wonder about the real goal, and that is one reason why I just see ist as yet another trick. The fact that you sell it off as “progress” to consider whether the feelings your subjugates utter might have a meaning makes me angry already (oh look, it identified its emotion, how cute it is! Now TOGETHER we can correct them!)

    My words have meaning (although you likely mean in the to-be-psychoanalyzed-and-twisted manner)?
    I deserve a voice?
    I might have a point? Really…a thing like ME?
    Like i am sort of a little bit a person(while of corse still a mentally ill)?….holy shit, thank youthankthank you for your empowering. Nope, I just have more criticism.

    Your direction seems good, but this is by far not enough.

    – you are willing to do things therapy promises since decades. Listen, give us a “feeling” of being taken seriously, somehow see some unbiquitous “meaning” in evertyhing, and even take resposibility for “designing the realtionship in a favorable manner”.

    BUt what you don’t say you are willing to do is this:
    Admit guilt. How you and your peers might have destroyed and hurt people.
    Admit mistakes. How you were wrong in the way you thought.
    See us as equals.
    Debate, argue and fight on eye level.

    -“Valuing” “listening” “not judging” and “taking seriously” are empty phrases in the therapeutic world. It’s so clear to you that we are lesser than you, that if you give us a tiny idea of beig a person, you feel like a holy samaritarian. Your twisted and bended view of these words usually boil down to “we admit that you really exprience what you experience. This is supposed to make you feel fluffy and warm inside. So now, we who are better than you, can teach you why you are wrong.” While you see yourselves as intlligent, you see menta health cases as interesting organisms.

    the follwing sentence says it all: “And these people deserve—we would even go so far as to say morally obligate us—to be taken seriously, as problems that need to be worked through, not circumvented.”

    The people *are* the problem to be solved to you.

    You talk about professinal being “uninvolved” cool and collected, and seem to be a bit critical of this view. But you don’t say WHY you are not.
    You are involved in your own interests. Interests like obeying your authorities, pleasing your peers and collegues as social interets and having your narcissim fostered and feeling the success of a finsihed project. That might play a role in why ‘you’ are so upset and often compassionless when you don’t get what you expect.

    The “valuing” “working through” through my feelings regarding therapy with a therapist, is like a rapist valuing my concerns regarding rape. I imagine they penetrate me, argue that logically speaking it is just a phallus in a body opening, but they validate that I suffer and even allow it. Then while using my body against my will, they offer me to find solutions to be more willing to have sex.

    To me people who are willing to change dehumazing practices and choose to define theselves outside psychiatric labels, just hate that they see their cage. To me they are not the problem, they bring parts of a solution. Anger is the most reasonable reaction to opression.

    You seem to take it for granted that there is the idea that emotion is not the contrary of ratio. Emotion is just emotion. You can describe what a tortured lab rat is going through with the voice of an animals rights activists or a sociopathic scientist and the same conent. If something currently upsets you it can make you too angry to concentrate, yes.
    But any opressed group was angry. According to you women, homosexuals and blacks would have ben solved and put in their place.

    Without emotion we don’t have direction and don’t need values, nor mental health. My interets count, your interests count the interests of society as a whole count and somewhere mental health has its place. But this cannot be figured out if powerful people see people with feelings as problems to be solved, like they see everoyne.

    You are ready to do what is your job since decades, what your kind promises (in a twisted, streched and bended manner) in every branch of media they get a hold on.
    But it was not clar to me if you are ready for the most important thing: admit your MISTAKES and CHANGE.