Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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  • A big problem I have with studies of anti-depressants – other than the obvious damage it does to the brains of the people involved – is that every person reacts differently to each anti-depressant. That much was proven to me with the first anti-depressant I ever used – Prozac. The first time I used it, the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders. I lost my job and so could not afford to continue using it. When I finally got back on it, NOTHING happened! No relief At All! In fact, I never experienced that relief ever again – over nearly 30 years on anti-depressants. I weaned off them this year.

  • I’ve been on Klonapin since the early 90s. Though I am not taking it every day (as prescribed), I do take it mostly when I have trouble sleeping. I do get agitated. I have had all the same experiences that Chris Paige has had, though I never knew it was connected to the Klonapin. I was prescribed this for anxiety even though they knew I was an addict in recovery (not from the Klonapin). My psychiatrist continued to prescribe it to me even after I sobered up from a 5-year relapse (alcohol). They continued to prescribe it to me even after my suicide attempt which included taking a bottle FULL of Klonapin – not one prescription, but many. What do I do???