Friday, January 27, 2023

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  • I made an account to support the victims of shock. These plaintiffs ARE NOT making bogus claims or conjuring up side effects. ECT destroyed my life. I was a 4.0 Masters Degree holding, beautiful woman in my 30’s when I was shocked. I immediately was fired from my job as a pharmaceutical rep because I forgot my product knowledge. NO ONE CAN SAY WE ARE LYING. UNLESS you have been SHOCKED. Keep your mouth shut!!! I am smashing radios with a hammer because I can’t learn a new job! I have a Master’s degree!!! I’m suicidal most days and scared all the time. I am one of 300 ECT survivors!!! THree hundred ECT victims who sought help got shocked and left worse… most on disability, some dead from suicide. I didn’t understand most the legal jargon above but I comprehended enough to say why would 300 people choose life on disability, “assistance” being treated like garbage, afraid of homelessness over stability and career. We wouldn’t. I dare any person who doubts a victim to get a few shocks. Then you may speak on the side effects of ECT. I want to die every day. Tell me I deserve to feel like this? I deserved the world and I am on disability reading comments from people who don’t know any better. I PRAY AND support David Karen 100 percent. THANK YOU FOR FIGHTING FOR US. THANK YOU.