Sunday, November 27, 2022

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  • Kerstin — I really appreciate your story and the clarity with which you describe the reality that psychosis, and I believe all mental illness, is rooted in our story and experiences. I am writing a memoir and a book about an alternative paradigm for understanding mental health, and like you, have had psychoses, depression, complex trauma, and horrific experiences with the abusive psychiatric mental health care system. I really want there to be more stories like yours out there giving voice to the deeper truth about trauma, mental illness, and recovery.

    I’d really love to share my story with you, wonder if there’s a way to connect by email? My memoir is in progress and I’m committed to writing 2000 pages before condensing and editing, so it’s not really a great way to summarize the story, but curious readers can find it at and I am [email protected]

    Thanks for sharing and writing.