Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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  • I have read the interview, we have been affected first hand by a reckless prescribing manner. My son was 18 when he first started seeing a sleep doctor. He was over 18 so Hippa very much in play prevented me from the necessary information I needed. My son developed a sleep disorder???? no tests ever done. could not fall asleep or stay a sleep. upon his first visit to his sleep doctor. The following was given.
    Trazodone HCL 1/2 to one pill at bedtime 30 days. 10 days later Ambien 10mg, another rx for Trazodone same mg 30 day, Vistaril 50 1-2 tabs 60 day, Seroquel 50 mg 1-2 tabs.60 days. 30 days later Restoril 30 mg 1 tab, Neurontin 300 mg 30day, Seroquel 200 30 day. A note stating she ” will initiate cocktail of SSRI, GABA stimulation to induce and maintain sleep” 5 days later Halcion 25 1 tab. Two weeks later. Gabapentin 600mg, Halcion 25 1 tab 30 day. Fluvoxamine Maleate 100 1 tab 30day. Restoril 30 mg 1 tab 30 day. Do the math for the prior two months, shocking amounts of drugs. We had no idea what she was doing, however we knew something was wrong, we had the extreme up-downs, sick and throwing up everyday. nausea every day. with no explanation of what the hell was going on.
    This method went on for 2 1/2 years. It took getting his records the day after he died to explain what was going on. Once I had a very clear picture I reached out to the local DEA office because it was painfully clear what she was doing.
    4 months prior he had some kind of reaction to all the meds and was put in the hospital he had total renal failure, his CK level was off the chart. Klonopin was added as well.
    He returned to the sleep doctor about a week or so after his release. She decides she will try something new. she prescribes Xyrem and edluar. The pharmacist refused to fill it because of a deadly inter action. So the doctor re-sent the rx changing to Ambien. He still refused to fill the Xyrem. So the doctor called the pharmaceutical company and had the Rx sent directly to my son. They sent a note to her warning her of all the meds he was on. he still took it. Got very ill but did not die. He tried to withdraw off all the meds with the MD. He was having a bad time with Klonopin. Until one day he had enough and took his life. He had just turned 22. The MD informed me that its so hard to get off Klonopin. its like your brain is on fire. This is just one drug what about all the rest. The doctor got away with wrongful death. The doctors need to held accountable. I did go after her with the medical malpractice board. They would never revel what they did, so I posted the story on her web site and she is no longer treating in my state. I am in the process of righting a book that will include his records with the doctors signature on all the orders. Because people don’t always believe until they see the written proof, which I have and own. My records were used by the board. My story is an example of easy this can happen and how ruthless some doctors can be. To see the mass amounts of drugs is absolutely sick making. Let me ask this question? This law if passed will include a label with a cautionary statement explaining the risks associated with long term use. What about the doctors who are prescribing all this crap for long term use???? like in our case, I found three rx for triazolam in his file, all written with different rx numbers. A note for all three printed and given to patient. What would have stopped him from pharmacy hoping and having them all filed? he would have had 45 pills. 23 days later she did it again this time with 3 months of refills. I took this over to the pharmacy that filled it and asked is this correct. you filled three different rx’s for the same drug at the same time. I was told yes. No one is held accountable. How will this law safe Guard this crap from happening? She got away with it. This doctor had 7 offices??? she advertised herself as and anesthesiologist, oncologist, pain-med, psychiatrist, she was only licensed in Sleep, pulmonologist. My story is heart breaking and sick making at the same time. I had the assurance of those who looked at his case and I was told the same thing. my son was given enough meds to kill and elephant. No one took the case. The shift is now to educate people and warn about these things. We are a pill happy society. My story plays out everyday over and over. If you want change the prescribing doctors need to held accountable.!!! I promise if a doctor would have told my son that getting off klonopin was like your brain is on fire. He might not have taken it. This is my sobering story.