Wednesday, March 22, 2023

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  • It is with a heavy heart reading this news, Jim, and am grieved with the closing of Soteria-Alaska being a witness to all of your and others’ efforts to make it work.

    As a matter of fact, I almost applied for a job there, especially after reading about Dr. Mosher’s great works at the time of his death years ago having written a letter to his wife then.

    One of my projections way back then was that what was needed was creating places of rehabilitation with ways that work, along with exposing the dangers of the “existing” protocol and standard medical treatment that were actually causing more harm than good.

    The tragedy of Mozelle death touches me in at the core, as most people who know of my “story” would understand.

    I commend you in all that you have done over the years knowing you since 2004 (I think). I do believe that even with this closing that the mental health reform will continue and shine with everyone’s concerted efforts on many levels and in many areas and organizations.

    I, also, think that all that you have in documentation and vision in creating Soteria will be used to create other places in the future, so don’t give up on this.

    When one door closes, another always opens, as the intention is there for the highest and greatest good of all.

    My sincere blessings to all of you!


  • Way to go, Nancy! Great article! No child or family member aught to be subjected to this abuse by psychiatry which has infiltrated every sector of our society. This abuse and splitting families apart is ongoing in this country with the elderly, our children and people of disability, something that I wrote about seven years ago and it is getting worse.

    Is this legalized genocide? Is it any different than the holocaust in WWII? Is this any different than the Crucifixion? Is this history repeating itself because people never got it right from the beginning?

  • I could not agree more! Beautifully written and touching on all 21 years of my own captivity, a multitude of drugs, ECT., hospitalizations, loss of everything in my life to turn around to help others off drugs in steering them towards the truth.

    When I was at my worst end with no where to turn, I prayed for help and heard an inner voice say “research in reverse”, so typed in “dangers of….” and that started me on my journey of drug withdrawal, support through fellow recovery masters and organizations!

    I am truly blessed in knowing so many people who are working for the better of all people, especially those who others consider less then themselves! May this time in history stop to never again repeat with all of our lessons!

    Thank you, Nancy (and all)

  • Thank you, Chaya, for this beautiful account of your journey. We are opening the closed doors that we have lived behind for generations for discussion. Kudos to you!

    I appreciate Mary E. Maddock’s reply! I can so relate and recently I had written that “we are now moving from oppression to expression” and I guess this is why I happened upon this article this evening!

    We are all moving through the birth canal as Barbara Marx Hubbard has written in the Evolution of our species towards a higher consciousness. It can be painful in the cleansing process, however, we are being born into a new world of oneness as opposed to separation (of which we have lived for thousands of years).

    I thank all of your for your expressions from our societal depressions! May we all find our way back to our joy filled state of being, the childhood innocence that was taken from us so early on from our parents, educational systems, religious systems, medical systems, etc.

    All is well and working out for our highest and grandest good, not only for ourselves but for our future generations to come.

  • Good for you, aps.0721 and for your son! It is nice to see one child saved from the “experts”!

    Faith, yes, I have joined many advocacy groups in the TBI Industry and they are now speaking out, actually forming their own “entity” of family members and survivors, exploring alternatives that work (as it has proven that drugs do not), and reaching out and supporting each other for better lives.

    The survivors in institutions are the last, though, to be helped as they are at the mercy of the people who care for them and medical, which is a very sad state of affairs, currently (and can be compared to the horrors of psychiatric hospitals). There are some good places, but far and few between!

    From what I am ‘seeing’ right now, people and advocacy groups (such as Psych Rights, MindFreedom,TBI Survivor Network, AbleChild, etc.) have truly brought to “light” the states of our society in order for all of us to move into one that works.

    Amazing how we are witnessing “our evolution” as we speak and write, and looks to be speeding up!

    Yes, we appear to not have come very far (with all that you have mentioned) and yet, we have and will continue in this shift of consciousness. And all of our efforts will not be in vain! We have much to celebrate!

    As they say, we are the ones we have been waiting for and our time has arrived to push the old systems out with a new system for the greatest good of all!

  • Very nicely written, Faith, and agree with you wholeheartedly! Another industry that comes to mind is the Traumatic Brain Injury Industry and oppression by the “powers that be” (the so called experts) that prescribe the same psychiatric drugs! And fortunately many TBI survivors are waking up to the fact that the drugs do not work and actually hinder the healing process. I find it so unbelieveable that medical would prescribe brain damaging drugs to the already brain injured, and thereby reducing their life span 15-20 years. The abuse and neglect in TBI facilities is enormous and this is now coming out in press and being exposed and hopefully addressed. Definitely a Human Rights issue!

    Thank you for your paper!