Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Comments by Jessica Oduoza

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  • “Characterizing a psychological problem as a biologically-based mental illness, a “thing” a person “has” that normal people don’t have and is caused by a brain/genetic abnormality, worsens stigma among both sufferers and everyone else.”

    I agree with this statement that you make. The brain is just too complex to start making claims about “X disorder” being “biological”. Let me add my two cents to this of you don’t mind.

    Probably the worst part about the whole situation here is that psychiatry thinks that promoting “brain scan” studies that seemingly prove that there are “biological differences” between the brains of people with X disorder and without X disorder is reducing the stigma, but by replacing the term “mental illness” with “neurodivergent” and/or “normal brain variation” or by saying that some disorders are actually more likely to be caused by the environment is seemingly increasing the stigma around mental illnesses.

    Just look at the rates of ADHD between Finland and the USA. Finland has a lot of physical activity time in its schools and its ADHD diagnostic rate has remained low. Meanwhile, kids in the USA only get about one recess per day and its only 25 minutes long compared to Finland’s 2-3 recces breaks that re roughly 45-60 minutes per day. The rates of ADHD in the US have risen up over the past 10-15 years not because we’re not prescribing enough drugs, but because our education system here in the West has once again failed to notice its flaws.

    And then psychiatry shows up and tries to passive-aggressively blame people’s brains instead of acknowledging that the way that our society is may be the true cause of many “DSM illnesses”

    Truth here most psychiatrists really aren’t as intelligent as they think they are, and it shows up a lot in what they do.

  • I find it ironic that psychiatrists say that “mental illnesses aren’t your fault” but then they proceed to passive-agressivley blame your brain for it without any evidence that can be replicated. So-called “mental illnesses” like “ADHD” and “BPD” are really just a collection of labels based on a scientifically unvalid source- the DSM-IV.
    (Sorry for my spelling errors by the way)