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  • Gaslighting a casual perspective from the person giving support. Very cool.

    My friend she says don’t say ‘how does that make you feel at her in the morning.’

    So I don’t.

    Anger I enjoy nifty ways to express anger. Nothing radical. I act like Isabella Rosalini me body. I act like Greta Garbot my face. I act like me.

    I say I’m a strong and mighty cat and I say hear me meow though I bellow a loud roar.

    This is true.

    Anyway this is cool gaslighting frame in your article. I’m gonna check your websites put on your biography under your article on gaslighting.

  • Sera, I’m ✝️ I’m 41. I am destined to be alone. I already know.
    Many whiteness men say they believe something but they do not do it.

    HISTORY USA white men going to Church Sunday but then hurting peoples. OBVIOUSLY history shows hurt peoples very bad.

    It is one thing to get the attitude in life roles like work and family. It is much more to get at Church the religion I am.

    Sera, THIS IS MY POINT. I too am not accepted at Church though over years I keep going. Much worse to me then discriminate at work. Much worse with me than my family being hurting me. This is very hurtful pain.

    The religion I choose to be is my life.

  • Author writes taken social and made it individual. This seems to thus say taken the individual and made it political.

    Give I the account that I worked Illinois dept mental health nine years because my commentary is unique.

    These policies emphasize giving care to those need it most. Whether helpful or isn’t I don’t judge. Often it is and sometimes even the policies abuse peoples. I noticed now the correlation with incarcerations and also the high revenue in alcohol substance use field opposed to mental health. Pesky the authors this website writing about mental health and profits when alcohol and substance use brings in a lot business income.

    I don’t judge because I left public work and went to Florida. Then moved to new city doing direct care part time and a another job part time.

    I don’t judge. I discuss these issues and about all topics with the Faith I choose to be.

  • Like in regards seeing coworkers who bedazzle workers of opposite sex and then apprehensive about what to do, well I have a scenario on that.

    I work in new field now after I got a state govmnt pension secured I obtained new work hehehe.

    Scenario is I’m advocacy now. All about it. I seen gang members sell drugs and yes at advocacy gathering here in thus part nation. I said hey what you doing here?
    Sell drugs to persons I care about.

    A local leader says , Pat it’s not ok to ask people to leave advocacy events. I said ok my bad.

    It’s sort of like author saying. Both not the proper thing to do with people care about.

  • Well anyway where I live I’m trying to let men and ladies learn that the people giving them drugs are deceiver. Peoples may argue yeah they know that but I don’t view like that.

    They like are polite and courteous to young peoples. Not judged you are welcomed here. Then there is of course ripple effect. Nothing happening there but drugs.

  • I think a cover up is Opioid crisis through the nation. The World countries and individuals there may not be aware because different place. Many folks here don’t consider this.

    – toxicology reports say so much in system then heroin and fetnol. So many chemicals such as pharmaceuticals. People in and out detox can affirm this.

    – cover up the booming methadone after care clinics.
    – often run by the detoxification center umbrella organization.

    – anyway all the stigma and discriminatory at individuals at mental health centers is coincidentally a preposition and a decoy. This is because the proceeds at the detoxification and methadone after care avenue is large.

    – The hospital or detox clinic umbrella agency piranhas are what they do. Getting income.

    – Did you know their billing process is so much easier. Bilking the data entry systems

    * There’s actually more individuals there with steady flow I think then mental health clinics. Consider the amount methadone after care clinics in nation cities.

    * Coincidentally the gangs noted this ave they get all ethnicities to try and use drugs. They are not on the friendly side of arena because they hurt with drug sales. They also go to services we advocates attend because of their lifestyles.

  • Bullying: the community is my work.

    Here in my grove I’m standing up to gangs.

    Specifically one gang. I got intel by my lifestyle and I said “stop.”
    “you are becoming worst gang in world.”

    I don’t wanna overdue it because they know how they turned into this. That is common sense. The ladies appreciate standing to them that way. A person. A Gentleman.

    I also have a partner with me and this persons older sibling and we combat this. They are gentleman and we understand. We get that as we stand up to them on the street.

  • When I facilitate groups I say to self “Irving Yalom Shalom, because he don’t got it at all.” Pat do.

    Reading this article by Will I think though that the guy Irvin is actually cool because getting teaching from him is often. His radio program I think Will sounds rigid though he stops giving education.

    Id rather get an article that’s more about the book by Ken Steele. I hope Steve posts my comment. I’m saying that preferably have an article that is more about what Ken wrote about.

  • The verdict was pithy. People say white privilege and alot country doesnt get it.

    Giving a probation and the elite families say thank you and go about their living. This is ancillary to white privilege.

    This is also ancillary to Tim Tebow stance on racial issues. That was illegal yale guys actions.

  • I read and I think of a woman named Alex and I asked her if the girl who texted her boyfriend should got ten years. Alex said well yale swim team guy got probation due to his crime.

    I consider that often because every women I world got that story and it faded. Every girl watched mom not yell them the truth of his bad it was.

    So I remember my conversation with Alex. I piece this article and there is the morality issue in America and is pride.

  • Steve thank you. Without my pendant I am a something white guy in a scary place with many strange people. With this I obtained food at a Church. I acquired friends and roommates. I am a terrible roommate.

    With my pendant I confront shall we say dangerous people. I don’t move through this tundra in a disrespectful manner. I do it with my pendant. I have not ventured as a conquistador into a nearby dangerous neighborhood though it is on my to do list.

    Moderator Steve will you permit a YouTube as I give a video comment to this blog. It’s posted a second comment conveniently.

  • I just wanna say I trained a few hundred people to work as peer in Illinois. I was one of the statewide trainers there. It was one of the highlights of my career working there.

    I moved out to East Coast and had to attend the state peer five day training. I was accepted but I declined. I enjoyed the peer job here and I’m grateful peer colleagues helped me get situated out here. I’m very thankful to them despite it not being lateral move.

    It was April and just now August I got an awesome job using my college degree and resume experience in peer leader role. I’ve already had tears of pleasure obtaining this. I also got a part time job about ten hours a week. This goal was so tough to get done.

    I was experiencing homelessness however I found or got support. I feel it was my pendant of my faith background absolute.

    I got food and then roommates. I’m a terrible roomie and I feel terrible. I’m gonna tell them this weekend how much I appreciate them and I’m gonna move out soon. I’m gonna get them both a gift later.

    This was one off the best summers of my life.

  • The people I allow myself to get angry with is my parents and siblings. I would get angry with my wife. I don’t actually speak to parents or brothers so I don’t get angry.

    I may be angry at people on street although I pray and I know what I believe. I get angry at co-workers, but I ignore it. Not the place to do that at least with me. I did though kind of at state govnt level because due to perks and security I think they take it overboard.

    It may seem I’m not able to express and it’s kind of true but I’ve been this way since I was fifteen. That way is lonely to point of isolation and not having people to talk with. It’s had huge blessings but I’m definitely hurt by it. I’m not sad though so I’m grateful.

  • Sera, This is literally first time I’ve read an entire article. I absolutely am enthralled at the details and the graphic sordid things people don’t highlight.

    I used to think of graphic trauma that is I as loving in secret. Now though Sera these memories are more than decent with me. There are about three so plentiful and big memories with me. There is no more caressing them as I did in my twenties in darkness. No, no more.

    When I get old, very old this pain is reason of my song.

    This article possessed me and I’m gonna read it one more time.

  • I am offsides on this issue, however skipping away and rendering a comment could enrich the conversation.

    Here it is world: Sometimes these prejudice issues debase me and I am offsides in my mental thinking. My processing is messed up because of the debasing.

    I have a routine that builds my attitudes and values. Though umm this actually a mental tool. When I get inclination to be cool because of stigma I think in my head operation Kathleen.

    That was an attack planned by Ireland in Europe years go that was a total fiasco. Just wasn’t planned and going on feeling cool alone is disaster. You can research operation Kathleen brought you by Ireland if you care to do so.

    Anyway this is valid content in commenter section as it helps me be calm. Ya know calm and smooth communicating with people on stigma and misunderstanding. Community peoples and also relatives. Ya know stigma is painful issue.

  • Yes, Yessss.

    I discard and throw turmoil of this specific issue in history at water. Now I’m better. I stay there by water some things are better left unsaid. I meditate there angry I don’t know just seeming upset. Then I’m laughing angrily and then a giggle. Then I accept. I just accept. I heal. I smile. I’m solumn again as I walk to my car.

    Yesss. Ohh Yess.

  • I enjoy creative writing and that was fabulous.

    Reading ( doogie howser) theme music expediated I consider there is an avenue on this bone. This cavity edging and the outcome is a person that is lost to your knowledge. Dr. Brogan I feel this is a moral article.

    I think of my own sibling who I’m not close with. He is attorney doing employment law from his home and also went to University Chicago law school.

    People like him are lost on the clarity you provide.

    Morality. They fight against bullying and hostility and lose. I had psuedo prejudice at my career and then I had prejudice and emotional abuse.

    Didn’t care and says he represents employer and employee. I did research when stung me and he often litigates employer against individuals of other races than Caucasian.

    The nerve of my sibling.

    Dr. Brogan individuals read your article though they aren’t aware of this tubular cavity off the bone there is huge problem. Not being aware are microsomes Dr. microsomes of morality.

    I feel so deeply emotions with people that share my faith. Individual(s) of different heritages. Also though other benevolent faiths.

  • Therapy, shmerapy I say, but you have great talent with the pen.

    All through the night I am the giving tree.

    I wanna be a monster no one sees.

    All through the night rumors come close and they skip to the side.

    It was essentially fantastic. I wanna be a monster looking intensely out of my sockets laughing at being crushed no one noticing me. My cosmetics and yes the turbotron.

    But of course once one, you are Always with us.

    Therapy / that’s my comment.

  • I have a psychological label. These days life is complicated.

    My home is here though it could also be there yes. Great one. So great ahhhh. I’m at Denny’s eating dinner. I feel like I can feel peoples brains especially people that scare me. It’s quite uncomfortable. I think of great things to keep me comfortable. This is just one specific instance of how this unbelievable thing they call psychosis gets all out of proportion. So many nuances and what not that makes people squirm or is it just me. These quirky yet very interesting abilities or obstacles are often dark yet really awesome basically.

  • Yes. USA it’s fine to say what we want.

    China and Russia it’s different. Can’t make the change they want happen. Entire lives and wealth accrued gone.

    USA I know I try to speak up gently although I do it everyday. Everyday and I keep eyes out as to kernels of excitement or big opportunities to combat society.

  • Hi Sarah,

    Awesome job. Upon reading this I listened to Green Day song called Holiday.

    Somebody I know got me onto that song. That’s a really great song Sarah. I get feeling well and talk sing it and laugh…sigh, deep sigh, don’t feel want to sniffle.

    Then a moment about the journey of persistence with this shall I say legacy.

  • The path I think is about choices and going the way want to go. I’m a huge fan of Wilson Phillips and song hold on.

    My bosses plural say Pat you’re doing well, but IPS intentional peer support suggests not telling people to hold on for one more day.

    Can we hold on for one more day that’s what I say. I also say many of the lyrics from hold on in a talk manner.

    To my supervisors plural I say ya know this IPS seems so much Carl Rogers theory.

    I must express me and be present with huge Wilson Phillips vibes in a way others nearby may feel planes roaring by as we talk.

  • My views are Almighty Father made me. Nature and nurture are
    though part of me. I feel that I used ideals exercise by Edgar Cayce to build a bond with Almighty Father.

    I think of the song by Brandi Have You Ever. I now express my life to Almighty God and find that I’m sharing my love so much better to me.

    I learned to get out all the prayers I was shown as a kid, although I of course say The Our Father. It was instructed in the Christian Bible. The language of the praying predominately is anti to the Christian Gospel and this is so very weird.

    Though my hero Edgar uses language of King James Bible and I use another form, thats not the crux. What I’m saying is the teachers instructed us very bad way. I desire to in my own path turn over the money tables at the Church, but focusing on the wording of prayers.

    Going to the article them I’m saying that with me God made me. Nature and nurture though is a part of living.

  • Steve, There is a big issue I want to warn people about. It’s a social justice issue from a 40 year old person. Something Ive noticed many years. The premise is something that msw’s and lcpc’s praise, however it doesn’t stand on it’s own this premise. The msw’s and lcps’s eagerly anticipate this, however it’s not able to do actually what they say.

    I’m Pat running around and I think a role is that I can share this with my leaders. I don’t jell with people men and ladies so that’s it. Leaders here it is :

    In the year 2065 others ethnic peoples are going to increase as to demographic data and be greater that white / euro American individuals in this country.

    Sera s.e.r.a.ummm her article on FYOG and FMOG got me thinking this premise is gonna get hit. I want to to tell you this Sera and other awesome people. Because if I work on it so much I could be going towards the FMOG philosophy she wrote about

    If I tell you then it can be handled by awesome Earthy people in an Earth sort of way. To work on this ahead and block hits to this premise because of the what it can yield to the world. I want to support my very kind and wholesome leaders.

    ~ Pat

  • Dear James, I’m writhing this comment about a man I know. A man as it happens I am going to know more eventually. We played some scrabble on the iphones many times. We are planning a possible visit to play some board games in person. He was thrilled about my double word scores and they way I effortlessly move through the board getting those a lot. It’s a great strategic move. Is it defense or offense he wonders and I chuckle.

    Anyway he has issues or challenges with the increased energy and also his mood and the larger word we refer to as depression. I also have some issues that I have conquered and I want to support.

    This article was awesome.

  • Elizabeth, First I want to write that the structure of letter and the choice of words is great.

    Second, it really did make me feel emotion and reading your personal biography I had dual thoughts.

    Mostly happiness that you treat them both well and support them with reaching their goals. That is something I think about too much . I’m trying to let it go as the thought that appeared with the polish of your biography is about my folks.

    I want to honor parents and do well, however I’ve over years formed an important mindset. It’s an exercise I do daily to sculpt my attitudes and behaviors and beliefs. I have searched and found ways to have a father and mother in my heart that I love.

    “The chains that bind us most closely are the one’s we’ve broken.” – A Porchia.

  • Robber Barons from this field is quite the topic Sera. I actually worked at admin levels of Illinois Dept Mental Health, but I don’t really think they are that cool or prominent. A robber baron is better morally than these people. Robber barons went on in 19th century USA to give their wealth to the community. They dept admin people obtained a great state job with awesome benefits and their business practices are weird and can be mean.

    Ya know what I do? I focus on people such as Val Resh and of course you as well Sera to keep me joyful. Here is Val.

  • This article is from Shannon Peters and it resonated with me. My spirit has got strong due to this trial. It’s been a really great trail.

    Also many people I know I can tell being near to them that their spirit is also strong. Sometimes I think privately singing La, La, LA We’re doing the most innovative move ever as I acquire a new job. I head out and am quite fond when I go to work day by day supporting people with gentleness and kindness. My job is great.

    I also really was impressed the comments of Salimur on this article from Shannon. Salimur’s comments seem to align actually with what this article and FMOSG.

    Laughan, Laughan, Laughan at how great this article is.

  • Very good on finding those hints Robert Nikkel. In Case don’t know there was a man, Dr. McLaren, wrote article in 2017 actually titled Mainstream Western Psychiatry Science or Psuedo Science.

    Essentially though he says the amount of people that access medications has gone up as a huge mountain very very quickly since he graduated medical school and started practicing. The sharp rise is the relevant point. Appreciate this article and the liberty it enhances pointing to business practices. It’s a shame to look at getting help that way though.

  • A second comment and I’m gonna hunker down there. I’m Hunkering. It’s very important and an automatic or instinct reaction, because I basically care about this. It’s a value.

    If I’m into a construct or theme of peer support and therapy basically it’s cool I don’t be upfront and say it. I just enjoy how it’s going. There’s a potential someday to join a talk group or not.

  • Yeah well I’m thinking this is not very cool and I ran away crying hurt feelings.

    There are some traces having hole to keep falling in time and again. That mantra was important with me growing up and having intimate relationships. I mean that mantra or mindsets gets me. Even today gets me. It’s cool.

  • Yo, This makes me think about the nights I listened to coast to coast in my bedroom living alone waiting. Laughing at John B when he joined George as a Saturday dj.

    On this blog says this and the other that. Someone says they value something doesn’t mean they actually do.

    With radio program the guy fooled me because I also subscribed to caravan show. Many people were aware of his prejudice because they treated George as somebody they used to know.

    It took me about month and I cancelled after his bombastic speech bombarded discriminatory comments then said he is huge fan of Hendrix.

    I’m staying with George. I think though most of programs are ok, but some of evenings get awesome stuff.

  • Also I mean some people I know have co-occurring mental and addiction / use issues.

    I mean it’s not sharp line though. The infamous AA alcoholic anonymous painting of a man giving support with guy that has hit rock bottom has a double quandary or double compandre.

    I stopped in 2007, although I went there the group but two years. It’s so much in terms of intricate details of a person as to co occurring that it’s not really great important or worth to debate. That painting I prefer to feel it and not even discuss.

    I mean this could be grasped my point here what I’m saying is even such as Slyvia Plath the issues and details are so intricate as to a person that I feel it and usually don’t discuss.

  • The comments are fine I’ve noted a while, although you get people to refrain from commenting. I mean I admire people such as Chacku from the star center.

    People that might be interested in looking at alternative ways. Maybe this is new to them. The counter culture to the counter culture here is greatness. I basically think the commenters are the sub counter culture.

  • Diverting back to crux of this. Well if you meet the right person they can heal or contribute to personal growth.

    I am actually a huge fan of Katie Mottram emerging proud campaign that interviews women and men in Spirituality. I actually do feel that my faith is strong and if people that are bullied consider my journey they can get on a better path. I don’t need to do anything. Sometimes talking incessantly is a problem and hindrance.

    That’s something really important Peers can help others with life struggles. I’m saying such as you can view someone going at it with everything they have. I mean of course not everyone on their journey although I can support some people.

    My faith if choice is Christianity Protestant background. I follow the guidance of Edgar Cayce with my Christian Faith. Also he is respectful to other faith denominations. His guidance is supportive to other faiths as well. All in all he is my spiritual guide versus church practitioners. I attend each Sunday and some practitioners are more supportive and this and that. On the edge of 25, I was hit with an issue from my hero Edgar. Then with constant homage to him as a mentor I start to learn the humor in the quick beat to America. The metaphor is that America moves fast that it’s difficult in this land.

  • I’m referring to group dynamics things may get uncovered. Even the upper echelons world over appreciate the value of this.

    With I it hit, well simply shouldn’t be described in a single paragraph. Shouldn’t that’s all. We are here to enjoy our time but also so many profound reasons why. Group support is a guardian of civilized and productive mental aid. Natural community groups that’s what I have passion and gets me up from the aspect of connection. Natural groups are huge and I definitely appreciate.

  • I don’t concur Julie. I often said I don’t want any friends. After work I say that phrase to get me motivated to attend a fabulous group in the community. Getting situated they have a board there with photos and getting there I often look at that direction and think that inspirational phrase as the group is going on.

    At the group I didn’t meet a buddy. I met a truly wonderful individuals. I went there just tonight. That’s the total and all encompassing crux of this thing.

  • I mean I don’t want to come across as too oddball though I in a way feel I’m living in Scooby-Doo world. A lot of mean peoples. Them mean people.

    These guys at Church give me the uncomfortable. I’m white and my favorite people men and women that I feel aren’t there because it hurt them too.

    Those really warm peoples and the friendliest or # 1 people are there and I feel nice with them generally speaking. It either be pretty good though if people who are of Christian background re-join us at Protestant side. Dudes get them out of there.

  • I was in heartland fighting. There weren’t many of us here or if they were they did a stent.

    Few years now I’m just still that’s all I can do here alone.

    Still though they punch me kick me and punch me again. Not hassling around though the picture gets more evident due to my vigilant prayer life.

    These dudes getting even more punked be their malediction. Even the reverent and the insestous hats guys get’n more pitifulied.

  • If mindfulness was an adage and so therefore in a way it is to leave the pointless heretics.

    Heroin is not needed to sail into the mountain side waterfall you wash thyself from pain and misery of the world. Whether be:

    dorks at school,
    abuse at home,
    the living of solitude
    needs and scariness of loneliness.

  • People that have gained weight it doesn’t make you any less strong.

    The ymca here has a pool and also a family and therapy pool. They have a circle that is waist high water with a current. You can walk with current or towards. It’s also helpful to just walk in a pool if the water is shallow. It’s a curent of fortune with I at this time. Then I go eat at restaurant with them. I think about how I’m staring intensely at the decor man and then eat.

    It’s ideal to build muscle in legs and water fitness contributes to weight loss more than treadmill or gym bicycle. It’s the best way and due to science laws people feel very light in water.

    If you feel sensitive at gym pool you can buy a one piece suit and also second clothing item to go over waist and hips. Just my suggestions to the world.

  • I am a voice hearer and I’ve caused issues since I’ve been at the admin central office doing what I was hired to do. The admin has been informed by their admin that they should leave me alone and back off.

    So I was like ok. I also call providers all day long when I’m not traveling or going to do presentations/trainings. I try to work hard and be professional.

    And then I spend time being an actor at office. Ya know due to the stigma and overall attitude. A man that has mental health issues, however at work is being an actor with it. I’m getting jiggy with it cuz I know how to be professional in work or business setting. I know the rules of courteous and this and that. If I can be a dork at work that’s gonna happen.

  • “I think it’s a great thing from my perspective and experiences. I wonder how this will shift the archetypes and life in modern society.”

    When I worked at the state mental health hospital the employees were diverese cultural makeup. My office was there although I traveled in community visiting region providers.

    I requested to be transferred to the dept mental health central office headquarters with high up state mental health admin. They have a lot of employees and they are almost all white Euro – American. I’m the one individual that self discloses that I have mental health challenges. It’s really weird being there basically.

  • I don’t like reading the introduction “ the most rebellious kids at risk getting bad behaviors.” K-12 grade are very cruel to one another. It’s accepted as ok to do. You can tell just by being near to them and osmosis. It’s hard to stereotype and say the most rebellious kids are at risk of bad behaviors. Sometimes it appears that the majority of K-12 are not rebellious, but more mean. It also seems that the in America the prominent population European-American continue to lead the front with mean spirited attitude. America population is gonna be superseded by a racial and ethnic mix up that is rising.

    I think it’s a great thing from my perspective and experiences. I wonder how this will shift the archetypes and life in modern society.