Monday, February 18, 2019

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  • People that have gained weight it doesn’t make you any less strong.

    The ymca here has a pool and also a family and therapy pool. They have a circle that is waist high water with a current. You can walk with current or towards. It’s also helpful to just walk in a pool if the water is shallow. It’s a curent of fortune with I at this time. Then I go eat at restaurant with them. I think about how I’m staring intensely at the decor man and then eat.

    It’s ideal to build muscle in legs and water fitness contributes to weight loss more than treadmill or gym bicycle. It’s the best way and due to science laws people feel very light in water.

    If you feel sensitive at gym pool you can buy a one piece suit and also second clothing item to go over waist and hips. Just my suggestions to the world.

  • I am a voice hearer and I’ve caused issues since I’ve been at the admin central office doing what I was hired to do. The admin has been informed by their admin that they should leave me alone and back off.

    So I was like ok. I also call providers all day long when I’m not traveling or going to do presentations/trainings. I try to work hard and be professional.

    And then I spend time being an actor at office. Ya know due to the stigma and overall attitude. A man that has mental health issues, however at work is being an actor with it. I’m getting jiggy with it cuz I know how to be professional in work or business setting. I know the rules of courteous and this and that. If I can be a dork at work that’s gonna happen.

  • “I think it’s a great thing from my perspective and experiences. I wonder how this will shift the archetypes and life in modern society.”

    When I worked at the state mental health hospital the employees were diverese cultural makeup. My office was there although I traveled in community visiting region providers.

    I requested to be transferred to the dept mental health central office headquarters with high up state mental health admin. They have a lot of employees and they are almost all white Euro – American. I’m the one individual that self discloses that I have mental health challenges. It’s really weird being there basically.

  • I don’t like reading the introduction “ the most rebellious kids at risk getting bad behaviors.” K-12 grade are very cruel to one another. It’s accepted as ok to do. You can tell just by being near to them and osmosis. It’s hard to stereotype and say the most rebellious kids are at risk of bad behaviors. Sometimes it appears that the majority of K-12 are not rebellious, but more mean. It also seems that the in America the prominent population European-American continue to lead the front with mean spirited attitude. America population is gonna be superseded by a racial and ethnic mix up that is rising.

    I think it’s a great thing from my perspective and experiences. I wonder how this will shift the archetypes and life in modern society.