Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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  • “As individuals, we can refuse to give psychiatry the credence or moral authority to perform a successful identity degradation ceremony on us.”

    Hummm… If you changed the word “psychiatry” to nazi, I think you can see why I am not resonating with this statement, despite assurances of community and confirmation, leading up to natch! revolution. The most successful, Orwellian “identity degradation ceremony” to ever be performed up until that time, was the one which produced Mussel-man and Mussel-weiber. These were the people who were just moving through, waiting for the end, who were without hope and who were despised by the survivors who fought so hard for their survival in the nazi camps and elsewhere. These were the equivalents of the neoslaves of community mental health services today, forced not only into medication and ect, but into lives without work, without access to affordable housing, education, health care, to intimate relationships, including unpaided for friendships, marriage and children, without those “valued social roles” psychiatric rehabilitation practitioners everywhere go on about and attribute all these lacks, willy nilly, to “the illness”.

    The ‘revolution’ of the sixties and on, wasn’t hardly. Unless you fit into identities of the much self heralded mold of “radical” and “male”. Otherwise you were left on the margins along with the other refuse. This included people like me, who could not afford housing, who could not access education and who had a long history of homelessness (it wasn’t called that them, but rather a “deviant” lifestyle). Oh, and a long history of institutionalization.

    Yes, after multiple decades of struggle, yes, born with white skin and into a family that spoke the king’s english, I found my way up and out. But, no thanks to the revolution. [Excepting my friend, the book(s).] Lefties have a particularly bad track record with anyone labeled disabled, and hide in denial of real problems that real people, not privileged people, face. And those would be (in no particular order) housing, employment, education, nutrition, clothing, health care especially including eye care and dental care, skills training, financial literacy and numeracy, etc. Maybe what our movement needs is something like what the pre-revolutionary privileged russian’s did in their literacy movement? I don’t know, I just know that the quote could have only alienated me more were I still in my twenties and teens. I think it’s far, far worse for young people today.

  • Yeah, what a bummer. Not just, but an invitation to keep killing us. Where do self appointed people get the nerve to speak FOR US???
    Living in Massachusetts, a neighbor no less, and not a bad sort in other contexts, why does this not surprise me? Where did the advocacy of Mental Patients Liberation Front and M-POWER go? Down the toilet with the pundits and the sell outs who, for a fee or for public recognition or both, have sold our rights again and again.