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  • Yes, Rachel I do agree with you!
    If ‘faulty genes’ were the reason psychiatrists wreak so much harm on innocent people it might not be as egregious. They definitely choose to act the way they do. After a snarky young female psychiatrist inflicted a great deal of harm on me during cancer treatment I said to my spouse “how could ANYONE be that stupid”. His reply was “No one is THAT stupid – it was intentional”. And he is right.

  • The VA seems to use the same tactics as psychiatry to dodge questions and whitewash evidence of the harm they are doing. As we prepare to honor veterans on November 11, 2019 this is a chilling and timely report that pays tribute to their courage and the high price so many paid to serve. I hope the VA sees this report and wakes up to the dire facts and statistics that are clearly presented in this report. Thank you Robert and Derek for putting together this outstanding and thoroughly researched report.

  • Thanks for providing a great summary of Bonnie Burstow’s new book. Prestigious academics and authors such as Bonnie Burstow and Robert Whitaker and the other professionals of great integrity who write on MIA to forge on with this epic battle is remarkable and so appreciated. It’s a direly needed mission of good will for the many who have been snared, harmed and had their lives ruined by psychiatry. Of course supporting the authors, donating etc is important to further this battle but what other initiatives can I or other readers of MIA also do to further this battle?
    (Per Bonnie’s comment the “emergence of an antipsychiatry lending library” sounds promising if the price is too prohibitive to purchase)

  • As always an interesting piece Noel,
    “Perhaps a study needs to be developed to search for the faulty gene variations that result in a complete lack of compassion. Or the gene that makes people worship money and success.”

    Yes, as it stands psychiatrists always think it is “others” with faulty genes. We need to find out what egregiously faulty gene is responsible for the controlling, maleficent, power-seeking behavior that drives so many psychiatrists!

  • Dr. Johnson, this blog really addresses what is most abhorrent and incomprehensible about psychiatry – the “Aetiological Vacuum”. You state it very well in ..“This approach couldn’t last microseconds in all other branches of medical practice, where ameliorating causative factors is the be-all and end-all of what doctors seek to do. Ask any non-DSM doctor.”

    That psychiatrists have no interest or concern and actually DON’T want to hear what the causative factors are of distress, depression etc goes well beyond sheer stupidity. It is highly negligent and maleficent.

    I highly commend you on your integrity as per your bio, “In 1967 he refused to give Electric Shock Therapy, which he regarded as akin to the ducking stool and about as effective — whereupon his further psychiatric career was blocked.”

    I hope you write another MIA blog soon and I also hope you once again submit papers for publication!

  • This is a sad story with a very tragic outcome for a little girl but I believe psychiatry and their damaging drugs are to blame. Thank goodness for these wonderful and courageous people that helped Marci. They all deserve accolades for their courage, compassion and humanity. I give very high praise to Cindy Perlin for all she has done for Marci as I believe many therapists would not want to get involved. It is easier to walk away from someone when the chips are the down. Much respect to Cindi Perlin.

  • Dorothy and Leah, Thank you for this podcast and for all your work and advocacy. Dorothy your story is gut wrenching. You have incredible strength and resilience to have endured these barbaric psych practices at such a young age and then actually witnessed your young roommate Susan die from these barbaric practices. I deeply admire your advocacy and for speaking out against psychiatry to help others. I had naively agreed to see a psychiatrist for chemo-induced insomnia and ended up paying a huge price for being naïve. Like many of the general public I had no idea of the damage psychiatry inflicts on innocent people and was shocked to discover psychiatry wields ultimate power and control. Psychiatry is a total sham – but the word of psychiatry somehow rules supreme over every other branch of ‘real’ medicine. I cannot wrap my brain around that. It wasn’t until I found the MIA site that I realized how extensive the damage of psychiatry was. Thank you for still speaking out after all these years and for all your endeavors to help others avoid similar fates. God bless you sweet lady!

  • Eric, is that the ‘norm’ to have wait 3 years between hearings? Forced drugging is cruel and one would think a hearing on such a perverse matter should occur at least once a year. I wonder if that is an area someone could advocate for you on, or MIA could get a petition going or something to at least get you a hearing much sooner than that.

  • Thanks for this blog Eric, and for making it clear there are no ‘side’ effects from these drugs. Rather than ‘side’ effects these drugs have ‘damaging’ and ‘deadly’ effects. I hope sooner than later you will be allowed to stop taking these drugs. When do you expect there to be another hearing on this matter?

  • Dr. Schlimme, I highly commend you for putting forth this Manifesto and Petition. It is encouraging to know there are still psychiatrists out there in the world who have integrity, compassion and a conscience. It takes integrity for a professional to acknowledge and speak out on the destructive disaster psychiatry is. It seems most psychiatrists are too power hungry, or insecure, to ever let go of the whole power and control thing and are mostly concerned about their status, ego, privilege, etc. Thank you for your humanity! I truly hope your endeavours in Germany are successful!

  • The Reviewer’s remark tying the matter to “the Church of Scientology” is a cheap shot. Totally without integrity or scruples, shows the persistent narcissistic control of psychiatry.

    “Or it has meant that only “agreeable” consumer views are invited.”

    Yes, the token lay person on any Complaint Committee is only to make it look good. The lay person wouldn’t be in that position long if they didn’t side with the Committees. Complaints Committees are kangaroo court, aka doctors investigating themselves.

    “Perhaps it is time to build more of our own tables: forums where people with lived experience set the agenda, and we invite others to join the agendas that we set.”
    Thanks for this report Dr. Maylea and Indigo.

  • Boans I had a look online at Seligman’s theory etc, and I see what you are referring to. Until one gets trapped in the web of psychiatry we are unaware of all the lying, twisting of facts and manipulation that goes on and how psychiatry often uses their power and control to serve their ‘own’ agendas. Yes, it is disgusting and criminal.
    Hmm, “global”, I heard that pathetic excuse too. Unbeknownst to me 4 pysch diagnoses were put on my electronic health records while I was in cancer treatment. Later on I began to be denied health care services because of these labels and requested answers as to what ‘DSM criteria’ I had met for the labels or what I said or did to warrant these labels. They were not able to find out what DSM criteria I had met or any reasoning for the labels so I was told it was “global”.

  • Thanks for this piece Professor Hahn. It boggles the mind how psychiatry does NOT take into account any context, trauma or victimizing circumstances of someone’s life, instead puts damaging labels and all blame on the victims.

    Further, DSM labels and how they were constructed is utter nonsense, as … “According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, two individuals can share a diagnosis of schizophrenia and yet have no symptoms in common.”
    It’s all SO ridiculous it’s is hard to believe psychiatry is actually a branch of legitimate medicine.

  • Thank you for sharing what you have been through Amanda and for speaking out and demanding answers as to the damage inflicted on you and millions of others by erroneous DSM labels and the poisonous drugs pushed onto trusting people.

    You wrote, “During this time, I shared my symptoms and physical concerns with providers, but the symptoms of various mental health diagnoses seemingly acted as blinders to the growing physical harms.”

    Yes, “Blinders” is a good word. The DSM labels provide an excuse to dismiss the various damaging effects of these drugs or attribute them to increasing “mental illness”. As voices of the harmed grows louder the perpetrators of this widespread damage and ruination of lives must be forced to take off their “blinders” and face the reality of how they are destroying lives. I had no idea how widespread this harm was until I found MIA and read the many stories from harmed survivors. I’ve just begun to read Anatomy of an Epidemic and was shocked to read (on page7) that “In 2007, the disability rate was 1 in every 76 Americans”. I’m wondering what the rate is today. Thanks for sharing and speaking out. Thanks for your service and I wish you all the best in regaining your strength and former health.

  • Dear Sarah,
    Thank you for this excellent piece. It is so insightful and powerful I had my spouse read it as well. He said it makes the most sense of anything he has read in terms of why people lose hope and become suicidal. Over the years I had my share of adversities but always found a way to be resilient and hopeful. It was not until after a dreadful encounter with a punitive psychiatrist (for “help” with chemo-induced insomnia) that I sunk into a place of darkness and despair I had never been before. The despair is due solely to the harm of the “iatrogenic connection” to this psychiatrist and her ill-will.

    This piece certainly did speak to me and I look forward to the rest of your series. Thanks again!

  • Dr. Tasch, You certainly are a beacon of light in the vast darkness of mental health services. Thank you for your integrity, compassion and intelligence to see the harm being done. Also kudos to the wonderful attorney, Elizabeth Rich. Now if only the two of you could be cloned!

    It is appalling how mental health professionals are “pushing their own agenda on a person in a vulnerable state”. Once again it proves the grave danger of seeking “help” from the “mental health” industry when you are in distress. Leslie must be a very strong person to have kept it together and put up with of all this deceit and insanity so as not to “rock the boat”.

  • Ruth, I am so sorry you and your daughter endured such an ordeal after being in contact with mental health services. Until you experience it on a personal level it is hard to believe how very damaging it actually can be. Thank you for sharing your story. You are a strong, courageous woman and your mission to help others avoid the same nightmare as your daughter is most commendable. Best wishes to you and your daughter.

  • Joe, thanks for sharing your story. I am so sorry to read of how things went so badly for you after being traumatized at such a young age by your parents and then by the absurdity and cruelty of the mental health system. Although it was likely scary for the neighbour it seems overly punitive that throwing a rock into a neighbour’s window was ultimately how you ended up with a life sentence.

    Everyone makes mistakes and we can all learn, grow and improve from them and I’m so glad you have Stephen Shenfield acting an advocate for clemency.

    I wish you all the best in the future.

  • Thank you for sharing your story Elizabeth. It is SO important this information gets out there and these stories get told! Your ordeal with insomnia resonated with what I endured when chemo/steroids triggered major insomnia and I began taking a hypnotic drug Imovane and later a psychiatrist threw in an assortment of additional psych drugs (and totally disbelieved the horrible effects of the drugs)

    As your story and others demonstrate all psychiatry has to offer is psych labels, damaging drugs and more damaging drugs. (and other barbaric treatments such as ECT) To never acknowledge any “other factors” is psychiatry’s calling card. It’s hard to believe and incredibly ignorant how psychiatry ignores and dismisses all root causes, context and circumstances of one’s life as if it bears no weight whatsoever in the situation.

    Your strength and persistence to do what feels right for you and not swallow anymore pysch drugs is paying off. I am very happy to hear you are doing better these days and send you best of wishes.

  • Thanks James and Dr. Kinderman for this interview. As per your book A Prescription for Psychiatry “traditional thinking about mental health care is profoundly flawed” and as you note in the interview if we carry on with things the way they are people are being labelled with “diseases that simply don’t exist” and “given drugs that do more harm than good.”

    Yes, drastic change is needed. Psychiatry has no science or evidence for entirely subjective and constructed labels that “simply don’t exist” – yet the word of psychiatry rules supreme over ALL other medical doctors, psychologists, etc? That is absurd! Psychiatry must be stripped of its unbridled power and control. That would be a good first step.

    James you make a great point – “understanding human experiences, behaviours and emotions is something we are required to do every day as individuals in society”. Yes – the average person must do that every day so why do so many psychiatrists not have the skills, compassion, common sense or good judgment to do just that?
    I echo your thanks James to Professor Kinderman and others for “being willing to put themselves out there to challenge the mainstream”. Much respect to those who are speaking out to save lives. Thanks again.

  • One would fervently hope “Theoretically, disclosure may offer a chance for emotional recovery”. It’s reprehensible that… “…in reality, it often elicits negative, unsupportive reactions.”

    I cannot think of a more revolting crime than children being traumatized and victimized by sexual abuse or any kind of abuse and for professional intervention to generate more trauma through invalidation, disbelief, victim-blaming or cover-up is another revolting crime in of itself.

  • Thank you for your military service Derek and for sharing your harrowing journey with psych drugs and withdrawal. I was aware these drugs did horrible things to the brain but didn’t know they wreaked so much havoc on the physical body as well, as described in your story and Dan Hurd as well in his story.

    It is great you have joined forces with Robert Whitaker and MIA on this noble mission to help stop the harm and save lives. Your inspiring story is very helpful to the veterans and to everyone else as well. Thanks and let’s all keep beating the drums for this mission!

  • Anomie, thanks for your comment and the link. Yes I cringe reading cancer patients “should be asked at every visit about anxiety or depression” and patients “should speak up” about these issues. Yep, let’s just keep spreading that virus!

    Mine is a twisted saga as I was bullied right from the get-go by an arrogant oncologist. He immediately fear-mongered and said I won’t be alive in 3 years if I only have standard chemo drugs as he wanted me in a clinical trial so he would be an ‘associate’ doctor and earn a big payday from BigPharma. This meant adding a 4th drug to my cocktail and signing off on “side effects” of heart attack, stroke, vision loss, intestinal rupturing etc. I read all the info and told him I felt it was best I decline. He blew up in anger, threw his pen across the desk and with eyes blazing stormed out of the room.

    I did start standard chemo and the 1st round flattened me. I was so dizzy and weak I fell, hit my head on the floor and laid unconscious bleeding from a gash to my head. My family doctor stitched up my head and sent me to the ER for a CT scan but the oncologist completely dismissed the incident. The carboplatin in my 1st round triggered vertigo & tinnitus so severe I only managed to walk around the house holding onto walls and furniture. I was due for a 2nd round in 3 weeks but my white cells were so flattened the 2nd round had to be delayed an extra 2 weeks. By then the vertigo had improved by 60%. I asked for dosages of the other drugs to be reduced by 25% and requested to drop carboplatin altogether as it’s known for cumulative and permanent damage to the inner ear. He refused. A 2nd round of carboplatin was forced on me and triggered severe vertigo again. I held my ground and refused a 3rd dose. I was scheduled for 6 rounds but I quit chemo altogether after 4 rounds. Lots of permanent damage and health issues from chemo I didn’t need and years later I’m still alive to talk about my terminal diagnosis. To be sent to a callous psychiatrist whose only goal was to degrade and label me was a double whammy. Lots more to the story but I better quit here. (Btw, the clinical trial was halted because of too many fatal “side effects” occurring.)

  • Anomie, much truth and wisdom in what you write. People who are jobless, homeless etc being psychiatrically labelled for their hardships is a heartless and corrupt cover-up of reality.

    You wrote: “Being disheveled, sleep deprived, and malnourished will make anyone appear in a way that psychiatry can place a label on.”

    Yes, I found that out when during cancer treatment I became very ill and sleep deprived and sent to a psychiatrist for “help with sleep meds”. Among the many effects chemo had was nausea and ravaging my throat membranes so bad I could barely swallow water. All my hair fell out and I became very thin – from the effects of chemo – but the psychiatrist used my appearance against me to support psych labels. It was winter and I bought a head covering for cancer patients (at the cancer hospital) but the psychiatrist wrote “patient appeared with a scarf wrapped around her head” trying to make it sound like it was bizarre behaviour. She also stated I was “very thin” and it was chalked up to “anorexia”. Until it happened to me I had no idea of the blatant lies, betrayals and distortions of reality psychiatry revels in. It’s time for a present-day version of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.

  • Thanks Robert for this update on Marci Webber’s situation. It is incomprehensible how people are put not just on one psych drug – but a whole cocktail – when damaging effects of these drugs on the brain are not understood and get labelled as “mental illness”. There are so many disturbing issues clearly showing the extent of institutional lies and betrayals and it’s appalling other staff are coerced by narcissistic superiors to conform to the same rigid attitudes and betrayals. Particularly inhumane and disturbing is: “Her noncompliance led to years of mistreatment ad harassment, with staff at one point encouraging her to kill herself.”

    Marci showed good insight in not wanting to continue taking psych medications and also in not wanting to meet with Dr. Malis. But of course with a super-sized ego and penchant for control it’s no surprise he did not want anything positive to be written about Marci. The average person has no clue these dishonest, exploitive and unethical behaviours by “mental health professionals’ happen more often than not. Thanks for reporting on these events and I wish Marci all the best in the future.

  • Anomie, Wow, another excellent post!
    From my own experience with two psychiatrists one relished in her power to punish and “other” me while in cancer treatment but another psychiatrist I saw 10 years earlier at my own request (after my younger brother’s sudden unexplained death on psych drugs, and a workplace accident, etc) was dismayed by what took place. He called it a “horror story” and urged me to fight it. When I told him all this psychiatrist did that was so unethical and unjust he told me I was “preaching to the choir”. But I am well aware that due to the hierarchy he is not at liberty to speak out. The dismantling of psychiatry and its power to abuse can be accelerated when all dissident psychiatrists are driven to speak out. Thankfully there are a few who do speak out on this great website!

    You wrote “Psychiatry is like a virus, and it’s spread into the entire medical system.”

    YES! “Virus” is a very good description and it has spread into the entire medical system! Psychiatry was used to endlessly punish me because I tried to make my own medical decisions on a questionable cancer “diagnosis” (that was in fact totally OVER diagnosed) Thanks for your thoughtful posts.

  • Thanks for this comprehensive commentary James.

    “The reductive, materialist approach to ‘mental disorder’ is running on fumes.”
    Glad to read that! The DSM model of “mental disorders” is so reductive it’s almost ‘one size fits all’ and hopefully runs out of fumes very soon.

    I agree we should all make a concerted effort not to participate in the problems we are opposing. I do think psychiatry and others with guild interests who wield uncontrolled power are responsible for bringing about the most damage and harm to others.

  • Alex, as you noted you have grievances with MIA and you are entitled to your feelings, but it was disappointing and unwarranted to throw shade because I was being supportive of MIA. Let’s not forget MIA is a non-profit organization and has operating costs. There is a donate button at the top of every page – plus at the bottom of every page is a large banner that reads “Help MIA Survive – Click to Donate Now” so I don’t think my comment was at all inappropriate. Like so many on this site my goal and greatest hope is for this movement to keep growing and reach ever more people so the damage psychiatry is doing can finally be stopped. As I said psychiatrists do all sorts of projecting and proclaim there are ‘issues’ where there are none so let’s try refrain from doing that. Solidarity will make for much more progress.

  • Thanks so much Melody for speaking out about the demoralizing experiences you endured from a therapist and the Mental Health Counselor Program and how it shaped your decisions. I am sorry you had to go through these experiences but I really commend you for how quickly you saw through all the hypocrisy and the “dark side of psychiatry” and knew this is not something you could be a part of.

  • Mike, thank you for speaking truth to power and so clearly exposing the attitudes of discrimination and degradation of those working in the mental health field and also of some family members. It is like a gang mentality. “Cult-like” is also a good description. Much respect and gratitude for your integrity and for standing up for your principles and values and not allowing anyone to silence you.

  • Alex, yes as you would know from my personal emails I am VERY compassionate and even though I have my own huge struggles I’ve always supported and stood up for anyone less fortunate, facing hard times, the elderly, etc, etc. That is who I am.

    I made a simple and well- meaning comment in an effort to support MIA and you turned it into an issue of social abuse?! It’s bad enough psychiatrists twist words and try portray what is said in into something different, let’s not do that to each other. You speak of energy and light for healing but are quick throw shade over a simple comment made to be positive and help grow a website that IS trying to help people and prevent harm.

    As far as my comment that money is not falling from the sky – I’m just being realistic. Robert is running a site that takes a lot of time, energy – and money. For that I have deep gratitude and I would hope others do too. That sentence was NOT about donating money – it was about having gratitude for the time, energy and yes – money that IS unfortunately required to run the site. If you or anyone else has a way to build and run a site of this magnitude that doesn’t require money then I say PLEASE do it.

  • Oldhead, When I found MIA I read the mission is to “re-think psychiatry” and as I continued reading it became clear the mission was also to try stop or prevent the many forms of harm being done to so many by psychiatry. Would I want to see psychiatry abolished, absolutely!! But that is a HUGE goal that will take a very long time and may prove to be impossible. So in the meantime I support re-thinking psychiatry to try stop the ongoing harm and take away the unrestrained power psychiatry currently has. Anything is better than the status quo.

  • Alex, you misunderstood my comment. I would never ask anyone on “fixed disability incomes and/or living in poverty” to donate to anything. After a work place accident, then cancer diagnosis and encounter with a psychiatrist I have been on disability and have faced many financial difficulties when living on my own – so I know what it’s like. Of course not every reader is in a position to donate anything but there are thousands of readers and my comment was to say I hope readers pass a link to the website to spread the message and “donate whatever they can to keep the fight going”. Key words – “whatever they can” – if it’s nothing then it’s nothing. No big deal.

    You wrote “so solidarity here is a lot to expect”. I was referring to the defintion of “solidarity” as in “Unity of purpose, interest, or sympathy”. The mission of this website as I understood it was to “re-think psychiatry” and by doing so to try to stop the harm being done to so many by psychiatry. I was not linking “solidarity” in any way to donating money.

  • Rachel that is a great comment. I wish people would be more grateful for the work, dedication and advocacy of Robert and the MIA site. It is an amazing site with many incredible professional writers and tons of personal stories and it puts out so much new information on a daily basis I can hardly keep up. And there certainly is not money falling from the sky to operate a website of this magnitude. No one has to agree on every aspect but at least show some gratitude and solidarity for the overall mission.

  • Dr. Bruce Levine – WOW! you knocked it out of the park with this masterpiece! SO much truth, SO much sound knowledge and common sense, and SO much that totally resonates with my experience. I was going to repeat a few of the points that really stood out but soon realized I would be repeating nearly everything! 🙂

    This is a piece I will definitely get my spouse to sit down and read and will be emailing the link to organizations or professionals I have email addresses for. For those I don’t have an email address this is so worthy of printing off copies and sending by snail mail. Everyone needs to read this piece!

    Also thanks for the many informative and interesting links, I will definitely have to look at Lauren’s videos. Very well done Dr. Levine!! Thank you! and let’s all keep up the good fight for truth, compassion and humanity!

  • Thanks Derek and Dan for this informative podcast. Thanks Dan for taking on this impressive and challenging mission! Kudos to you for bringing much needed awareness to why people end up thinking about suicide and for being instrumental in saving lives. So important for veterans and everyone to know as you put it so well, that taking these drugs can make you become “zombified” and “numbed to a point you don’t care about anything”. That is not something anyone would want and then they have to face the aches, pains and overall nightmare of withdrawal. Best wishes to you and keep up the good work!

  • Leah, Thank you for all the work to present this very important and compelling piece. It is heartbreaking to hear your mom suffered such horrible effects of the psych drugs and lost her life at such a young age. That is an adorable picture of you and your mom. You both look so happy to be together and I am so sorry for your loss.

    Those in power talk about the cost of non-adherence, but what about the cost or toll on someone if the drugs are having intolerable effects on both mind and body, organ damage or failure and they cause an early death. That is a very high price to pay for “adherence”. Instead of calling it non-adherence or non-compliance it should be called exercising one’s right to autonomy. It sounds calculated and highly unlikely “patients” actually wanted the digital pills, maybe accepting the digital pills was the only option they had to avoid forced injections.

  • Robert,
    There is no other website or any other source that is so dedicated to exposing the many harms being done by psychiatry and fighting so hard to bring about change to prevent these harms from continuing. I am deeply grateful for this entire incredible website and for all your tireless work and advocacy.

    In fighting my own battle with a psychiatrist over lasting harm she caused me I came to realize that psychiatrists are untouchable. They are literally ‘top dog’ and answer to no one – not even the College that supposedly governs them. A year ago I was ready to give up on my battle for justice. Then I found your website and was blown away when I realized my story is not an isolated case and any one that sees a psychiatrist for any reason is likely to be harmed instead of “helped”. Finding your site re-energized me to keep fighting and although I have health issues I am trying to be an activist in any way I can.

    As you noted, change comes “one mind at a time” and unless, or until people have first-hand experience or hear about the horror stories and the harm, their mind set doesn’t change. I have been forwarding every person I interact with a link to the MIA website (including all mental health professionals in any capacity, as well as my family doctor, heads of mental health organizations, advocacy groups etc). Thank goodness for the mental health professionals on MIA who have a strong moral compass and possess ethics, intelligence and integrity. Hopefully there will be many more who have the courage and integrity to join the fight. I hope every reader of this site tries to pass the information or a link to this site at every opportunity they get and donate whatever they can to keep the fight going.

    Please keep up the incredible work and thanks again!

  • Thanks Dr. McLaren for your work! A great piece, very well stated and summarized.

    Per Pies… “Ultimately, the BPSM will allow us to provide “holistic, comprehensive psychiatric care.”
    That’s enough to make a person gag as psychiatry would not know “holistic care” from a hole in the ground.

    Pies states in his piece in Psychiatric Times: “Rebuttals of these claims are almost always dismissed as “Psychiatry defending its guild interests” (as if the purveyors of anti-psychiatry animus have no self-serving motives).”

    The “self-serving motives” of anti-psychiatry I believe are ‘self-preservation’ and preserving the lives and well being of their loved ones and others who are being severely harmed by psychiatry.

  • Congratulations Efrat on becoming the first recipient of the Dr. Bonnie Burstow Scholarship in Antipsychiatry and thank you for this excellent blog. Also, God bless Dr. Burstow for all her work and generosity in the fight to protect people from human rights violations and harm of psychiatry.

    I am so sorry to hear of the tragic outcome psychiatry had for your brother. I also had a brother who was very physically healthy but saw a psychiatrist for depression, was put on psych drugs and ended up dying in his sleep. But I was brainwashed like many are to never question psychiatry and to believe they somehow are privy to knowledge that no other professional has.

    Then later on while in cancer treatment I developed insomnia from the chemo and steroids and was sent to a psychiatrist under the guise it was for “help with sleep meds”. That is when I learned for myself just how absurd, dishonest and extremely harmful psychiatry and their bogus labels and drugs truly are.

    Keep up the great work, this is good news and so promising for the future. Thank you again!

  • Dr. Rubin thanks for writing this excellent piece. There is so much wisdom and good advice in what you have written here and on your own blog, i.e. :

    “Like James, I view framing these challenging experiences as a type of disease as flawed. It is much more helpful to view them as useful tools that, if handled well, can potentially provide us with some enlightenment.”

    Well stated. So many are being harmed from having damaging labels of the “DSM mental disorders” put onto them to carry for the rest of their life when they in fact have NO “mental disorder” but rather were having to deal with challenging experiences in life.

  • Thank you for presenting this information so clearly Dr. Joseph. Science is important but so is integrity.

    As with psychiatry there are many false assumptions and confirmation bias. A couple sentences that stand out:

    “What he (Plomin) failed to explain is how psychiatric disorders can be studied, predicted, and “substantially genetically influenced” if they do not exist.”

    “The historian of biology Nathaniel Comfort wrote in his October 5th, 2018 Genotopia blog entry:
    “Plomin is spreading a simplistic and insidious doctrine that says ‘environmental intervention is futile.’”

  • Thanks Dr. Francisco, this is a most inspiring blog! It is very refreshing to know there are still some psychiatrists that actually care about the patient and their well-being. You deserve many accolades for your integrity and bravery in stepping outside the box of ‘standard of care’ psychiatric drugging to protect patients from the harm of dangerous drugs and give patients a voice in what they want.

  • Esmeralda, thanks for speaking out. As Alex stated this is a powerful comment! Thanks for posting this truth-telling comment and I also hope you write more!

    As you say not enough in the system are willing to stand up and say something about the harm being done and the ones dictating or perpetrating the harm are “self-righteous” and/or deluding themselves to protect themselves and their interests.

  • Thanks for this great blog Ekaterina.

    Yes, psych labels are hastily assigned to a person based on the “word” or ‘feelings’ of a single psychiatrist. The so-called ‘opinion’ of a biased psychiatrist is simply a psychiatrist’s ‘feelings’ formed with little context and without knowing the person well – but presented as indisputable fact that can never be changed. That bizarre issue alone is the catalyst for all the harm that follows.

    So glad you survived the suffering psychiatry inflicts on so many and through your own wisdom and intuition found peace and enjoyment in life.

  • In the article it quotes Peter Kramer, a psychiatrist, as saying…. “he doesn’t believe most doctors would ignore patients just because their symptoms aren’t in the official literature of a medication and that official warnings aren’t all doctors look at.”

    Dr. Kramer is mistaken. The exact opposite is far more likely. Chemotherapy caused many toxic (and lasting) effects for me and all the effects, including effects that were “known”, were falsely dismissed by the oncologist as “not in keeping with the drug profile”. When I later developed insomnia from the chemo drugs and was sent to a psychiatrist she had me take various psych drugs, including Ativan, SSRI’s, Elavil and a neuroleptic which produced horrible effects and then mocked me to my face as well and in my electronic records for every effect I experienced.

  • David, thank you for 20 years of service as a combat medic and for your story of recovery from the devastation of psychiatric drugs. As your story demonstrates psychiatry deals with someone’s traumatic experiences by labelling and drugging them, often leading to more havoc and anguish that eventually propels the person to contemplate ending their life or to actually end it. It is staggering that this is the “help” psychiatry provides.

    I’m very glad you survived 20 years of service and had the perseverance and fortitude to find your way out of the entrapment of dangerous psychiatric drugs. Kudos to you for all of this and for operating Remedy Alpine to help others. This is another MIA blog CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo should read.

  • Miranda, a great piece to address this issue! You have presented it very well and supplied a great deal of back up evidence and information. I had rather liked Anderson Cooper before but it was a real turn off to see him so combative and forceful on a subject he has not even educated himself on. As Dr. Cornwall suggested, please get this article to Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo and the others who are still living in the dark ages!

  • Thanks for this forthright blog Megan. I agree with much of what you state. Anger can be a useful and protective emotion and a tool to motivate you to stand up for yourself if you have been harmed. I don’t believe anyone should have to suppress or deny their anger as long as it is not expressed in a destructive or dangerous manner.

  • Thanks Sera for this courageous and very compelling blog. The devil is always in the details.

    I try hold onto the old adage “the truth shall set us free” but truth and reality gets so buried by all the corruption and lies in psychiatry. What I learned in my encounter with psychiatry while in cancer treatment is that even if you get a chance to tell a psychiatrist some details of what’s going on, or has happened, it just goes in one ear and out the other – without a single notation made about what you shared with the psychiatrist.

    The appalling thing about psychiatry is – they don’t want to know any details, reasons or explanations for someone’s difficulties or struggles. The idea one could actually get “help” from psychiatry is a dishonest sham.

  • Such a powerful podcast, thanks James and Derek! Thank you for your military service Derek and for sharing your compelling story. It is very powerful to share a such a harrowing personal experience in order to bring attention to the dreadful harm being inflicted on society by psychiatry and their damaging labels and drugs, and as James noted a personal story “cannot be denied”. You have accomplished so much in the past and it is wonderful that you are now aboard to help MIA with the Veterans Initiative.
    I have to highly commend Robert Whitaker for what he has done with MIA.
    The definition of a humanitarian is:
    “One who is devoted to the promotion of human welfare and the advancement of social reforms.”
    Robert Whitaker is courageously all of that and more.

  • Thank you Robert for a much-needed humane and very reasoned response to the latest tragedies. I think it is dishonest and irresponsible for E. Fuller Torrey and any other so-called “expert” to ignore the disturbing fact their psych drugs are playing a role. Psychiatry does not consider or even care to know what is behind the angst of young men, or any person experiencing distress before they slap on a label or two and immediately put them on psych drugs. They follow this dangerous protocol knowing there is a percentage of people that DO experience mania, or suicidal and homicidal reactions from these drugs. This is dangerous to the person put on the drugs and to the general public. I believe the mental health professionals bear some responsibility for these tragedies. The media also needs to step up and start reporting on some of these issues as well.

    I agree it is hate speech to target a group of people who are already oppressed and marginalized due to societal failures and injustices. It is victim blaming. Psychiatric labels themselves are hate propaganda given out so the real issues and injustices can be ignored and dismissed.

  • Very good point Stephen, It is thoroughly disgusting psychiatry takes something that was temporary or episodic and turns it into something permanent that causes the person to finally become suicidal when they weren’t in the first place.
    Maybe the media should start reporting these deaths as “suicide by psychiatry”.

  • A well-stated and telling narrative Patrick. How unethical and irresponsible of the media to never question the psychiatric “care” the deceased person was receiving that clearly did NOT help but instead make a push for more of the same. The fallacies and biased reporting by the media is certainly contributing to more people dying.

  • Thanks for this very helpful blog Dr. Brogan. There is a lot of good suggestions on how to tap into our power and core sense of who we are.

    The only suggestion that doesn’t work for me is “this moment in time shall indeed pass”. I used to believe in the phrase ‘this too shall pass’ but have found out it certainly does not apply to harm and damage inflicted by psychiatry.

  • Jess, thanks for speaking such profound truths and revelations on these disturbing issues.
    It’s absurd a person dealing with any life crisis gets blamed for the anxiety that is due to the crisis and said anxiety gets chalked up to the person having a psych “disorder”.

    It’s more absurd and appalling that a person is subjected to gas-lighting when they are so beaten down that suicide seems the only escape from abuse and oppression. I had naively believed psychiatry was about creating a better world and helping people find peace and happiness. Learning and experiencing the ugly truths of psychiatry has shaken me to my core.

  • Thanks for this interview Justin and Dr. Bracken. It is encouraging and appreciated to see a whole lot of truths and common sense presented here as psychiatry is not only “conceptually impoverished” – but also very common sense impoverished.

    Yes, it is ludicrous different psychiatrists can give the same patient very different labels yet each psychiatrist’s opinion/labelling are still deemed correct. That alone is farcical.

    “As professionals, we have to substantially move away from the idea that we’ve got some privileged source of knowledge and science about mental illness”.
    Yes, this is the most misleading of all psychiatric propaganda and unfortunately this is what I used to believe and is what the average person or general public still believes.

    “We won’t get to that place of genuine dialogue until we fully understand the harm that we’ve done and how we’ve damaged people and come to terms with that somehow.”

    YES!! Very true!

  • JAMA is engaging in the same systemic biases, corruption and abuse of power in psychiatry. They pretend to care about the patient’s well-being but it’s obviously a ruse. As with psychiatry they make up lame excuses for their decisions and refuse to provide further clarification or explanation. The attitude of JAMA is political and self-serving, more about power, ego and money than saving lives. Shame on JAMA!
    Thank you for your integrity and efforts in speaking out to save lives Dr. Groot.

  • A very informative essay Dr. Burstow. Thanks to you and other professionals who write for MIA I learned SO much this past year and am zealous in telling others to check out the site.

    You make the eugenics connection to psychiatry very clear. I could understand lobotomy and ECT having a eugenic connection but your essay made me realize that psychiatric drugs certainly do as well. Seeing this connection will help the average person comprehend as you put it “the horror that is psychiatry”. It is very appalling how they are targeting children even more now.

    The psychiatric agenda is everyone gets a label and everyone gets a pill (or cocktail). Psychiatry wants everyone but themselves corrected or fixed… that is pathological. Wonder if any practicing psychiatrists take their own damaging psych drugs. Likely not, as arrogance and the guild interests have them believe everyone else is deeply flawed but they are somehow “perfect” specimens. Thanks again for all your work and advocacy.

  • Yes very good point Rachel!

    “The researchers suggest a lack of empathy toward others “might be an advantageous side effect with a protective function.”

    How is lacking empathy “advantageous” or “protective” to anyone, considering violent crimes and mass shootings are often carried out by people who are taking anti-depressant drugs.

  • Rob, these are excellent points.

    “.. mainstream medicine is actually becoming increasingly like bad psychiatry and not vice versa”.

    I agree. “Selling sickness” includes all you mentioned and I would include cancer treatments as well. They know chemotherapy is nearly ineffective and does more harm than anything. You are more likely to die from the chemo than from cancer but they push these super expensive toxic drugs on people anyway.

  • Wow, Dr. Hickey what an outstanding and detailed presentation to rebut the ongoing corruption and lies of psychiatry! So very many well defined and well-stated examples that prove the facts and rebut the lies! The corruption in this field is astounding. They lie about their lies.

    Thank you SO much for your ongoing work and dedication in speaking truth to power and standing up for those who are victimized by psychiatry. God bless you!

  • Excellent article Dr. Caplan! There is so much wisdom and hope for parents in this blog! The relativistic approach makes such good sense, especially “that everyone of every age has relative strengths and weaknesses”. How pathetic psychiatry has NO insight into it’s own glaring weaknesses!

    Thank you so much for your unwavering dedication to stop the pathologizing of normal human reactions to adversity or challenges. I recently purchased “They Say You’re Crazy” and am starting Chapter 8. A very interesting, detailed book from an insiders view showing what actually goes on behind the scenes in producing the big DSM of manufactured labels. The whole fiasco would be laughable if it wasn’t so deceitful and harmful.
    I’m guessing “DDPD” is one label they didn’t end up putting in the DSM?

  • Thanks Michael for Part 2 of this detailed report. Until this past year I had no clue these gross violations and inhumane forced treatments took place on a routine basis. The whole process seems to be running like some kind of shady and ruthless operation. You might expect to hear of this happening in a lawless third world country or a country run by dictatorship but certainly not in countries such as the US and Canada. Thank you MIA for shining a light on this and getting the information out there. My heart goes out to Andrew’s mother, family and friends.

  • Thanks for this compelling report Robert and Michael. I hope it finds its way into mainstream news. These “AOT” orders are slapped on people the same way psychiatry slaps labels on people – without knowing, caring or understanding what is really behind someone’s circumstances or distress. And these orders are being unjustly slapped on people that don’t even meet the criteria! All so typical of psychiatry and another example of the sheer stupidity of the “one size fits all” and ‘cookie-cutter’ approach of psychiatry.