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  • Oof… were you at the conference when he did the Ebola thing? I am excited to check out your article. I taught a Psy D class this summer and had them read your Suicidal Tendencies series. It had a big impact on the students.

    Re: the AAS scene: I don’t know that I do tolerate it, really. Critical suicidology is the area I work in, and there is a whole group for that, but also a contingent of AAS folx working in that space. It is interesting, in that space there are A LOT of people who share my perspectives. I have found the psych survivor movement equally and sometimes more alienating – rampant fatphobia, inconsistent commitment to cognitive liberty, contentious relationship to disability justice, recovery porn (a different kind, the focus on young white women recovering from involuntary treatment and forced drugging to become shining examples of mildly spiritual, white beauty), etc. Maybe I haven’t entirely found my space and people in the movement in the way that I have with critical suicidology. At the moment, I feel like a bit of an interloper.

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