Saturday, March 25, 2023

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  • “My diagnosis history is like a tour of the DSM”
    I really enjoyed this posting.
    I am a young (18 y/o) survivor of suicide and severe “mental illness” and have been nothing but traumatized by forced psychiatric hospitalization.
    I was definitely one of the “bad attempts” and one of the “crazies” at times and only after two years of (albeit partially unwilling) residential treatment in a relationship based and non-medical setting have I begun to “see the other side”. Since leaving these treatments I have realized that the only reason I succeeded in beginning my healing was deciding to do it on my own and for myself.
    The overused, oversimplified story of people miraculously getting better after suicide attempts is harmful and an unrealistic portrayal of what recovery actually looks like after bouts of or chronic severe distress or depression.
    For me, constantly keeping suicide off the table allows me to live without the crippling fear of harming myself or intrusive self destructive thoughts, though it has taken so, so much work to get here and I have access to resources that very few others do at my age.
    Thank you for this article.