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  • In my case, I am grateful about some of the work done in the field of psychology. This website is an excellent example, e.g., the work of Profs David Healy and Peter Gotzsche.

    I’ve enjoyed reading the works of Freud, Jung and Hillman. Whatever their flaws, I always felt that they were making a sincere effort to help people. Hillman, in particular, had a wonderfully subversive attitude, as did Jung. I recall Hillman talking about how you can spend so much money on therapy, and then saying, ‘[instead of this,] think of all the nice clothes you could have bought!’ Or, ‘if your psyche really doesn’t like you, you’ll end up being as boring as your therapist!’

  • Thank you, May-May, for your article.

    I had a psychotic episode a few years ago. You could call it a ‘religious experience’. A vision of hell and divine judgement.

    For a while, I did engage in religious activities. But, ultimately, I felt an awful emptiness inside. I realized that my understanding of God was non-existent. I could not believe in a God that I did not understand. My only grounding now is a complete absence of knowledge. For me, faith makes no sense and is a unhelpful burden.

    But to contradict myself, Jesus’ teachings did have some magical healing effect on me. For that, I am grateful, but I do not understand it.

    Thanks again.