Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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  • It is hard to imagine the immense suffering caused by the effects of psychotropic medications the world over. The situation is especially bad in our country, India. Sociocultural conditions are vastly different here and a lot of the populace put their trust in ‘western’ medicine despite the fact that there are several oriental approaches that the western world is now adopting. We have seen the tremendous benefits of modalities like buddhist counseling and acupuncture not only in reducing psychiatric morbidity but also in alleviating iatrogenic harm. Mental health sadly is not a ‘movement’ in India like in the USA. However more and more individuals and organizations are attempting to highlight the benefits of modern integrative psychiatry where the need for medications is a lot less than conventional practice. In a field as fluid and dynamic as mental health, mere touch can seem to engender wonders and practices like buddhist meditation and somatic approaches like acupuncture can be of immense benefit. We are therapyspace, and support mad in america in their endeavors. Please see if you can help us raise awareness that there are a few who want to start a holistic psychiatry free of the travails of excessive medication here in India. Thanks!