Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Comments by Paul Baker

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  • Excellent article Jacqui

    The shame of it is, in spite of the many efforts to connect with Oprah W. on the back of the open letter we sent her following the programme in 2009 about Jani, we got no response.

    We know they knew about our letter, it was even hand delivered to their office, but the influential O.W show didn’t want to know about the alternative story of hope and resolution we offered.

    For me one of the saddest things is the compliance of services and clinicians.

    Jani is still locked into the system, the diagnosis of SZ remains, the meds are still being given to her ….

    Time to relaunch this campaign?

    Maybe updating the open letter and send it to The Guardian would be one step we could take … If anyone would like to add their name in support of the letter please do …

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